Amaretto Diaries: Socialism; Oklahoma; Boobquake Backlash & What Breasts REALLY Do

I always prefer you read my introductions before hitting the vid.

I have so much on my mind these days but let me tell ya, I'm happy I don't live in the United States right now. It's my birth country but it's just gotten so out of hand and I'm like 'Where the fuck is the Revolution?'

Sure, Canada has its own problems but damn, we don't continually have to worry about women's rights to ownership of their own bodies like my brothers and sisters to the South do. Canada settled that shit a while ago and there's no caving in to religious whackjobs.

I know many fearful men are going to get angry at this video. Too bad. Some of you just have to learn this right now and get it through your heads. I'm not one to sugarcoat it so it'll go down better. Sometimes, taking the bitter pill teaches you to be humbled, and that's what I'm going for here.

How many times will I have to say 'I'm not a Christian'? There's no Abrahamic shit in my deism understandings. I'm a pantheist. Deal.

Why don't a lot of you take the time to type out your ideas? Is this just about consumption or will you eventually take a thought crap once in a while. Is that why so many Americans are obese?

Anyway, enjoy this video. I spoofied it up so it took an hour to render but I'm having fun playing with Sony Platinum. If anyone has that program and can give me some tips let me know.

LINKS: Bolshieblog Channel on Youtube, socialist edumacation.


bumblebee said...

Just a comment to show that I do understand we are living under a patriarchy

Panthera said...

Any women who wants an abortion, has to be legally raped again you mean. :-((
Its a fucking disgrace.

Gina Ranalli said...

I get it! Thank you so much for fighting the good fight. You are beautiful and amazing! <3

oojamama said...

greb video diana. i cant fuckin believe this oklahoma shit is really happening

moonknightfiy said...

Hey Lady D you are awesome for your standing up for women ! If activists can muster up 10% of your sass we can move the clock forward insted of back!!
LOVE to you my Queen ! MooNie

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