Peer Reviewed Research: Longitudinal Study of Prostitutes; Comparative Analysis Part ONE

A comparative analysis of prostitutes (strippers and escorts) who were able to exit v. those prostitutes who were unable to exit prostitution.


Bullies Usually Lie So Often That They Finally Get Caught

Divinity33372 is a bully along with her little flock of devoted bullies.

Div has finally told so many lies that it's time to release MORE of the truth so I can show her for the liar that she is. People are working on the videos as I write this. They will be out asap. In the meantime:

I made this video to show people that Divinity is indeed a bully and she's MY bully, along with her group of devoted bullies who have nothing better to do than come after me.

Divinity33372 is a doc gatherer and set up an imposter account in order to get docs. She managed to get a name before myself and FistfulofDicks exposed her imposter account where Divinity33372 claimed to be an abused young girl in order to cuddle up to feminists on YouTube to get docs.

After she was caught and I uploaded a few videos outlining my research and conclusive evidence that TheTempleDancer account DID indeed belong to Divinity. In response Divinity false flagged an evidentiary video with her bully pals. She tried telling youtube that I doc dropped her, which is false. I simply recorded a google search done on her username that ANYONE could do and can STILL do.

So when youtube didn't agree with her doc dropping bullshit claim, she and her bully pack all false flagged the video exposing the evidence that she was indeed the owner of the imposter account, for HATE SPEECH. And in a very swift move, Youtube took the video down.

But Divinity wasn't done yet. Five hours after she false flagged the video exposing her imposter account she used to doc gather, she and her buddy Binh, along with her troll army, false flagged a video that I made exposing another one of my misogynist bullies: Binhthanhvo.

Binhthanhvo entered a feminist group on YouTube several months ago to harass another woman, along with his partner Rosskay. When Binh and Ross wouldn't leave this other woman alone, I kicked Binh out, and Ross left of her own accord and then proceeded to try and get me to do her bashing for her. When I wouldn't bash another woman, Binh and Ross made THREE videos, one calling me a misogynist, and the other two making up a bunch of drama and lies about the entire situation.

When I responded to the distortions of these two people, Binh and his group of trolls, along with Rosskay, false flagged ALL my videos which exposed them for the liars and harassers they are.

Binh eventually false flagged THREE of my channels and then I stopped making videos on YouTube and went over to bliptv, where Binh and his trolls ALSO false flagged at least 18 videos off that site. So they followed me all over the net false flagging anything they could.

Binhthanhvo was caught false flagging and it also was discovered that he didn't just false flag over 30 of my videos but that he also false flagged several other youtuber's channels down.

Here is the video exposing him (I did not make this video):

Binh and Divinity became buddies after that because hey, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, even though Binh and his partner Rosskay are liars and harassers of others, nevermind the fact that Binh is a misogynist.

Another alliance was made (Binh, Rosskay and Divinity and her trolls) and in my current video, where I show Divinity's blogtv Session, Binhthanhvo is there, cheering the bullying right along.

The thing is, Binh and Ross claim I bullied them but that's not true. THEY came after me because I wouldn't gang up with them to trash another person. See, I guess when Pyrrho states you have to fight ALL bullies, well, this is true.

Here is a blog post done today, by my friend on YouTube, who has followed this from the beginning. Her blog post is a response to Divinity33372 latest video where she plays the innocent little girl who knows nothing about the internet but DOES know enough about it to use dating sites! So now, Divinity33372 claims I stalk her and am obsessed with her. A little projection there doncha think?

I have more to say on this but the bottom line is, Divinity33372 IS a bully and she has a herd of other trollish bullies that haven't left me be for about 8 months.

Oh and I know they're all reading this blog post as Divinity33372 the bully and her bully friends like to comb through my blog and make videos about it. In fact, they found a 2 year old blog of mine that they combed through in order to make youtube videos about it and bully me some more.

Oh and let's not forget the post about me having to be careful of alcohol whereby Div turns that into an excuse to bully me about.

Like I said, there's much more but this is going to stop NOW. Divinity33372 has finally lied herself into a corner and I'm standing UP to my bully.

This has gone on long enough and it's about time she back off, along with all her other bullies.

MORE truth is about to be revealed about Divinity33372. You would've thought she'd leave me alone after I exposed her bullying but nope, she's just going to get on camera and lie through her teeth and act like the innocent little girl who knows nothing about the bloody internet.



Breaking the Blonde Burqa

Occasionally, I get these really radical ideas. This particular idea came from Gail Dines' presentation on Pornography. Capital 'P' for Pervasive, Punishing, Petulant, and the big P= PATRIARCHAL.

A particular moment in the presentation stood out, among the many other amazing points, when Gail talked about what kind of woman is most prevalent in the upper echelons of the Porn Industry. That is, the white, blonde bombshell.

I am not a blonde naturally and I was much more grateful for my genetics after watching Dines presentation on the racist nature of Porn.

Putting black women together with images of the jungle, painting black women as inferior animals, along with the fact that women who are signed on and contracted within the major Porn companies are white and blonde, had me so angry I almost vomited. Not to mention the fact that whenever a company like Vivid has a contracted woman who happens to be a bit darker than white, the company quickly manufactures a bio that includes something about WHY she is a bit darker than the default blonde, blue-eyed white woman.

It struck me that if men are being socialized to lust after the blonde white women then those of us who actually give a shit about our society and our feminism could engage in a little culture jamming ourselves.

What if we had a global campaign that instructed blondes to dye their hair any other colour besides blonde? What if no pornified man could see examples of what he sees in porn on the streets he walks? We'll have one less category of comfort for the men searching for the image. The Blonde Bomb. Blonde Bombs Away. Bombing Blonde. Dyeing to Kill Porn. The Day the Blonde Bimbo Dyed.

I confess that I was incredibly happy my genetics didn't include the blonde gene. I also thought about my pubic hair and its blackness. It made me feel rebellious. Eccentric. *I* am NOT like those images. When men see me on the street, they will not see what is admired as the ultimate fucking experience, and thank the stars for that.

Doubly thank the stars for the ability to dye our hair. This is an example of a time where the fact that women CAN change is in our interest to do so.

Yes, I realize that some of you will protest with the 'why do WE women have to change?' Well, like any good culture jam, sometimes you must take the initiative, buy the black, red, or purple hair dye and go to town.

It's a minor rebellion perhaps but one worth engaging in from where I sit. I mean, hell, we burned our bras, so why the hell not?



What Sex Pozzes Do To Radical Feminists When They Get Angry?


Yes, this is the crowd (I will make future posts on the 'Crowd') on YouTube I've been dealing with for the last 6 or so months. They complain about censorship but they love to censor others. They've now convinced themselves that an old post on one of my old blogs, which details an extremely bad day at work, is racist. So now they're giving instructional videos on how to false flag the blog.

You will see me speaking and then the YouTube user known as TheLaughingOut, aka MatSteele or SeriouslyMatSteele, showing people he false flagged the blog post and a little how-to.

Here is the blog post about my 8-day stretch at work which resulted in a very cranky post about customers that drove me batty.

