Two Moons, Amaretto, Domestic Violence, Friends, and Getting Marcel To Calm Himself


You're gonna love this vlog. My two favourite moons are being exploited. Ssshh. You'll have to watch the vlog! However, I will say that Marcel the love bug is exploiting my Knightify Moon. See, my KM is actually trying to make some sense out of this whole Marcel v Antique v Nuke v Me thing, and Marcel isn't really taking kindly to it. It's a bit disheartening eh?


Someday I will teach you how to ground and take your power back. At this point, you're aligning yourself with the wrong people and not listening to the Diana Yogi Swami Love.

I think there's been a change in my energy lately. I feel much freer here on my little spot with my new video hosting provider. It's like being let out of the restrictive box. I mean, I'm still taking heat but meh, it's a smoooooth and eeeeeasy life right now.

Also, I don't have to listen to any trolls! The YouTube trolls don't come here. *knock on my motherboard*


Owl Eyes said...

That's so cool about the cops and the shoes!! What a neat idea!

Anyway, Yeah, Marcel...I doubt he'll come around to being decent, he likes his violence. Oh well.

Cool post :)

oojamama said...

i liked this blog post.. positive attitude. s'good.
the lowbar! haha, it sounds better than 'underbar' lol

Diana Boston said...

Ya know, it's funny you say 'positive attitude'. Ever since I left YT I feel this huge weight off my shoulders. The assholes tried flagging FIVE of my vids here. The four I posted on YouTube that were responses to them and a new video I made on blip. Blip is a lot less likely to flag and take down content, especially after you contact them.

I've really taken a hit but come back swingin!

I dunno, it's like my freedom and it feels soooo good. I wish everyone would move over to blip. In fact, I'm going to do a vid ad to promote them on YT.

Love oos


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