Amaretto Diaries: Honesty & The Turtle Shells We Feminists Wear

BEFORE, you watch the video you must read this.

I'm happy that a young woman who is budding into feminism has taken an interest. This would be my chica, JuiceyAngel.

Part of this video is for young feminists on YouTube who want to get active with us and who might think we're not really paying much mind to them. I explain why this can be difficult and I've got a solution, which I'm going to implement, and when I do, I'm going to make a grand entrance onto YouTube and tell you all where our HOUSE is so you can join.


Most of you know that FT is no longer. Along with destroying my account they also destroyed my group. No panicking. I'm making a new one BUT I've noticed that another group for feminists has been made. I don't mind that a new group was made but I take issue with it as you'll see in the video.

I have NO QUALMS with those who have gone on to lead. My video, that is no longer available, about leadership was one where I state explicity that the goal of being a leader is to create MORE leaders. So I'm proud I influenced others within FT to become their own creatrix's and leaders but I'm still a bit sad.

I stuck my arse out in the wind for a feminist cause and look where it got me eh? No matter. I'd do it again, cuz I'm determined like that.

I'm a little drunk in this video, just a little, but the message is the same albeit a bit 'slower' than usual.

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