He says he's exposing racism but at the same time defends TRULY racist pornography. He's one of those guys who values freedom so much that porn titles such as


make him happy as a pig in shit. Gotta love that racist porn Mat.

He's also affiliated with Divinity33372, who is the sex pozz who cavorts with some of the most die-hard censors on YouTube. Her main affiliation is with the user Binhthanhvo, who was caught false flagging many people on YouTube simply because he didn't like them. He personally took down 3 of my channels.

Binhthanhvo is a misogynist who tried infiltrating a feminist space I created on YouTube and when infiltrated, started harassing another feminist in the group. I kicked him from the group and immediately he began trolling and making videos about it. When I responded to his false claims, he false flagged my videos, along with his other troll friends, and got my channels taken down.

Binhthanvo also stalks radical feminists with his stalker account called ChairmanNuke. It's named after a radical/Marxist feminist on YouTube. Using his ChairmanNuke account, Binhthanhvo harasses and stalks feminists. This is one of Divinity33372's good buddies. In fact, one of my friends, who is a radical feminist, was stalked so badly by some of Div's male friends that she had to leave YouTube. This video, made by Binh's ChairmanNuke account was quickly used by Divinity33372 to spew her misogyny on the comment section. Here, take a look at the video:

So much for sex pozz freedom. I find it hilarious that they whine about things like Craigslist being a violation of freedom of speech and yet, as soon as it comes to other people having it, they're the first one's to try and take it away from people.

Basically, because I'm a radical feminist, and don't agree with their positions, they've not left me alone for 6 months or so.

Divinity33372 is the main impetus behind this campaign of censorship and harassment. When she first arrived on YouTube, she saw me as a very vocal, prominent feminist. I find that many sex pozzes crave to be Queen Bee and when they aren't, they go to any length to achieve it, even if it means using ANY underhanded tactics.

About, a month ago she took down all her harassment videos because, get this: She called the police on me because I did a google search on her username to PROVE beyond ANY reasonable doubt that she owned the imposter channel that was garnering private information from radical feminists on YouTube. She was so angry she'd been exposed that she actually called the cops. And of course, by doing that, the stupid idiot realized that she better get rid of ALL the videos she made harassing me and other feminists. Not to worry though, I have got her videos and I will be posting them here as a way to warn ALL feminists to steer clear of her.

Divinity33372 made several videos which called me a wounded animal, in need of therapy etc. She personally would NOT leave me, nor other feminists alone. The final straw was her creation of a YouTube account in order to garner personal and private information on radical feminists. Divinity33372 targeted my friend FistfulofDicks (who is a transperson (I mention this for a reason)), and made an entire persona up of a young, troubled girl in order to get personal information from FistfulofDicks.

Not only that but Divinity33372 maintains a very close-knit group of sex pozzes which she orders around to up/downrate videos she doesn't like. She will tell them to comment or direct them to videos in order to troll feminists, and generally just never leaves feminists alone.

Divinity33372 also affiliates with YouTube's Men's Rights Activists. People like JohntheOther who has to be one of the most misogynist men on YouTube whose harassed myself and many other feminists personally on YouTube.

Here's one of JohntheOther's videos:

If you notice, Divinity33372, after befriending this misogynist, is still swallowing his crap. You'll see her all over the comment section trying to persuade him to be a nice misogynist! In this next video, you'll hear her talk about radical feminism. She has no understanding of radical feminism so she reads from Wikipedia. She also brings up transphobia and yet has the dishonest nerve to use an imposter account to get the personal information of a transperson who is a radical feminist. Go Figure. Way to misrepresent the radical feminist position Div.

Oh and here comes the comments Div makes to men on YouTube. Shame has no place in Div's world. Using men on YouTube and making imposter accounts to garner personal information from a transperson who is a radical feminist is A-OK. No shame.




Next up: Divinity33372 and iamcuriousblue, who is an older man who dropped the full name and college of a young radical feminist (young enough to be his daughter) on a pornography site run by Violet Blue. I'm telling you, these sexpozzes just won't stop harassing people.

I'm here to expose them. Currently, I'm working on a project with other radical feminists in the blogosphere to create a repository of information on the harassment, stalking and illegality of the actions of sex pozzes on the internet. I'm hopefully going to get much support from many who have just had enough with their harassment.

As of this post I have begun a legal case against a sex pozz. I am not at liberty to discuss it but let's just say the harassment went overboard with this woman. Six months of these people and it's still not over. We ignore them, they continue.

I've personally, had enough.


Another teen arrested in Pitt Meadows Gang-Rape Investigation; Pictures of rape posted online

This is a disgusting story. What's disgusting is that young girls at the party started a Facebook group called Reasonable Doubt in order to stand up for the boys who were arrested for rape.

Amplify’d from www.ctvbc.ctv.ca

Second arrest made in teen gang rape

Mounties have arrested a second person in connection with the shocking alleged gang rape of a teenage girl in Pitt Meadows last weekend.

The suspect, an 18-year-old male, was taken into custody on Thursday night. Police say they will be recommending a charge of sexual assault.

Mounties say five to seven male witnesses were present during the assault, which occured last Friday night or early Saturday at a teen rave party.

Investigators say the victim, who cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was likely under the influence of a "date rape" drug before the attack.

Slideshow image

Charges are also being considered against a 16-year-old suspected of taking the photos and uploading them to Facebook. He was arrested and released earlier this week.

The victim's father spoke to CTV News on Thursday, pleading to put an end to the spread of the photos. "The rape continues with all the photos and comments," he said. "It makes me sick."

"I have never ever seen anything like it," Cpl. Jennifer Hyland told a Thursday morning press conference. "When we have the physical and medical evidence about the injuries this girl's suffered…it's disgusting to read what these youth are posting and even more disgusting that the photos are being shared and put onto more sites. I've never seen anything like it."

Read more at www.ctvbc.ctv.ca


Doncha Know, I'm a Racist Now!

For The Fat, Ugly, Boring, Stalker aka Mustex

I've got a new super troll stalker and this little boy's name is Mustex! Doesn't his screenname remind you of insect repellent? He's the latest addition to the proporners who won't leave Terri, Ooj, myself, and anyone else he decides to troll alone.

Now I know some of my hometown friends follow this blog. You wanna know what this idiot said to me? He told me to quit faking my New York accent. LMFAO! I don't think this kid travels much. I think it's a simple well-worn path from his computer to his refrigerator and back again.

He's a typical loud mouth little prick who thinks he's worldly yet doesn't know that people can have such things as accents and that they can live in many different parts of the world and retain their accents of their home towns.

I mean, I'm surprised nobody told him my screenname that most people know me by is Diana Boston. Gee, I wonder where the 'Boston' comes from? Only a 23 year old who eats hotdogs by the dozen and probably has never seen beyond the borders of his own town couldn't figure that out.

Anywho, here's a Wikipedia article you dumbass on the Bostonian accent and if you actually read it, you can see that the New York accent and the Bostonian one have similarities that little townies like you don't seem to comprehend.

