Market for Sex Dolls?

Just when you think men couldn't get any more foolish, they're now spending a minimum of 8 grand on human-sized female sex dolls.

What kind of message does this convey about men in our society? It says that men can't control their sexual desire and therefore a company can make a doll that will satisfy the uncontrollable sexualities of men.

As a radical feminist, I say: Men, would you please stop and think with the right head?

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Let's talk about sex ... with robots

People often talk to machines, including computers and robots, and a growing number of AI (artificial intelligence) researchers are working to enable them to talk back. And soon, human-computer interactions may include having sex with them. That's the view of David Levy, who has just won the 2009 Loebner prize for the most human-like chatbot.

This is an area Levy got to know well through researching his 2007 book Love and Sex With Robots, which he then rewrote as a PhD thesis for Maastricht University in the Netherlands. It caused quite a stir.
But so far there hasn't been any commercial interest in adding conversation software to sex robots.
"There's a Japanese company that has a product called HoneyDoll, which has some electronic sensors. If the man strokes the nipples in the right way, the doll can make orgasmic sounds … There's also an engineer in Germany, Michael Harriman, who has developed a doll that has heating elements so most of the body is warm, apart from the feet."
I'm sure a male sex doll with a vibrating penis will sell better than sex dolls today. I'll be surprised if it's more than another three years or so before we see more advanced sex dolls with more electronics and electromechanics.

"I am firmly convinced there will be a huge demand from people who have a void in their lives because they have no one to love, and no one who loves them. The world will be a much happier place because all those people who are now miserable will suddenly have someone. I think that will be a terrific service to mankind."

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Hilton Hotels Want to End Sex Trafficking

I'm happy about this but a bit disappointed that it's specifically for children. What about women who are trafficked?

'No industry wants to be associated with illegal activity' says the representative from Hilton.

Indeed, nobody wants to be under that microscope but I wonder if this is just on paper or if it's something they really want to do. In other words, I hope it's not a PR stunt to make Hilton look good.

From what I understand, Hilton offers pornography in their hotels. Do they not know that porn is related to sex trafficking?

The tourist orders up a porn film, gets excited, and goes and buys a prostituted woman.