Division and Having the Ovaries to DO Something Aboot It

I'm angry, disappointed, hurt, frustrated, perplexed and downright discombobulated.

What the fuck is happening to our once cohesive feminist community? I'm not going to point blame at any one person and I DO NOT WANT this video to be taken as a personal attack on anyone.

I'm uploading another video as I type this that is for folks who aren't familiar with my passion and how I express myself over issues like these.

This was once a vibrant, healthy feminist community. Ever since I made the decision to kick Binh out of Feministube, all I see and hear is more attacking and more vicious nonsense within the YouTube Fem community. This has got to go.


Amaretto Diaries: Socialism; Oklahoma; Boobquake Backlash & What Breasts REALLY Do

I always prefer you read my introductions before hitting the vid.

I have so much on my mind these days but let me tell ya, I'm happy I don't live in the United States right now. It's my birth country but it's just gotten so out of hand and I'm like 'Where the fuck is the Revolution?'

Sure, Canada has its own problems but damn, we don't continually have to worry about women's rights to ownership of their own bodies like my brothers and sisters to the South do. Canada settled that shit a while ago and there's no caving in to religious whackjobs.

I know many fearful men are going to get angry at this video. Too bad. Some of you just have to learn this right now and get it through your heads. I'm not one to sugarcoat it so it'll go down better. Sometimes, taking the bitter pill teaches you to be humbled, and that's what I'm going for here.

How many times will I have to say 'I'm not a Christian'? There's no Abrahamic shit in my deism understandings. I'm a pantheist. Deal.

Why don't a lot of you take the time to type out your ideas? Is this just about consumption or will you eventually take a thought crap once in a while. Is that why so many Americans are obese?

Anyway, enjoy this video. I spoofied it up so it took an hour to render but I'm having fun playing with Sony Platinum. If anyone has that program and can give me some tips let me know.

LINKS: Bolshieblog Channel on Youtube, socialist edumacation.

Amaretto Diaries: Honesty & The Turtle Shells We Feminists Wear

BEFORE, you watch the video you must read this.

I'm happy that a young woman who is budding into feminism has taken an interest. This would be my chica, JuiceyAngel.

Part of this video is for young feminists on YouTube who want to get active with us and who might think we're not really paying much mind to them. I explain why this can be difficult and I've got a solution, which I'm going to implement, and when I do, I'm going to make a grand entrance onto YouTube and tell you all where our HOUSE is so you can join.


Most of you know that FT is no longer. Along with destroying my account they also destroyed my group. No panicking. I'm making a new one BUT I've noticed that another group for feminists has been made. I don't mind that a new group was made but I take issue with it as you'll see in the video.

I have NO QUALMS with those who have gone on to lead. My video, that is no longer available, about leadership was one where I state explicity that the goal of being a leader is to create MORE leaders. So I'm proud I influenced others within FT to become their own creatrix's and leaders but I'm still a bit sad.

I stuck my arse out in the wind for a feminist cause and look where it got me eh? No matter. I'd do it again, cuz I'm determined like that.

I'm a little drunk in this video, just a little, but the message is the same albeit a bit 'slower' than usual.


Diana's New Intro With Bowie & Amaretto Diary

I spent a lot of time on this video so you best watch it! It's one of my better, savvier vids.

The intro will be used partially in all upcoming vids. It's now my signature until I get sick of it and move along.


Screw YouTube: No More Content For Them To Make Money From

Distributed videos. No more YouTube. Idealism and strength in ourselves that we CAN do this without Google. All great ideas come from struggle. (I don't know if anyone else has ever said that but I'm saying it because it's completely appropriate).

Oh and screw you false flagging bastards. You know who you are. I know who you are, and the rest of YouTube knows who you are.

The Woman Who Fell To Earth: The Amaretto Diaries

Hi people! Wow! This is such a great platform for videos. I LOVE bliptv!

Tonight's video includes: amaretto, Conference Report, David Bowie, and a new purse.

Aside from the video, I've been thinking:

I'm going to start another FeminisTube. Yep. It will be the companion to Jedi's FeminisTubeZ. However, I'm going to have it off-site. This will be the best thing since Muhammad having his first erection upon getting martyred and arriving in heaven, only to see 12 virgins in bear suits waiting to give him a bear job.

The thing is, no offense Jedi, but I really don't want to cause your channel any problems. It's kinda like the vid you did tonight about how women are supposed to be all kind and nice all the time and if they get angry about anything, suddenly, they get called illogical and irrational and if they have the audacity to respond negatively to assholes, they'll get false flagged.

If I don't have a place where I can be me and all the little 'oh woe is me, I'm being bullied' people are going to continue to hang on every fucking video and word I say, then I fear the channel will be flagged out of business, and I don't want that.

You see, I feel a bit offish about not having a feminist hub that's SAFE, and since I've not been invited to join the collective, well, I gotta make another place for us. We're now the FEMINIST OUTLAWS. YEAH!