Oh and just so you know, I've lived in Eastern Canada, Western Canada and Australia. So if you find that while intensely stalking me and listening to every word I say, that you hear a word pronounced a little different, you'll know it's because I've actually seen the world while you eat and sit in front of your webcam and make foolish videos.

Thanks for the lulzcow!

Oh and here's one of my favourite comediennes

Maybe I should post in Mandarin? Ya know, to show my racism against Chinese people? I'm a beginning to intermediate Mandarin speaker, reader and writer. Go put that in your translators assholes.

Wait, I'll answer ScentedNectar's fugly face in Mandarin:


Sex Positive Male Threatens Feminist Who Disagrees With Him

For the past few months, myself and a group of feminists have been deconstructing the harms of the sex industry. We've talked about everything from the current Craigslist decision to the legalization ideology.

As many of you feminists know out there in the blogosphere, talking to most of these misnamed 'sex positives' is a bit like talking to someone who has such a complex problem with dialogue and who also will employ the dirtiest tactics EVAH in order to shut you up.

Well, today we've made another milestone in our feminist herstory. A loudmouth older male who has been going around using those very underhanded tactics has finally decided that threatening a feminist friend of mine with death is the next logical step to stalking her, us, and continually harassing the *$&@ out of us.

Now, I hope, in the cockles of my heart that my feminist friend goes forth into law enforcement off of YouTube AND also notifies YouTube of this death threat.

Just so everyone knows this man calls himself iamcuriousblue. He has several online accounts, including twitter. He also has several sock accounts and he posts ALL over sites that take his precious male privilege to buy women away. He also can be seen all over blogs and websites that are 'sex positive' (whatever the fuck that means).

Please be on the lookout for him. I fully expect that he's going to warn everyone about me now. Yes, me, the feminist who is making his online life miserable.

Please let me know in the comments if you've been harassed by this anti-feminist prick.

Here's the text of his death threat:

Go die
You utterly vicious piece of shit. There's no more point in being dragged down into your black hole of hatred in the "conversation" we're having. But I do want make sure you know exactly what I think of, in a personal message and in your face as possible.

You have to be one of the most contemptible excuses for a human being I've ever encountered. Your "politics", such as they are, are a very thin cover for the fact that you are simply an extremely hateful and ignorant person who simply uses differences in political ideology as an excuse to verbally assault people. You drag down any conversation you take part in.

But I guess on some level you must know this. Hell, just look at your videos. You don't even bother with an argument; you just repeat other people's words in a sneering tone.

I can't spit in your face over the internet, but believe me, its there in spirit.

Have a nice death, asshole.

Anywhere you see this guy, just be aware. He's not fond of women who won't concede to give him a blowjob for money.

I will publish more information on this man as I get it. We all need to be aware as feminists of men who are misogynists and who behave atrociously towards feminists.

Vadim Has Principles

I agree with mostly everything in this video that Vadim made about the calculated dishonesty of Divinity (sex positive dishonest fucktard who bashes feminists) and her band of trolls.

The only thing I don't agree with is that Divinity is somehow an inspiring person. She lies and plays games and is dishonest as fuck. There's no way someone like that could ever be inspiring.

I know Vadim supports prostitution and pornography but one of these days I hope he realizes that this group of people who purport to be sex worker's rights advocates, are nothing more than liars and people who have ZERO principles.

Maybe I'll convince Fistful to file a subpoena to YouTube to find out the owner of that account, even though we all know it's Divinity.

Keep crapping on the floor folks, doing your victory dance, being callous idiots and disrespecting everyone and anyone who may support your cause.

After a certain amount of time I'm going to make the mother of all statements to let everyone know what you people are. It will be my maestrastroke.


I Love My Blog

This is like my haven. It's where I can express myself fully.

I just watched yet ANOTHER xxxild video on me. She's not playing with a full deck that woman. Her contributions are drama videos and supporting dishonest women, men and tactics. I actually find her to be one of the biggest trolls and stalkers of mine on YouTube. I try not to feed her much. She's really demanding though.

Her latest escapade is what I like to call the pro-exploitation YouTube idea of harm reduction. We simply cannot let anyone know that Divinity was the TempleDancer and that she used that account to get private information from Fistfulofdicks.

Oh and we have an excuse though as to why it was okeedokee to garner this personal info from Fistful. Wanna know why? Because Fistful put up short clips of interviews with prostitutes. Yep. That's Fistful's big crime.

See how distorted these people think? So when I make a critique where xxxild throws chairs at the screen, Divinity punches her desk or Bawwwb slut shames then I definitely deserve to be comment stalked relentlessly and votebotted and have blog tv sessions dedicated to slamming me! That's how it all works!

Oh but let's not forget that Terri and I deserve much more than they've already done because before we were born there were feminists who opposed the INDUSTRY *gasp*! So all those feminists who had a conscience and did something about those non-happy hookers is directly related to the birth of Terri and I. See, iamfuriouspoo with his master knowledge of astrology can trace my birthdate and Terri's and show, through some great astrological thinking, that Terri and I were to blame for those pesky feminists who DARED challenge the sex industry before we were born! I know it takes a lot of intelligence to make these kinds of connections but gawddamn! iamfuriouspoo is an academic giant when it comes to those star charts.

I think I may have to interview a sex trafficker in an upcoming video. Maybe we can ask him (oh D'OH! There  I go being a misandric feminozzle!) what he thinks about not being able to traffick his 12 year old girls on Craigslist anymore.

You know, I feel for those traffickers. They took a serious hit to their freedom of speech. And I mean, we ALL know that even people who sell kids for sex for profit need their freedom to do it! Shame on Craigslist for being the evil antis! I mean, this is the Land of the Free! I mean, I know as a dual citizen that whenever I'm talking to some Canadians that don't like the USA, I just tell them about all the great opportunities in America. Anyone who wants to be a trafficker can be one. America is beeeeeooootiful for being so equal opportunity. I mean, not so much for the kids, but hell, they'll get over it right? They're just too spoiled is all. Every kid in America should be put on Craigslist and trafficked.

Now I know you anti's get all 'human rights' on us True Sex Positive Pioneers but hell, we hold up the ENTIRE economy of the United States! Without us, you wouldn't be able to publish your little scholarly peer-reviewed papers and do your protests and shit, but most people would be out of a job if it wasn't for trafficking! Seeeriously, what do you think would happen if we did this human rights thing and stopped selling kids and women against their will? It would be a big ole mess. This whole country would turn inside out and we might actually have healthy, well-adjusted kids.

Those antis are always ruining America. Some days I wish they'd actually come see what we do, you know like each of us exploiters could pair up, each of us with an anti, and show them it ain't so bad. I mean, it's JUST sex. You can't tell me that those women and kids don't like it!

Give those poor traffickers a break will ya?

Craigslist was a good set up. I mean, how else are you antis and PO-lice gonna find us now? We were ALL on there. Now we don't have a place to exercise our rights. We're gonna have to either give up on this business or find another place where it only costs $10 measly dollars an ad! Sheee-it, I guess it's back doing one of those responsible jobs. I mean, some of us just can't make money putting ads in other outfits when they charge per line and you have to pay weekly! What a darn shame.

