Yet Another Hate Video

This was in my YouTube inbox this morning, sent to me by Pixiebiz, the founder of an exclusive feminist group on YouTube called FeministTVCollective.

Myself, Nuke, Antiquelens and Jedi and others ,who are associated with me, were excluded from this group. It was set up while I still had Feministube. Feministube was an INCLUSIVE group.

I really don't care to be in a group that is exclusive and whose members make videos like the one I linked and the one I'm posting (in it's ENTIRETY).

The simple tactic of starting their group was to eliminate feminists they didn't like. And as you can see in these videos, it's a really brutal attempt to classify me as damaged, as lacking, as not being a feminist according to THEIR cliquey standards.

Now, the tactic is to get all my friends to push me out in the cold while Pixie and Divinity psychoanaylze me, call me a damaged animal and engage in the tactics you'll find in this video here, which I received this morning, along with nuclearnight and Antiquelens.

This video here comes on the heels of Divinity's hate video. The tactics are so obvious and again, speak more about the person saying them, than they do about me.

I encourage all people, if you really want to know about me, to drop the harassment, drop the psychoanalysing and the shady tactics.

I would like Pixie to name ALL the feminist channels I've attacked. Seriously. She lists NOT ONE channel.

I would like Pixie to look at her own cliquey tactics. She accuses me of not making feminist videos. What is this video pixie?

I would like Pixie and Divinity to stop thinking they are the judge and jury as to WHO is a feminist and who is not. Honestly, I AM a feminist and I don't have to prove that to anyone but myself.

Now, I'm going back to productive things, like making feminist videos like I've done for the last 2+ years. I'm going back to the inclusive feminist board I made to work with feminists and I would appreciate it if you stop sending your hatred into my inbox. I have no interest in speaking with those who stoop so low.

Also, thank you to my new subs. I appreciate it. I look forward to working with you.


Amaretto Diaries May 12, 2010

Don't wanna be an alcoholic. Gotta exercise self-control.

What REALLY Happened in FeminisTube

This video was done mainly to answer questions anyone has about what Binh actually did inside FeminisTube. These are the attacks he made on me AND nuclearnight and why he was removed.

People may wonder, why now? Well, why not now? I feel people have a right to this evidence and since there are many people conjecturing and saying they KNOW what happened when they weren't even members of FeminisTube, I think it's important to just put the information out there. Information is powerful, and since I got dragged into this nonsense and my character is on constant attack from willfully ignorant people, I felt it was the right thing to do.

Many people still believe that Binh & Ross did no wrong. Many just don't like nuclearnight and think it's OK to repeatedly attack her. We see this EVERY single week on YouTube.

I didn't like seeing this asshole go after her. If he was truly a feminist he would've let the two women work it out. If Ross was a feminist with ANY backbone, she would've tried to work it out with nuclearnight instead of leave and try to get ME to attack her with her emailing campaign to me. But we all know that's not what happened. And I'm the bad person in all this? I don't think so.

Binh and Ross had it out for Nuclearnight. I was just the one who ran the group, had the authority, and made the decision. Now, as of posting this, I'm continually being stalked, harassed and false flagged, thrown off YouTube over this. These people have no scruples. They're definitely immature, and were the first ones to make call out videos after I kicked Binh out.

Three videos of nonstop character assassination by them before I even uttered a peep. And sure enough, as soon as I responded they false flagged my videos. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'll bet my family's wealth that Binh or Rosskay, along with Annpetasupporter, and Summersonset flagged those response videos and got the Diana Boston channel obliterated.

Now, for me, this is just a way to clear my name, make it transparent, and hopefully put ANY questions to rest. I stand behind my decision, 110%.

Nuclearnight has stated that she didn't call Ross an anti-feminist both IN FeminisTube and in public on several videos meant to call her and I out. If you notice Binh's comments in the video, he mentions that nuclearnight didn't respond to him or Rosskay. You have to understand that they were after her prior to YouTube. They followed her over to YouTube and continued to harass her.

Binh and Ross were never satisfied hearing any other feminist's perspective and if we disagreed with Ross at any time, she got pissy about it. Binh and Ross stalked nuke around YouTube, while they were members of FeminisTube, just baiting her, trying to get a reaction out of her on topics Nuke didn't really have an interest in. Boohoo! I mean, grow up people!

When I stepped in and banned Binh, they both came after me. To THIS day they stalk this blog, they continually get people on their 'side' who they know are anti-feminists just to continue the dramafest. I honestly don't see how people are blinded by this.

And you know, there were many people on YouTube that I truly wanted to befriend but, like clockwork, as soon as I tried befriending them, Ross and Binh stepped into the picture and would email these people the typical 'I'm being bullied' story and people fell for it.

