Alli and Her Friend

I hope you find my video compassionate and real. Rape is not funny.

What particularly struck me about this is the fact that guys actually cheered the rapist on and how a young woman is blaming the victim for being raped.

This is why patriarchy is like a cancer. It teaches us gender roles. It's unspoken language is misogynous: blaming the woman for being raped and repeating the old mantra that 'boys will be boys.'

A real man doesn't rape, nor does he sit there and promote it while its occurring.

I can totally understand when Alli says not to trust anyone, and in my mind, I don't trust men. PERIOD.

I'm shaken about this incident. I feel it intensely. It's actions like this in the world that make me KNOW that feminism is absolutely necessary. When men stop hurting our bodies and our minds we won't need feminism any more, but today is not that day.


Alli said...

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your advice and support.

Sacred Place said...

She didn't do anything wrong. *Wow, this made me so upset.* I'm so, so, sorry they did this to this woman. But I'm happy you sand Alli surround her. I hope she can receive this....

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