To be continued...


Slowly Tying the Final Knot, I Mean, Nail in the Coffin, Umm, Yeah.

I could've titled this 'The Final Nail in the Coffin' but that would be offensive to those pro-porn/pro-prostitution industry folks who create so many lies they can't keep up with them all. So instead, in order to be nice, taking from the King of Nice (Oojamaflipper) I will be a 'nice, all-around, sweetie of blog world.

When you've got people who go OUT of their way to get your attention on YouTube, you know you're doing something right. In my latest video, I talk about what it means to be an adult. I mean, these folks are all about 'adult' entertainment right? However, they skip the part of being a consenting adult. I don't consent to their non-stop stalking and comments to me but no matter because pro-porn/pro-prostitution folks and their supporters lack what is known as an adult boundary.

I explained it in my video. People who work in the sex industry time and time again, have their boundaries constantly broken down. In a documentary I watched about pornography I saw women who refused at first to do certain things but were eventually coerced to do it. It was a time to brag about it too. Guess what? I only wanted to do women and up to 4 guys and on my first shoot I did 10 guys! Wow! Now THAT certainly warrants the name 'adult' industry *ahem* minus the adult boundaries.

I know my stalkers and vicious enemies read every word on this blog. They then take it back to YouTube and expound on it as if they have a right to do so. Ya know, it's freedom and all. Adults HAVE to be able to harass other adults or it's just not worth being on YouTube. Fuck presenting your ideas. You have to be a class A idiot stalker troll to be counted on YouTube these days. Those pros are certainly living up to their name!

I'm guessing that each of them has at least 10 sock accounts. Maybe more or less, but on average at least 10. They use these accounts to uprate comments and downrate those pesky feminist videos where we state our opinion. We don't even have to mention the slobs and they march right over to do their childish duty.

They're trying to run me off YouTube. That's the goal.

My friend sent me an article on the behaviour of most people on YouTube. As I was reading it I was like 'OMG! That's them!' They add nothing to the discourse except temper tantrums and nasty comments! Yes! These are the ones with the IQ's of doorknobs! They don't feel smart unless they're stalking. Stalking takes smarts right?

Another friend of mine reposted an interview re: trafficking. And then the pro crowd, like termites, came swarming to that video and laid their spew all over it.

My favourite comment of all time is the notion that those women in the sex industry that were raped or otherwise abused were just 'butt-hurt sex workers who didn't belong in that job.'

I think that sums up these morons quite aptly.

Now, if you're here you little assholes, remember. You can take all this back to YouTube and you can even pull an iamfuriouspoo and blame Terri and I for things that happened before we were even born.

Oh and one more thing. I did my first report to YouTube on one of you today. Congratulations for winning the prize of the most idiots gathered in one place at one time on YouTube, apparently not into anything but being little pigs wallowing in your own shit.


They say prostitutes can't go to the police when they're victims of crime. Yeah right.

Currently, within a small segment of YouTube, Radical and/or Marxist feminists and Pro-sex industry people are bumping heads over what to do regarding prostitution. The pro people say that decriminalization is the only reasonable answer while the feminist position sees prostitution as a capitalist extension of violence against women and would much rather see the demand lessened.

The pro side argues that prostitutes need decriminalization in order to be able to go to the police to report crimes against them. This article quite clearly shows that prostitutes who have been violated can clearly go to law enforcement without worrying about whether they'll be charged.

I don't see how decriminalization is going to make any difference when it comes to reporting crimes. However, decriminalization will definitely mean that prostitution is seen as a job like any other and may even have a career booth at your local middle and high schools. How many parents do you think will approve of their daughters or sons coming home from school one day and saying, 'guess what Ma, I think I wan't to be a prostitute. It seems like a lot of fun.'

Also, the pro side argues that social stigma will disappear once prostitution is decriminalized. Well, it's been legalized in certain areas of Nevada and there's still as much stigma as there ever was.

Do you think Todd Mills would care whether or not prostitution was decriminalized?

Amplify’d from www.southwestiowanews.com

Suspect’s city shocked at rape inquiry

To his neighbors in Shelby, Todd A. Mills is a loving father of five who works a steady job, belongs to the First Presbyterian Church and serves on the volunteer fire department.
He is quick to wave and keeps the lawn neatly trimmed in front of his white ranch-style home on the northwest edge of town. He often does yard work while wearing a bandanna on his head.

The same kind of bandanna that victims told police their attacker wore during a series of rapes of at least three – and possibly as many as seven – women, some of who say they were prostitutes.
Mills, 45, who told police he frequented Omaha prostitutes, was arrested Aug. 10. He is being held in lieu of $2 million bail.

In Douglas County, Mills faces two counts of first-degree sexual assault, two counts of use of a weapon to commit a felony, one count of kidnapping connected with the Aug. 2 attack and one count of false imprisonment tied to an assault that took place two years ago.

In Iowa, Mills is charged with first-degree sexual assault and kidnapping in a May 14 attack. In that case, authorities say, a 33-year-old woman was grabbed near 29th Street and Park Avenue in Omaha, then taken to rural Council Bluffs and sexually assaulted.
Authorities have not released Mills’ photograph, saying they continue to use it in photo lineups as they try to learn whether there are others who never reported assaults.
The most recent reported attack occurred Aug. 2. A 31-year-old woman, seven months pregnant, said she was abducted from 24th and Spencer Streets about 5 a.m.
He told police he regularly had sex with prostitutes in Omaha and twice drove prostitutes from north Omaha to River Road, near Interstate 29 north of Council Bluffs.

Mills said that he had been rough with some of the women and that there were at least four times he had sex with prostitutes but refused to pay, according to the affidavit.Read more at www.southwestiowanews.com


Dedicated to The Liars Among Us

Big man, pig man, ha ha charade you are.
You well heeled big wheel, ha ha charade you are.
And when your hand is on your heart,
You're nearly a good laugh,
Almost a joker,
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Saying "Keep on digging."
Pig stain on your fat chin.
What do you hope to find.
When you're down in the pig mine.
You're nearly a laugh,
You're nearly a laugh
But you're really a cry.

Bus stop rat bag, ha ha charade you are.
You fucked up old hag, ha ha charade you are.
You radiate cold shafts of broken glass.
You're nearly a good laugh,
Almost worth a quick grin.
You like the feel of steel,
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And good fun with a hand gun.
You're nearly a laugh,
You're nearly a laugh
But you're really a cry.

Hey you Whitehouse,
Ha ha charade you are.
You house proud town mouse,
Ha ha charade you are
You're trying to keep our feelings off the street.
You're nearly a real treat,
All tight lips and cold feet
And do you feel abused?
You gotta stem the evil tide,
And keep it all on the inside.
Mary you're nearly a treat,
Mary you're nearly a treat
But you're really a cry.

There's gonna be some RADICAL changes indeed. This is just my way of confronting my own feelings about the CHARADE that's going on. Keep on digging!