People who I thought were decent like: SocialistReign (who I'm sure I have a lot in common with), SocialDemocracyFTW and Elmo. You guys bought their lies and got in the middle of it. It wasn't because I tried getting you in the middle of it. It was their effort. I'm sure you all got these PM's saying how terrible I was and how I was bullying Ross and on and on and on.

SocialistReign: You DID attack nuclearnight. You DID. I'm sure you were praised for it by those two. I thought you were above that. So I called you out. What you did was WRONG. Period.

SocialDemocracy: remember that vid you did to Nuke crying? Do you understand that most of the feminists you group together and hate on have all been raped and called 'damaged'. That video you made making me out to be some psycho, with the stuffed animal. Shame on you. I never treated you badly EVER.

Elmo: I once respected you immensely. You also fell for the bullshit. You never ever came to me and asked me what happened. I didn't offer it because honestly, I felt you'd realize the truth. Instead you made call out videos to Nuke, myself, Jedi and others asking to debate with you and saying you'd take us all on simultaneously. Then you attack me when I say 'Ok, here I am. Let's go.'

And you know what's ironic? You all go around touting how *I* am this big, bad bully. I've never attacked ANY of you until you threw a stone at me or at nuclearnight. EVER. And you have the nerve to call me a bully.

Answer my questions:
Did I ever go after you SocialistReign prior to you making mean comments about rape and two mean videos to nuclearnight? Nope. But you came after me didn't you. Why? Because you fell for the 'I'm so bullied' story. What stopped you from coming to me privately and asking me what happened? Again, I didn't feel the need to do ANY of that because I actually thought people were going to realize the truth. I had nothing to hide. I didn't feel the need to PM all these people trying to get them to attack someone else. But gee, I wonder who did that with you? (That was a rhetorical question)

Did I ever go after you SocialDemocracyFTW? Ever? No. But you went after me with your video. Just one of the crowd. Did you get praised for that?

Elmo: Did I ever go after you? No. You also bought the 'I'm so bullied' nonsense and then couldn't understand why a large portion of the community was angry that you KNEW who one of the false flaggers was. You dropped that you knew and then played coy about it. So again, did I make a call out video to you? Nope. Did you make mean videos to me? Yep. You want to know the truth and offer to debate me but here I am, and you've effectively backed off.

You know what they say:

The truth is out there.

Get past your pride, use the brains you have. THAT is what I expected of you. This is an effort on my part. You can either speak respectfully with me and this can end, or not. Ball: your court.


Nails: The Nine Inch Kind

Want to know the secret to having elegant fingernails? Here's the pro tips.


  • moisturize your hands and nails
  • clean under the nails regularly
  • invest in a base and topcoat
  • put at least 2 coats of colour on your nails
  • keep them filed at the proper length
  • clip your nails with a clipper
  • put only one coat of colour on them
  • use substandard nail products

Here are some really good companies that make excellent nailcare products:
  • Sally Hansen: Shea Butter Rapid Finish (in video); Pro Kwik Off Nail Polish Remover (in video)
  • OPI: Professional Top and Base Coats, along with rich colour palettes; high quality
  • REVLON: 1/4 jaw Cuticle Nipper (in video); Cuticle & Nail Cleaner Tool (in video)
  • Witchcraft: Professional Base Coat (in video); Sweet Almond Oil for Cuticle (in video)
  • LaCross: Nail Buffer Pro (in video); Nail Files and Tools
If you have any other questions then please leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

A sampling of my nail colours. I have appx. 150 colours.

Bedtime Diaries May 10, 2010

There's some really crucial aspects of me that most people don't understand. I hope this video can clear up some of them.

I don't know why some folks think they can be cruel and mean to me without me saying a peep. Do I look like a carpet to you?

But there's a softer side of me, which I spoke about with Nuke and Womanwheart last night. It prompted me to do this video. It feels good to be understood and lately, all I've been is misunderstood.

My adult perspective is as such when it comes to all the stupid drama: In 5 years where will you be? Stuck on the stupid drama? Or will you have moved on with your life? It seems important now but in the grand scheme of things, it's not even remotely important.

What's done is done. There's no going back, but there is moving forward and that's what I'm doing.


Two Videos: One on Pornography and One for Deryk and Jedimasterbooboo

I haven't said much at all about my thoughts on Pornography and the Industry of Pornography. There's one particular place that informed me on what I already knew, but in better terms. This website is called Stop Porn Culture. This is the 45 minute video that I watched, that made things much clearer for me.


Some of my biggest questions after watching that film are:
  • What can be done to stop the exploitation of women as merely objects to be fucked?
  • Where is the line between erotica and pornography? Is it mutuality, agency and intimacy?
  • What responsibility does the pornography industry have with regard to young boys accessing it on the internet and elsewhere?
  • Why do many men get angry when confronted with anti-pornography positions?
  • Is it because they see the issue as an 'inferior' feminist issue?
  • Or is it truly a human rights issue? Is there even a difference?


