An Open Vletter to Anti-Feminists: Finally Off My Chest

This video is a long time coming. I'm breathing a sigh of relief that I don't have to worry about getting flagged anymore and saying what I need to say.

I am not trying to bring more drama. I'm just stating what I need to in this open vletter in order to clear my space or clean my closet.

It hurt me very much that I was put in the middle, to be manipulated to hurt Terri, one of my favourite people on YouTube. She may not consider me to be close to her, but I consider her to be my loving friend and teacher.

I've learned so much from her. I've even been refreshed on the LTV!

Regarding Antiquelens, I know she looks up to me as someone she can go to. I hope you see this Ash, and I hope that you can find it in yourself to get to know me more. Again, I feel the same way about you that I do about Terri. I feel you are a loving friend.

Jedi, I think you have a crush on me! LOL! I also hope that we get to know each other better as well. All three of you are considered close to me.

I am a very very difficult when it comes to allowing people in. I've been hurt in so many ways in my short time on this planet. However, I would like to have that kind of close friendship with all of you. To me there's no doubts in my loyalty and while it's true that I feel a bit hurt that you didn't mirror my latest vid on my latest suspension, and none of you mentioned the hate group directed at me, I hope that you can see why that would hurt me.

I fight for you without you having to ask. Whenever there's a problem I get a video in my inbox and I go from there to be there for all of you. Maybe you will see now how I feel about all of you. Maybe you'll understand me better in how I view you and the next time I'm hurt, you won't think 'ah, she's too tough. She won't be affected by it.' Maybe that's the way you see me. I'm tough but I'm human too, and I do get hurt.

Let's try to get to know each other more because if there were any people on YouTube that I would like that with, it would be all of you.

This Vletter is part of my closure. I hope it's the last video I will ever have to make on this subject.


bumblebee said...

it'd be nice if this gets through to them

Divinity33372 said...

I'm glad you made this video. It's time the truth were told. I believe you because the whole time all bin did was try and turn me against you...from the start. As if I would fall for that. You and Nuke never tried to turn me against anyone.

Sael said...

Thank you for your support. I am so appreciative. I held this in for so long and I needed to say it. There's more I have to say but for now this is a good start.

One more thing: every time he and his friends suspend one of my accounts through false flagging, Binh changes the title of his video which calls me a misogynist.

Hey, I'm hopeful, that some miraculous thing will take place but I'm not holding my breath if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Once again Diana you prove that you are above and beyond the average human! And yes I have the biggest cyber crush in the world on you! Whether I am showering you with cyber rose petals while classical music plays, or whispering sweet cyber nothings while floating down the Danube in a royal barge, your hair adorned with the crown of jewels,sigh!
You only meet special people like you rarely in life, I will always treasure you and our friendship. Love, Brian

Admin said...
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Sael said...

Thanks Brian and bumble for all your support. I highly suggest subbing to Antibroadcast channel on YouTube. This is a group that is going to try and make a new site, a new system where we can say what we want without being false flagged.

Admin said...
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Diana Boston said...

Shaddap SocialistReign you stupid fucking asshole. I saw the video you made about Nuke. What, not enough drama for you? I can see how much you love your new drama friends. Suits you. Now comments will be moderated. Everyone thank SocialistReign! The biggest moron on YouTube! She can't false flag so here she is!

Anonymous said...

Hey Diana, I've been really busy lately and haven't been able to catch up with anything at all. I adore you and your friendship, I hope you know that. I respect and admire you. I'm so behind on youtube I doubt I'll ever catch up. I didn't even know there was a hategroup for you now. I'm sorry.

Diana Boston said...

It's ok. As long as you get caught up *winks*

I know you must be flooded though. I adore you too. It's true, I've been feeling a bit left out in the cold.

I think it's because I'm so tough that ppl think I'm not needing that level of protection from my friends when the exact opposite is the case.

I like my friends to be vocal about injustices done to me too.

I know you understand and will do everything that you can.

Sacred Place said...


I love what you're doing with the blog supplement to YT. I think I might copy this technique. Uh maybe I'll just start up a blog with different content here, again. Open another on Word Press where I was headed. I even like your format. This is a much more extraordinary way to communicate your ideas. I even love how you describe yourself and the heading. Everything is very well thought out. =)

Diana Boston said...

Marcel, Thank you for removing your comments. I appreciate it. Now I know who you are and it's quite possible YOU are the flagger of this video. I'd advise you stop harassing me. I really would.

You're on my radar now.

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