If I Had a Million Dollars, I'd Buy You a Quaker Parrot

Ok Miss Owl, feast your eyes on some baby bird love. THIS is how I want to raise our Quaker. I want to get one or two when they're that young so they bond properly with us.

See how the owner is rubbing the beak? That's part of the bonding. Think of this way, you never bite the hands that feed you! Also, they can smell her. See, dear, my fans call me a harpy but little do they know how much of a compliment that is!

Listen to the little one twittering away!

Ok, time for some cuddling from the Quakers! This is just mild cuddling. It gets much much worse when you're in love!

Have you realized how much I love Quaker Parrots yet? Oh but we're not done here Missy! Let's have a bath first and then some SUPER SNUGGLING!

I bet you noticed in that video the little snug that hopped up for a kiss. Oh there's NOTHING like a Quaker kiss and snug! But, those birds are pretty smart. They may be smaller than an Amazon parrot but they pack a wollop in the talking and playing department. Take a look at Tron!

All this Quaker foreplay has made me tired! I think I'll take a nap in your hands. Now that is trust.

There you have it my dear, and ladies, gentlemen, and the like! This was a close encounter of the bird kind! Everyone say 'Diana adores birds!'. If it's one thing that can make my disability pain in my body go away, it's the natural world! Just being in the presence of nature's magnificent creatures, great and small, makes all the pain go away and makes me feel balanced, grounded, and joyful.

These are sides of me that I haven't really shared very much at all. There's been so much drama and such that I have forgotten what makes me joyful. Since I stood up for myself I'm feeling much much better.

I'm about to explain some serious issues so if you don't want to continue reading then by all means close this tab and exit my blog.

Ridding Myself of the Drama: The Hurt and the Seriousness Of This:

My other half, you know the girlfriend I DO have, was worried I was slipping into a depression over the abuse I've been taking from Divinity and her friends. Admittedly, it was getting to me and I was hurting over it. The one that loves you the most sees things sometimes that you don't see. Since I have been clinically depressed in the past I developed strategies to be self-aware. I could usually tell if I was starting to get depressed. However, this is one of those times I didn't quite see it happening enough, or in time, to stop it. My writing this in my blog is my way of healing. I also realized that I had some pretty heavy albatrosses around my neck that I absolutely didn't see at all, until recently.

You see, my girlfriend was the director of a battered woman's shelter and she knows all about abuse. I honestly never thought that Divinity was abusing me in the way an intimate partner might. When my other half explained to me the tactics of this I was pretty stunned. She explained the blogtv sessions where Divinity says she's going to propose to me as a very serious lack of boundaries and an assumption on Divinity's part that I am in a relationship with her. I also remember that when Divinity called the 'cyber' police on me she actually told the operator that she did know me. That's another tactic of this kind of interpersonal abuse.

Do you all know that Divinity and her friends are at my girlfriend's blog commenting to her that she needs to stay the fuck away from me because Divinity is my girlfriend? This is true. If I feel the need I will post the comments those folks are leaving for her but they are all being saved. So this leads me to the understanding that Divinity has gone around to others and stated she has an interpersonal relationship with me. If that's not a serious problem then I don't know what is. My girlfriend explained that this tactic is how Divinity justifies her abuse of me.

Well Divinity, if you're reading this, which I know you do come to my blog at least once every 48 hours, then listen up. I want you to leave me alone. You are a sick individual to claim that I like your abuse and to tell others, including my girlfriend, that we have an interpersonal relationship. You do NOT know me in any way. You are unstable and need to stay clear away from me. You need to back off and stop obsessing over me.

And for Divinity's friends: if you think that it's totally normal behaviour for a woman to behave in this way then you have to ask yourself how you're aiding this problem. I know you hear these kinds of things from her. Let me tell you, they're not healthy at all. The best thing you can do for your friend is to help her back off and not to allow her to perpetuate this any longer. All in all, your friend needs serious help.

And let me also say this for the record: Divinity, if you do not leave me alone *I* will file a harassment charge against you in the state of Texas and considering you know I have connections there it's best for you to stay clear of me. I do not know you, nor do you know me. You're harassing me and I've told you several times to stop. A clear boundary needs to be drawn immediately. If you persist you will be charged. Only now do I realize just how dangerous this situation is. You are NOT my girlfriend nor were you my girlfriend. You are not privy to ANY aspect of my personal life. You know nothing about me aside from my presence on YouTube.

If this continues my girlfriend and I will press charges. Leave us both alone.

I am officially alerting my friends to watch out for me and if ANYTHING comes to your attention please gather it and notify me ASAP.


Bring On The Noise

Just got home from work. I had a raving lunatic of a customer tonight. She tried stealing from the store and so I called security to stand at both exits. Legally we cannot search someone who is still in the store, even if we know they have stolen. We have to wait for them to exit the store in order for the search to take place.

So she pocketed some high end makeup. I called security. They took their positions and when she walked out, they asked to to empty her pockets. They asked me what I saw her steal and I told them 'eyeshadow.' She emptied her pockets, swearing at everyone, and there was nothing in them. What she had done was put the merchandise down her pants and since both guards were male they were unable to strip search her.

She threw a bottle at them and ran out.

An hour later she came back with something she did buy and started screaming at me that she wanted my full name so she could sue me. I fucking laughed my ass off. We get these kinds of people pretty regularly and they never are allowed to take names. So she returned her one item, made a scene and left.

The law is a tricky thing. There's the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. I once read a great book by Alan Dershowitz on the trial of OJ Simpson and the reasons why he was acquitted. It was a fantastic book about the way the law actually works.

In the case of OJ, it was the fact that there was sufficient doubt. Although we know that the blood evidence alone is a conviction, the defense was able to raise just enough doubt about the gloves and the timeline. The defense also pulled the highly charged emotional plea which involved Mark Furhman's racism.

The problem here is that the truth can be covered up with appeals to emotion and other such nonsense.

Currently, I am dealing with this. The truth is being ridden with emotional appeals and the facts are getting lost. People are trying to find things to add into the mix so the cognitive dissonance resolves for them.

In fact, there's an assertion that I am somehow pals with Shangi. This is deliberate subterfuge to distract from the ACTUAL information presented. Also, there's the missing comments I supposedly erased. Where is that evidence? Where is the evidence that, on this video I made laughing at the drama master JonDorn, I spoke to Shangi in such a way that makes me his pal?

So if I make ANY comment to this person I suddenly become his friend? Of course not. That's ludicrous.

When someone is lying they try to push things from the past into it to give it more emotional appeal. It doesn't matter that there was no issues with it then. Also, people will immediately condemn instead of asking me what's going on. I find that to be very amazing. It goes to show me that people are more concerned with asserting their own goals in another situation instead of actually looking at the present situation and the facts involved. This is akin to bringing Mark Furhman into the OJ Simpson trial about a movie script that has nothing to do with the actual case. It's a lie, a distraction.

The one thing that's good about this situation is that I now know who my friends are. This is the one positive thing to come from this.