The next video is to support and show affection for two of my friends: Deryk aka SardonicSkeptic and Theresa aka Jedimasterbooboo and TheLazyEvangelist.

Deryk: You've supported me throughout all the false flagging and you're one of the only people I email privately outside YouTube. Thank you so much for being there for me.

Theresa: We've been friends and sisters for a while now. I support you and am there for you to talk with if you ever need to.

I get by with a little help from my friends...

If you want to get active about the Congo:
Enough Project
Raise Hope For Congo


Ti'Amo Grammy and Grampy

Hi Gram and Gramp. This video is for you. I'll be in touch with my new email address very soon. I had to drop the old one. I was getting too much mail and I like to change my email address every once in a while. Keeps things fresh. So tell the rest of the family my new email when you get a note from me in your inbox.

Amaretto Diaries: The New BB, Google Contacts Me, Cosmetic Snippet

Here's the place to come and be amongst friends and schtuff. It is a feminist board but all are welcome to come by and chat about schtuff.

Ciao for now!



The ULTIMATE Feminist Hangout on the web is now OPEN and RUNNING.

I created the site so come on over and everyone is welcome.

I don't think you can false flags that schtuff but never say never!

LINK TO FEMINIST OUTLAWS Bulletin Board Hangout.
Feminist Outlaw Banner




My second channel, thedominatrix1969 was only up for 3 days and the false flaggers came back again and now the channel is PERMANENTLY GONE. No notice, no warning, no nothing. They must've flagged the SHIT out of it.

I'm working out of SaelPalani channel now.


Admiration Hate

And if you notice this video not available because of butthurt false flaggers, then you can download it here

Elmo, your time's gonna come.

Fucking bullshit games, the whole lot of you. Yeah, I love how SocDemFTW has so much empathy but sits back and lets Socialist Lame viciously attack the same person he made a video to (Nuke) in tears because Nuke, like many rape victims (including myself and Jedi)are considered 'damaged goods' and are constantly being harassed. And then he makes this rude fucking demoralizing video about me. You people are fucking in need of a serious reality check. Oh, and did I forget to say 'peace'. Yeah, right. You wouldn't know peace if it walked up and bit you in the arse. You're all hypocrites.

Do you people ever stop for one second and think about what you're doing? Apparently not.

Amaretto Diaries: Round Four of False Flagging, Variablast, Mental Illness Survivorship, Elmo's Typical Anti-Feminist Rhetoric

*Ding Ding!!!!*

Welcome to Round FOUR of the false flaggers: Binh, Rosskay, Summersonset, and Madshangi and I'm a little suspicious of MarceltheMaoist since he went back into my blog archive to one of the posts that was false flagged. He had previously commented on this video post, is friends with Binh (Binh has Marcel featured on his channel page) and then eliminated the comments he made.

It was a bit strange he went back into the archived video a day ago.

Now, I fully expect them to falsely flag this video, and they're making themselves out to be the harassed ones and the bullied ones and yet, well, they spend HOURS on my blog, as does Summersonset and TheMadShangi. I mean, they've spent HOURS UPON HOURS here and they're here CONSTANTLY. 

The FIVE videos they've falsely flagged will be reuploaded as a torrent and I've compiled the videos all into one video. When I've uploaded them, I'll give you all the link and you can download them and see for yourself just how butthurt these folks can get.


Download ALL IN ONE BASKET.mp4 for free on uploading.com

Any and all mirrors, especially of the last video of the bunch is appreciated. You will probably have to cut the last video into two parts or maybe 3. The point is: We HAVE to let them know that this shit is NOT tolerated. They are continually harassing me and many other YouTubers. It's just got to stop.

Anywho, the process of using torrents as a way to replace Gootube and other vid hosting sites was brought up by a member of the athiest community on YouTube. I will get his name and post it soon. I want to give him credit for an idea that seems great, especially when you can use RSS and just get a feed of the vids. That's AWESOME.

And guess what? People can remain butthurt! I can say whatever the fuck I want and too bad. I can be myself without this pressure on me that I have to watch every little word I say. It coming atcha now!

I mean, even an intellectual argument scares these folks. My pwnage olympic video (first round) was a feminist WIN and well, Binh got his tiny testicles in a knot and flagged the fuck out of it on my channel and even those who mirrored it. I got emails from many people telling me 'this is the FIRST time I ever got flagged'. AND, some of the channels were specifically devoted to mirroring falsely flagged vids. That's how fucking LOW they'll go.

Amaretto Diary 3 by ~SaelPalani on deviantART

Notice how Elenkhos took a strike and how Rosskay reacted? Also, she called NuclearNight a 'FAT ASS.' Yeah, she's soooo bullied and she doesn't dish it out. More to come! No, I won't put this to rest until my videos stop being falsely flagged by the people who are the ones actually doing the stalking and harassing!