So it will be off-site. Probably a bb. I'm going to trick it all out and then unveil it to the masses! So consider this a request for moderators! C'mon PEOPLE!

Anywho, much love to all of you who've supported me through these rough spots. I misses oos sooooo much. I wants to comes back to zee tubez but I'm free here!


Are You a Hero?

Many men on YouTube dismiss women who tell their stories of abuse by a man. The common excuse used is that the man 'must've been a sociopath.'

Considering how rare true sociopathy is, this dismissal is rather weak.

These men who abuse are everywhere. The look normal, act normal and have normal jobs.

As a woman and a feminist on YouTube, I find many other women like myself sifting through comment after comment by males who use this dismissive tactic.

  • In the United States, a woman is beaten every 7.4 seconds. Approximately 3-4 million women are beaten by male partners annually.
  • The Commonwealth Fund survey reported that 1.9 million women reported having been raped, and 7.6 million reported having been mugged, robbed, or assaulted in the previous 5 years.
  • From 1983 to 1991, the number of domestic violence reports received increased by almost 117% (NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services, 1983 and 1991).
  • Of every 1,000 pregnant women, 154 are assaulted by their partner during the first four months of pregnancy.
  • During the 5th through the 9th month, 170 out of 1,000 pregnant women are assaulted.


Two Moons, Amaretto, Domestic Violence, Friends, and Getting Marcel To Calm Himself


You're gonna love this vlog. My two favourite moons are being exploited. Ssshh. You'll have to watch the vlog! However, I will say that Marcel the love bug is exploiting my Knightify Moon. See, my KM is actually trying to make some sense out of this whole Marcel v Antique v Nuke v Me thing, and Marcel isn't really taking kindly to it. It's a bit disheartening eh?


Someday I will teach you how to ground and take your power back. At this point, you're aligning yourself with the wrong people and not listening to the Diana Yogi Swami Love.

I think there's been a change in my energy lately. I feel much freer here on my little spot with my new video hosting provider. It's like being let out of the restrictive box. I mean, I'm still taking heat but meh, it's a smoooooth and eeeeeasy life right now.

Also, I don't have to listen to any trolls! The YouTube trolls don't come here. *knock on my motherboard*


500, The Magickal Number. I Answer Some of Your Questions

Yes, I know I look geeky in this video. This is another side of me. I'm a gem! LOL

If you feel your question wasn't really answered then ask a more specific question related to the ones you've asked.

I really enjoyed doing this and I wish more of you to participate. Hell people, this is your chance to get to know me a bit better, or do you like me to remain an enigma? *giggle*

This is 'Diana the nerd'.


Alli and Her Friend

I hope you find my video compassionate and real. Rape is not funny.

What particularly struck me about this is the fact that guys actually cheered the rapist on and how a young woman is blaming the victim for being raped.

This is why patriarchy is like a cancer. It teaches us gender roles. It's unspoken language is misogynous: blaming the woman for being raped and repeating the old mantra that 'boys will be boys.'

A real man doesn't rape, nor does he sit there and promote it while its occurring.

I can totally understand when Alli says not to trust anyone, and in my mind, I don't trust men. PERIOD.

I'm shaken about this incident. I feel it intensely. It's actions like this in the world that make me KNOW that feminism is absolutely necessary. When men stop hurting our bodies and our minds we won't need feminism any more, but today is not that day.

Silenced Woman Talking

I'm not in the Milky Way Feminist Galaxy any more. I'm somewhere out 'there'. There's got to be a place where feminists can make videos without stupid male and sometimes female trolling commentary.

I'm away from all the feminists I love and it hurts.

Women talking about women.

Gee, what a concept.


The Antibroadcast Channel on YouTube

When are we going to unite and say enough is enough? If they can take all these channels down, what's going to stop them from taking yours down when they feel like it.

This is the element of fear. Now I have friends who won't even mirror my vids because they're afraid of a strike. Is this YOU in the Tube? No. My voice has been silenced as have many others.

I truly think we can have our own damn site with our own bandwidth and our own ad revenue. I really think this can be done.

I want to start a BB so we can talk about our options. If there is anyone out there who would help us start our OWN video site then let us know.

Yes, it's going to cost money but if we all join together we'll never have to worry about Google/NONYOUtube stepping all over our freedom of speech ever again.

Throwing Around the Term: Cyberbullying

What exactly is cyberbullying? I've been called one and although I reject that label for myself I can certainly see why it's such a issue.

Many people on YouTube and other electronic sites use this term but what defines it? It's usually in the ToS of sites like YouTube but what does it REALLY mean?

Are you a cyber/bully if you respond to negative things being thrown your way?

Have you been called a cyberbully? Have you ever been cyberbullied or just bullied?

What were those experiences like?


Socialist Lame Is NOT a Humanist

Socialist Lame aka SocialistReign of YouLube thinks it's totally OK to go after a feminist (nuclearnight) and joke about her being raped. She calls Nuke a victim and made 2 insulting, childish and downright assholish videos to nuclear night and yet she calls herself a...


a Humanist!