Honestly, I'm too tired to deal with this nonsense. I have other friends who actually ASK me what's going on and not make assumptions. I've been completely honest. I have nothing to hide.

If people want to believe the lies and the subterfuge then so be it. I'm cleaning myself of this shitfest and moving on. I am confident that if ALL the documents are posted by those that lie and manipulate for their own personal issues, it will show the reality.

Some want to play cognitive dissonance and love the drama for the drama's sake. Well, enjoy because I DO stand behind my principles. I only ask, like Diwataman says, that you present things to back up the twisted shit that's being said. It's easy to character assassinate someone and make stupid voices on videos as if I was saying something in a certain way. That's the cowardly way, the manipulative way. Putting the facts out there for the people to decide for themselves is the hardest road and the high road. The truth is out there. Be willing to find it.

The Truth Hurts And Makes Sense

I Am Not Your Whipping Post Jedi/Rememberthediamonds

I have no desire to have any further dealings with Jedimasterbooboo as she's proven to me she's not honest nor trustworthy. Here is a message I sent to her asking her why she was 'converting' people to not mirror my video. It hurt me that she would purposely try to make this a crusade.

Message sent to Jedi: Aug 15th
I'm really hurt that you're trying to get people to take down my video. You're the last person who I thought would ever do that to me especially after all the care and attention I gave to you when you were hurting. Now I'm hurting.

The best thing to do right now so I don't end up walking away forever, is to just give me time.

I feel like you're gaslighting me and it's not nice and I feel completely alienated by my friends. I don't feel understood by you and that's my greatest pain in life. Not being understood.

I did not doc drop her. Anyone who wants to find her is going to find her through their own methods of simply typing in her username on google. In other words, they don't need me to do it.

I can't believe you think a CITY is doc dropping. A city she readily gives out everywhere.

I like licking my wounds in private when I am this hurt. That's one thing about me that not many people know.

I have a backbone. I AM principled. I AM a good person. However, that's not being seen I think and instead everyone's looking at me like I'm the crazy person here. Well, I'm not.

I'm hurt, I don't know who to go to anymore since everyone seems to be IN on i

Then I received this message from Jedi after I came home from work.

Stop bullying me. Don't do this to me.
I have done nothing to engage you in your behaviors, and only supported you.

In fact for now I want you to stay away from me. You have demonstrated some character here that scares me I don't trust you.

If you would like me to remove the comments I just left you, I will.

That hurt me very very much that my good friend, who I've stuck up for, taken a strike on my account for for trying to appeal to shangi and friends to take down the videos that were making Theresa feel suicidal would call me a bully.

So I responded back:

what? You think I bullied you? Where is this coming from? I'm not trying to bully you at all. See, this is exactly what they want. To pit us all against each other. Don't fall for it. We disagree on things. I was hurt. I'm not bullying you.

Then I received this message from Jedi:

Your message makes me happy, I left you two comments that I should remove.

Listen, they want that but you are the one that is worrying me.

I hope you understand.

I responded back to Jedi:

My message is one of hurt. not lashing out at you. I'm just hurt. I just watched a video on bullying, well a few of them, and I cried my eyes out.

For the last few days I've been trying to understand how a grown woman like Divinity and all her pals can bully. I've been bullied before and I was feeling the same feelings. NOT from Jedi, but from Divinity and her friends. It was also at this time that Jedi left a couple public comments on her video about doc dropping that were directed at me and were not nice. She offered to take them down. I didn't respond but she took them down anyway.

I sent another message to Jedi, trying to explain myself and why her comment telling me I was bullying her hurt me and that I understood. Here is the final message I sent to her:


Listen, I know you've been through hell and back and then some. What I'm actually saying is that I also feel this hell right now and it's no good to stratify each other over it because that's exactly what they want, I will gladly back off if this is going to cause this much friction because the LAST thing I want is to lose my friends. I disagree with your assessment. It's not the end of our friendship because I do.

I am being, just like you, comment stalked, continually harassed by these people. I am still not being left alone. So I understand the why. I understand why you're passionate about what you think is doc dropping. However, that passion is not something we should throw our entire friendship away on.

I'm a feminist and my opinions on here have gotten me attacked for YEARS. I just don't see why my friends would want me to be hurt. I don't want my friends to be hurt and that should be very very apparent, that I'd do anything for my friends. Would you rather I lie and say I'm not hurt? Why would I need to lie to my friends? Why can't I be open and say that I see this manipulation for what it is. Is that such a bad thing to see this?

I think people need to just step back from this or else it's just going to get worse. To me it's over. The truth is out there and that's that. I'm just putting it to fall where it may.

Why am I worrying you? Because I'm hurt? A hurt person worries you? I hardly ever let my weakness show and I'm telling you how hurt I am about these people and their nonstop gaslighting of me, bullying of me and pushing me constantly. Is it hard to understand what I feel? All I ask is for you to put yourself in that feeling of being hurt and then you'll know how I feel.

K, I'm gonna go now because I don't wanna be hurt any more. I expect THEM to hurt me, not my friends. I'm shocked that you would think that. I truly am.

I don't want you to email me if it's gonna be hurtful because it's something that I can't handle right now. This emotional roller coaster is not helping me and I want off. I just want off. This is so apparent what is going on here. I can't believe I'm the only one who sees this.

So what do I have to say in order not to be hurt by my friends? What is the magic word? Crying. Crying crying.

Please, don't hurt me any more. I don't deserve it.

I don't want any more hurtful stuff coming my way. I have enough of that to deal with constantly whether its my feminism or my appearance or whatever.

And I got this message from Jedi in return:

You accusing me of hurting you is serious, and I consider it bullying, because it has no basis in reality. It's got to be a tactic, because I have done nothing but support you, and you ignore all of that and come after me again and again.

You need to stop hurting me, or Quote ME where I hurt you.


Take care.
So if you're hurt by your friend it's now bullying? If you're honest and remain completely tactful and sincere you are a bully? This hurt me even more. I knew that no matter what I said or how I said it, she was just going to keep sending me this hurtful stuff.

It's all circular. The part that hurt me where she asks for evidence is the part where she accused me of bullying her. But as I said, I was too exhausted and I didn't want any more of these kinds of nasty messages coming at me from her so I blocked her figuring she'd cool down. I was in tears and I just could NOT bear another message so hurtful as to say I was bullying her. I felt that was so strong an accusation, especially considering what was really happening here.

Three days later I got a message from a friend who directed me to Shangi's videos he uploaded through Lord Vion's channel. I watched them and found out that Jedi had posted someone's ip address. I left a comment on that video saying that an ip is like giving out a home address and nothing like knowing simply a city in which someone lived. I was shocked that Jedi took that kind of stance with me and yet put out an ip. That REALLY bothered me. It seemed hypocritical to say I was a bully over telling her I was hurt that she seemed to be co-ordinating others to drop their mirror support for me.

So there it is. She threatened me in her latest video to drop personal messages and actually DARED me to give her some reason to do it. Well, now I posted them.

