Throwing Around the Term: Cyberbullying

What exactly is cyberbullying? I've been called one and although I reject that label for myself I can certainly see why it's such a issue.

Many people on YouTube and other electronic sites use this term but what defines it? It's usually in the ToS of sites like YouTube but what does it REALLY mean?

Are you a cyber/bully if you respond to negative things being thrown your way?

Have you been called a cyberbully? Have you ever been cyberbullied or just bullied?

What were those experiences like?


Owl Eyes said...

I think cyber bullying is when you target the same person over and over. Sadly, when I was in Jr high school - i did this to people i didn't like, people that did not deserve it at all. I would hide behind a screen and never be able to say that to their face. It was just rude pestering, but online.

P said...

I can honestly say, I have never been bullied.
But then again: I am not the youngest in the nest, so I can spot an idiot from a mile away. ;-)
In comments I can see where they are going, and I don't accept that shit.
But young people are very much more vulnerable to this, and I feel for that girl.
I am glad that I am not 15 anymore in this day and age.

Panthera. *cough cough* ;-)

briandias28 said...

I think you look hawt in any color you sexy sassy woman, brainy chicks turn me on! I like that you like the Moon wink,wink

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