Now, I'm the goddamned Pope if that's the case.

Here's my response to Socialist Lame:

Maybe you'll grow up someday eh Ms. Lame? If your purpose is to make fun and laugh at rape victims and screech at them because they don't desire interaction with you then it makes you a complete an utter twat *said with ilikenumans accent*.

Now go fuck yourself.

I suggest all feminists and humanists ignore this hypocritical drama parasite. You sure as hell all know how to do that. Just be careful though. If you DO block this piece of trash she just might turn into a 6 year old again and have a temper tantrum on your arse.

Rape in The Congo; Patriarchy Pwns Gaia; Gaia Will Avenge

PIC: Michaelle Jean, Governor General of Canada

Some of you may not know this but I'm deeply concerned with the rape pandemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Earlier today I was researching writings and philosophies about the Earth being a female, a la Gaia. While my connexions I'm making between Patriarchy and Gaia are relatively new, I feel they're worthwhile.

It was Gloria Steinem that brought me an understanding that everything in this world is played out on women and women's bodies. This thought is crucial to these early explorations between Patriarchy, conquest, war, Capitalism and rape.

These are early thoughts of mine but worth sharing with everyone so that I can get some feedback.

If you would like to help, go to WomenforWomen and find the information to help women all over the world.

There is also Women Thrive and the International Rescue Committee.

Updates; 500 subs appx; Lost the Diana Boston Channel; The Antibroadcast Channel; Nelliediddle; Feministube etc.

I highly recommend that everyone join TheAntibroadcast channel on Youtube and also contribute to the wiki regarding the inept and broken YouTube.


An Open Vletter to Anti-Feminists: Finally Off My Chest

This video is a long time coming. I'm breathing a sigh of relief that I don't have to worry about getting flagged anymore and saying what I need to say.

I am not trying to bring more drama. I'm just stating what I need to in this open vletter in order to clear my space or clean my closet.

It hurt me very much that I was put in the middle, to be manipulated to hurt Terri, one of my favourite people on YouTube. She may not consider me to be close to her, but I consider her to be my loving friend and teacher.

I've learned so much from her. I've even been refreshed on the LTV!

Regarding Antiquelens, I know she looks up to me as someone she can go to. I hope you see this Ash, and I hope that you can find it in yourself to get to know me more. Again, I feel the same way about you that I do about Terri. I feel you are a loving friend.

Jedi, I think you have a crush on me! LOL! I also hope that we get to know each other better as well. All three of you are considered close to me.

I am a very very difficult when it comes to allowing people in. I've been hurt in so many ways in my short time on this planet. However, I would like to have that kind of close friendship with all of you. To me there's no doubts in my loyalty and while it's true that I feel a bit hurt that you didn't mirror my latest vid on my latest suspension, and none of you mentioned the hate group directed at me, I hope that you can see why that would hurt me.

I fight for you without you having to ask. Whenever there's a problem I get a video in my inbox and I go from there to be there for all of you. Maybe you will see now how I feel about all of you. Maybe you'll understand me better in how I view you and the next time I'm hurt, you won't think 'ah, she's too tough. She won't be affected by it.' Maybe that's the way you see me. I'm tough but I'm human too, and I do get hurt.

Let's try to get to know each other more because if there were any people on YouTube that I would like that with, it would be all of you.

This Vletter is part of my closure. I hope it's the last video I will ever have to make on this subject.

My Feminism: Always Learning

This is just a quick glimpse into me and my feminism. Enjoy!

My Experiences with Catholicism

This was recently brought up on YouTube so, in my own voice, I talk about my experience being a Roman Catholic until I found out about their policies on birth control. Yeah, at 12 years old, I was quite aware of what sex was and why not giving women a choice was wrong.

MadShangi is a False Flagger

He's butthurt.

In his latest sock account he has a rap video in which he claims to false flag my stuff, Antiquelens's stuff. He hates on Jedi, me, Antique, Ooj, and Nuclearnight.

I hope Deryk tears him and Binh a new one.

Moonie Tells it Like it Is

I want to thank you so much Moonie for making this vid for me.

The people that flag are cowards and assholes. Binh and his ilks do this and then hide the fact they do it. They lie and manipulate. You know when you encounter some people that make you question your sanity? Well, this is the kind of people we're dealing with.

And here's a picture I need to share with you. Here is Rosskay 5 days ago making a comment about continuing the flagging until I take her emails down. So, do you think we have more evidence to suggest that she is the flagger along with her crazy boyfriend and their snuggly MRA pals like Madshangi? Hmm.

Enjoy the picture!

the other picture by ~SaelPalani on deviantART


These are the Videos That Caused Me So Much Fucking Problems

From now on I will make all my videos on another site and post them here if those who are butthurt can't take it.

All 'appropriate' content aka content that puritanical arseholes can approve of, will go on my temporary YouTube account. The rest will be posted here on this blog.

When my official YouTube account ever gets up again, it will be linked.

Thank you and G'day