People can judge for themselves whether they think I was bullying my friend or whether she blew it out of proportion because of her OWN experience with doc dropping and harassment. I must also say that I'm not going to play harassment olympics with her but I will say that I DO know what this is like and like she explained in her video, she thinks she had a right to post an ip to get someone to leave her alone.

Well I didn't drop a city name intentionally first of all, and second of all if Divinity really felt threatened by that she would've flagged my video immediately. Instead she continued to play people and make baseless accusations to deflect attention off her imposter account she used to garner personal and private information from someone and put the attention on me to intimidate and gaslight me.

Throwing away someone that quickly and making this new video she has is indicative of someone who is completely unreasonable and lacks empathy. I am stunned but there's a part of me that knows something about you Jedi that I've known for a long time but overlooked it. It was that 5% of things that people you care about sometimes do that drives you crazy. Here it is: You'll do anything for a man's acceptance and anything to bolster your issue with Keytoothed and it seems it was all too easy to throw me under the bus because alowlyapprentice is giving you something you currently need.

This is displayed in your comments to people all over the place. If we don't precisely say and do what you think we should regarding this guy keytoothed or madshangi then you come down extremely hard on us. This is a pattern I was willing to overlook based on our friendship but it seems that this other man, alowly, is someone you'll give up all your friends for as seen in this comment:

@onlockinggeisha If this was petty it would not be posted, that guy that called me a sick slut and accused me of child abuse and put up a hundred channels and follows me to comment sections and posts my name and opened up an encyclopedia dramatica page about me accusing me of crimes and naming my real name putting me in danger, and who is an MRA who writes rap songs about killing feminists. Well Diana Boston has sided with him and attacked me and I did NOTHING to her. NOTHING. This is not petty

3 hours ago @alowlyapprentice Here comes my first snarky drama comment. Shangi has accused me of being a child abuser and relentlessly harasses me SEVERELY, and she sides with him, but will make a HUGE stink that you like this video. That is the type of character we're looking at here ZERO character. Shangi wants to kill feminists. She just has NO excuse for her psycho behavior toward me and it's not forgiveable because it's WAY scary. She's just scary. Watch her try to make an issue that YOU like this

Where is this evidence that I support Shanghi? Show it. Let's see this evidence. You don't have to justify dropping and ip. You did do it.

I didn't remove ANY comments that I can recall and so what if I did? Is that grounds for this video of hate and spewing? No. It isn't.

Do you think that every comment I remove is about you?

Really aggressive? Show me where I said I was going to 'go after you?' What's aggressive is your recent video.

I never went OUT of the way to punch you in the face. LordClyde referred me to those videos,

See Jedi, you're on this trip to hate me and you're being dishonest and it's really all about you.

You say I will not find anything? Well I just posted the PM's. So do an interesting video but please, back it up.

Remember, your video slamming me is really about your insecurity about Shangi and this keytoothed stuff.

This is amicable truthful parting. The truth is out there and I won't be slandered like that.


No More Gaslighting. Just Stop.


When Divinity first came to YouTube, she got really close to me, really fast. I thought she was getting close to me to befriend me, but within a couple weeks her agenda was clear. She wanted me off of YouTube and it was evident that she was a bully. I wish I still had that private video from my Dominatrix1969 account where I begged Divinity to stop bullying me and hurting me. However, when I thought she was a good person and I was having a problem with my girlfriend and thought my girlfriend was in danger, I GAVE Divinity my girlfriend's number to call her because my girlfriend also lives in Texas. It wasn't some devious plot to get her number.

So Divinity HAS a number to contact my girlfriend and her son. That's the male that answered the phone.

I find it hilarious that people will admit to me having a girlfriend on YouTube when it suits their purpose and then gaslight me when it doesn't.

Since then,  I have proven that Ms Espejismo IS indeed my girlfriend and posted the link to her blog, which she began in 2008 (FAR before Divinity came on YouTube), and the pro-industry folks, over the last few days, have gone over there and harassed her, telling her she's not really a Native American, nor does she speak Spanish and all kinds of other crap.

So you see the lies and the gaslighting when it suits their agenda in order to detract from the fact that Divinity is a liar and a bully who will do ANYTHING to save face.

Has she admitted the FACT that she created an imposter account to suck up to radical feminists in order to get personal and private information from them? No. Has she admitted to ANY wrong doing? No. Will she ever admit that her entire purpose was to get close enough to me in order to then bully the FUCK out of me? No.

This is the TRUTH. If you people still want to gaslight and only use information when it SUITS you then go right ahead. I've been done with you people for months but yet you can't seem to be adults and leave me be.

I believe in karma. I believe in truth. I know that someday, someone else, ALONG with DreamedBlue, will have a conscience and spill more truth.

If you haven't already seen dreamedblue's admission that that imposter account was indeed Divinity's and that the pro-industry people have made many many other troll accounts in order to harass and stalk my friends and fellow feminists, then you should watch it.

I have no plans of ever engaging these folks who have done nothing but intimidate, bully, stalk and harass myself and others. I blocked them months ago and THIS is what started Divinity on her path to NOT let it lie. So she made an imposter account, pretending to be a teenage feminist girl who was having problems in life in order to garner private and personal information out of my fellow feminist, FistfulofDicks. Divinity has nothing else to do on YouTube aside from trying to take me out and bolster her reputation even when it's blatantly clear she's a liar, which was her GOAL from the beginning. Not only to take me out but to harass me my friends.

The first attack was the 'Diana Boston Does Not Speak for Feminism' video made by Divinity wherein she tells everyone I am a wounded animal, had bad parenting, and got no attention in highschool. Basically, a way to shame me. Go to my Saelpalani account right now and tell me where I ever stooped to the level of psychoanalysing Divinity. I beg of you to search for the truth.

Admittedly, I lost my temper over Divinity's impersonation account. She was also using that account to suck up to me in order to gain my trust and then my personal information from me. She used her imposter account to snuggle up to me, fistful, rememberthediamonds and Owleyes777. She PM'ed some of us and left channel comments and comments on videos for others to complete the facade.

If it's a crime to get incredibly angry at someone doing that then I'm GUILTY. I am. I lost my temper. I was totally ok to ignore Divinity and had been ignoring her for months but that wasn't good enough for her. Hence, the imposter account to instigate.

What kind of shit do you think she would've pulled with that private information had myself and fistful exposed her? Immediately after we exposed her, she closed the account, but not before leaving silly cryptic messages to rememberthediamonds.

I admit to my anger. Like my friend Shevo said in her video, if I had allowed myself to calm down, I would've only made one video. Instead, I made three. Not 10, not 8, but three.

I also never intended to doc drop. No way. I was simply pointing out the evidence that Divinity was the creator and owner of that imposter account.

Admittedly, when a couple of my friends disagreed and thought I had given out Divinity's city. I didn't see that as doc dropping. In my mind, it was the same thing as saying 'I'm from Vancouver.' Also, it wasn't some malicious act and most people didn't even notice it in the video until Divinity and her herd found that one little thing to divert the facts put the blame on me. It was on the screen for maybe 10 seconds while I was focused on another part of the screen.