Here are ALL the documents related to FeminisTube. I know many people may still have questions and the only reason I'm posting them is because I'm tired of being harassed and stalked. I removed them from a once safe community and since then all they've done is harass me, my friends, and they are constantly at every space on the internet that has anything to do with me. I'm tired of it.

Enjoy the vid. It may not be up for long!


The False Flaggers Have Been Back AGAIN

I'm currently searching for the bastards who did this. Again, it was the four videos that Binh, Rosskay, Summersonset, Annpetasupporter and Madshangi flagged:

1)Pwnage Olympic Video Round One (Annihilating Binh's misinformed, quote mined lunacy on Radical Feminism)

2) First Response to Rosskays Callout video to me, telling me I was 'Out of Line'

3) Second Response to Rosskays Callout video to me

4) Response to Binh's pathetic video calling me a misogynist, whereby he updates daily with whatever account he thinks I'm using on YouTube.


5) One video I made on Bliptv which was mild but truthful and I think Ross and Binh felt a little shamed by this so they flagged it too.

I think it's safe to say it's the same group of people who flagged the first round of vids, Jedi's vid, many of the mirrors and then re-false flagged them TWICE on Blip. Yep, you heard it correctly, this is the SECOND time they've flagged them on Blip.

When I know I'll let you know and I'll list people who are suspect as well.

Oh, and if anyone wants to mirror these videos on YouTube, let me know. I'll be making sure they're available to the public so the asswipes who continue to false flag won't get to hit a button and act like cowardly butt-hurt, censoring nazi's.

Luvs ya,



Amaretto Diaries: Feminist Emergencies and Those I Once Admired

Being a feminist is something I have learned over the last 25 or so years. It's a noun, a verb, an adjective.

Feminism is for life. It's not something you can just wash off, like a removable tattoo. Once you start down that rabbit hole, and you're committed to understanding, that's it.

I've admired so many people in my life that have turned out to be shit upon closer examination, and although I wish no ill will towards any feminist that's ever been in my circle on the tubez, I will say that I'm having one of those 'wakeup' moments in my feminist life.

I'm realizing that our once unified front can be, and was, decimated by more than Binh and Ross. More than summersonset and her persistent flagging on YouTube, on BlipTV and on TinyPic. And more than one feminist has, whether knowingly or not, drawn a line in the once perfect beach sand.

You'll usually get two responses from me about a single event. The first one is my emotional gut reaction. The second is my deeper emotional and cognitive process. Neither should be given preference over the other, since they are both equally valid.

As each day passes, I can see the pixels tightening, showing me the crystal clear image I've secretly known was there all along.

First, your group started out by exclusion; a conscious effort to avoid any and all feminists who weren't in line with your 'standards'. Today, I saw it become what any box would become: a jail. You've confined the space so much that you lash out at feminists who you consider not befitting your boxes. I wish you no ill will but I must say my mind since I cannot be a vocal feminist on your space, nor can Nuke, or Jedi, nor Antique, nor many others who you've excluded, without getting verbally rude warnings that I am 'not welcome to expose people who are most assuredly anti-feminist.'

I'm on my way now, working to build an INCLUSIVE space.

It's up to each individual feminist to decide where they will go. I've made my decision though and whether you chose to follow me or not is up to you.

It was once a beautiful feminist landscape, and now it's a prison, with a rule book and a long stick to hit those who are 'too this' or 'too that.'

Feminism is about freedom and choice and not confining spaces and boxes.

I choose no boxes, to fill in no lines and to radically change. Not just to change myself but to make a space where all can be free to grow, organically.


Kowtowing to the Dicks: Pixiebiz Style

Pixie, you are so disappointing. You shit on your sisters and tell us to shut up so an anti-feminist liberal man can spout his rhetoric and push his fingers in our faces about how we, as western feminists, never had it so good.

And here I was DEFENDING Dedgurlsingblu's video! As was NuclearNight.

Shame the fuck on you Pixie. I guess all your rules are going to exclude a lot of people.

First, you make a group with shoddy tactics at best, and then you exclude all feminists who don't fit into your tiny, narrow-minded view. Well, kiss my ass.

Richard 'the Dick' Coughlan was not harmed during the making of this video. I quite like the fucker.

Resurrection: Diana Boston Lives On

Do you think I should be risen from the dead? Sorry for the horrible metaphor but come on, I mean, really. Watch the video and if you agree then email these folks.

Iranian Feminist who is a Judge and won the Nobel: Shirin Ebadi's Autobiography.

Dedgurlsingblu's Blog

SardonicSkeptic's Return video. Particularly notice the commentary by Elmo. I love watching people backpedal.