The Woman Who Fell To Earth: The Amaretto Diaries

Hi people! Wow! This is such a great platform for videos. I LOVE bliptv!

Tonight's video includes: amaretto, Conference Report, David Bowie, and a new purse.

Aside from the video, I've been thinking:

I'm going to start another FeminisTube. Yep. It will be the companion to Jedi's FeminisTubeZ. However, I'm going to have it off-site. This will be the best thing since Muhammad having his first erection upon getting martyred and arriving in heaven, only to see 12 virgins in bear suits waiting to give him a bear job.

The thing is, no offense Jedi, but I really don't want to cause your channel any problems. It's kinda like the vid you did tonight about how women are supposed to be all kind and nice all the time and if they get angry about anything, suddenly, they get called illogical and irrational and if they have the audacity to respond negatively to assholes, they'll get false flagged.

If I don't have a place where I can be me and all the little 'oh woe is me, I'm being bullied' people are going to continue to hang on every fucking video and word I say, then I fear the channel will be flagged out of business, and I don't want that.

You see, I feel a bit offish about not having a feminist hub that's SAFE, and since I've not been invited to join the collective, well, I gotta make another place for us. We're now the FEMINIST OUTLAWS. YEAH!

So it will be off-site. Probably a bb. I'm going to trick it all out and then unveil it to the masses! So consider this a request for moderators! C'mon PEOPLE!

Anywho, much love to all of you who've supported me through these rough spots. I misses oos sooooo much. I wants to comes back to zee tubez but I'm free here!


2bsirius said...

This is a great idea! I use my blog to think out loud. I might begin this too...Mostly for me it would be about expanding my thinking. On my blog, I can post links and flesh stuff out more.

Very interesting!

nuclearnight said...

I don't feel safe on youtube anymore either.

Some guy did a video analyzing my body language and saying that I was lying about being a rape victim.

I kid you not. Its not a safe place at all.

bumblebee said...

I may not comment often, but I'm watching every vid on here :)

Hermgirl said...

Glad I clicked the link, hi Diana! Well, what you say about channel security on Blip has me thinking...I have my YouTube, and I have a channel on LiveVideo (I like the fact that you can text blog on there, but there's nothing to text blog about there, ehhh)...and the ability to make long vids is good....

Sacred Place said...

Wow, I haven't seen Velvet Goldmine! I was trying to get it on itunes.

Well, I have to agree with you about YT, too much of a highway and way too many people are not what they appear. Kind of disappointing. I agree, you should have lived in the 60s. Me too, in certain ways. Anyway, miss you Di, but I'm keeping up w/you. =) I'm really interested in this Blip TV though. And don't worry about rambling. It was good to see you up. =) =)

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