The Antibroadcast Channel on YouTube

When are we going to unite and say enough is enough? If they can take all these channels down, what's going to stop them from taking yours down when they feel like it.

This is the element of fear. Now I have friends who won't even mirror my vids because they're afraid of a strike. Is this YOU in the Tube? No. My voice has been silenced as have many others.

I truly think we can have our own damn site with our own bandwidth and our own ad revenue. I really think this can be done.

I want to start a BB so we can talk about our options. If there is anyone out there who would help us start our OWN video site then let us know.

Yes, it's going to cost money but if we all join together we'll never have to worry about Google/NONYOUtube stepping all over our freedom of speech ever again.

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