Division and Having the Ovaries to DO Something Aboot It

I'm angry, disappointed, hurt, frustrated, perplexed and downright discombobulated.

What the fuck is happening to our once cohesive feminist community? I'm not going to point blame at any one person and I DO NOT WANT this video to be taken as a personal attack on anyone.

I'm uploading another video as I type this that is for folks who aren't familiar with my passion and how I express myself over issues like these.

This was once a vibrant, healthy feminist community. Ever since I made the decision to kick Binh out of Feministube, all I see and hear is more attacking and more vicious nonsense within the YouTube Fem community. This has got to go.


Panthera said...

Sounds like a case of "one cock in the poultry unit" and all the chickens comply to the rooster. :-(
I guess that Binh, or whatever the fuck his name is, has become the "leader", and every woman has excepted that.
The old patriarchy system at his best.
And the women (as usual) dont even see it.
Its a goddamned shame.


nuclearnight said...

I'm really hurt that so many "feminists" are favoriting and liking videos that are personal attacks against me and often misogynistic attacks. If any of them (even the ones who I disagree with on a lot of things) were attacked in this way I would protect them, defend them.

I don't understand it.

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