Silenced Woman Talking

I'm not in the Milky Way Feminist Galaxy any more. I'm somewhere out 'there'. There's got to be a place where feminists can make videos without stupid male and sometimes female trolling commentary.

I'm away from all the feminists I love and it hurts.

Women talking about women.

Gee, what a concept.


MarT said...

Those comments PISSED me off TOO!!

P said...

You are right, every time women want to talk with women ALONE, there is always some idiot who wants to "get in" under a false flag.
Whether it is "you women are leaving us out", directly followed by "you bithes" or that crap.
It's pathetic.
And I have watched the MRA, and I just laughed my head off, what a misserable bunch of losers.
To even think they have to "fight" for their "rights" is totally insane, they HAVE all the rights and more, without EVER having to do a damned thing for it, besides getting born a male, and the losers don't even get it.
So much for intelligence. ;-)



sheanight said...

Thanks for being the rock that you are Diana! You are so right, we have to keep pushing forward. I am so happy that you question, why not a safe place for us? It seems like the impasse we always come to in this fight, you know... the imaginary line in the sand. Its time to fight! Right the fuck on Baby!

Divinity33372 said...

Thanks for your video response. I'm glad you have been as resiliant as you are. I think we do need a place for us. I also think it's importaint to share our stories with the rest of the world so we can spread knowledge to those in serch of it. Good idea. I also like how you don't have a stupid 10 min time limit on you videos like on youtube.

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