Divinity and Binh then proceeded to try taking down my SaelPalani account by falsely flagging two videos on it. One was a response to Binh's ridiculous 'Myth of False Flagging' video and the other was the video in question.

Instead of immediately flagging me on my AuntieDiana channel when I reploaded the flagged vid, Divinity did nothing, except make videos to persuade everyone she was the real victim in all this.

Also, the video she made where she threatens me with family violence was made PRIOR to the video where she accused me of doc dropping her. She put her threats up and then removed them quickly because she knew if more people saw that video, they'd know she was just playing people. However, I managed to get a copy of that vid where we see the real Divinity. Not the calm Divinity that plays people and still won't admit to her wrongdoing irregardless of the fact that one of her own friends (dreamedblue) told the truth about her tactics and her bullshit.

Here is the video where Divinity threatens me with family violence and then calls the cyberpolice on me for 'going crazy'. I did not have that video in question where she claims I doc dropped her up. I hadn't even MADE it yet.

Guess what Divinity? I have a real life too and a real mother. Notice the jealous bullshit about me belonging to Mensa. Notice the bullying over the fact that I made a very honest post on this blog about alcoholism. My mother and stepfather are alcoholics. Admittedly, I was getting incredibly stressed by her and her friends constant bullshit on You tube and things in my real life. So I made a post and was honest about my beginning use of alcohol. So Divinity came to my blog with all her pals, and used that information to bully the fuck out of me. Everything I post on this blog is subject to her and her friends scrutinty whereby they take it to shame me with it.

I am very well aware of addiction and that's why I was HONEST on my blog about what I was going through. The first step in addiction recognition is to admit you are travelling down that road and WHY. I would like all my friends to know that since I made that blog post, exploring my real feelings, I have stopped buying alcohol and have stopped drinking completely. I did NOT want to travel down that road and I knew the potential for it to become a huge problem.

There is so much more I could explain about Divinity's bullying but it's a POSITIVE thing that she called the police. I hope they do investigate. I have NOTHING to hide. I stood up to a bully and this is the consequence. Fine, I accept the consequence.


I want my two friends back. I want my friend Ash back and my friend Theresa back. Theresa, when you called me a bully THAT was what hurt me. Ash, the fact that you didn't respond to my private emails and instead made a video slapping me, that hurt me. If I ever had a disagreement with you I would privately discuss it because that's what friends do. I would never publicly humiliate you. EVER.

If both of you don't see how that's hurtful then there's nothing else for me to say. Theresa, I blocked you because you were sending me HURTFUL messages. I was already down and I felt I was being kicked further. I simply was at my wits end and could not take it anymore. You are unblocked.

Ash, you were never blocked since you never responded to my private message before you made that video,  but I see that you removed me as a friend. Is that a glitch or is that truth? I tried speaking with you to tell you what I was thinking and feeling. You ignored me.

It's not about the disagreement. It's about the way it was handled by both of you that hurt me. I even acknowledged the video you made on the subject Theresa and told you it was a good video. I accept the fact that you disagreed with me but I had my reasons to hold out for the truth. A mountain was made out of a molehill re: the video in question.

And now I come to find out Theresa that you posted someone's ip address. Do you know that an ip address is like giving someone a precise address? It's a helluva lot different than just happening to have a major city on the screen for 10 seconds.

I never intended harm in my video but when Divinity would not be honest and instead took down all her videos, removed all her incriminating photobucket pictures and titles, uploaded nasty photo-shopped pictures of me on her photobucket, and acted like it was ME that was harassing her, I knew that I had to hold my ground. Right or wrong. I did hold my ground and the TRUTH came out. That's ALL I wanted. I don't care if people mirror my video. That's not the most important thing.


Be prepared for this post to be completely mangled and distorted. I know I'm ready for it.


In The Middle of the Night: Response To Neph and Basic Idea of What's Going on Here

I've got that Billy Joel song now swarming in my head. LOL. I'm thinking about a video by Nephysuk I saw today that massively misrepresented the radical feminist position on pornography and prostitution but at the same time had some good points.

Neph makes a great point about emotions because I do agree with her that in a passionate subject there are emotions and they're not necessarily detrimental in all cases. However, she states we 'live our gender' and that's an idea that most feminists find unpalatable. She says feminists see things in the world that 'aren't quite right.' The idea of strict gender roles has plagued our patriarchal society and has resulted in violence on a grand scale against people who do not 'fit' in these rigid roles.

'They have a clash of ideas' she says in regards to the feminists and the pro-sex industry folks. Absolutely. She uses the term sex positive and calls the radical feminist position by omission 'not sex-positive', which is a misnomer I'd like to see corrected. We consider ourselves feminists. Most of us are radical leaning and marxist/socialist feminists. We're not anti-sex positive.

She then gives great advice by saying we should never aim our ideas at single people. Fair and balanced. She's hit on one of the primary problems that has plagued our community from the beginning. Radical feminists have made many videos that do not address any pro-prostitution person. In fact, that was a strategy I started employing a while ago because I was tired of this entire thing. The problem is the pro-porn folks think that every video we make is somehow about them personally.

Case in point: a video I made about Social Construction just the other day. It wasn't addressed to anyone, yet FeministWhore was quick to send me a video response that was disconnected and didn't really relate to what I was saying. Plus, I had already stated publicly that I wanted NO communication with these people. So I obviously ignored the video response because I didn't want any more back and forth.

Another example is a video about stripping and strip clubs made by Terri aka iremythpurr. Immediately, this video was taken as a personal attack by Divinity. She then responded to Terri by chastising her and making a video response that didn't handle the issue but just trashed on the fact that Terri made that video and accused her of the usual party line that the 10 radical feminists on YouTube are trying to silence them. Way to blow this out of proportion. Little did they realize that Terri is a resident of the state of Oregon, which has more strip clubs per area than any other state. Terri made a video about it because it's all around her in her daily life.

Neph condemns the false flagging and purposeful attempt to take down my SaelPalani channel. The thought of women LITERALLY silencing other women is indeed absurd. I would NEVER do that to ANY pro-porn activist who is sharing their views. What needs to be understood here is that Divinity and Binhthanhvo, a notorious false flagger and channel killer, are good buddies. If you look at the video in my last post and view it in full screen, you'll see Binh trashing me right along with Divinity on her 4-part blogtv session called 'DB is Beautiful' whereby she proceeds to slander and bully me for 40 minutes. Oh, and I DO have proof that Divinity falsely flagged my video exposing her imposter account.

And that's another thing. Making an imposter account, acting like a radical feminist in order to get personal information is something Divinity did, without a shadow of a doubt. FistfulofDicks revealed his first name to Divinity's imposter account whilst the rest of us who were friends with Fistful had NO IDEA what his first name was.

I also have MORE evidence to add to the already proven case I've made regarding the fact that Divinity owned that imposter account. The first name given on that account was 'Laura'. I don't know if people realize this but Laura Agustin is a very well known pro-prostitution activist who keeps a blog that is regularly visited by Divinity and her friends.

Neph responded to a ridiculous comment by iamcuriousblue who said

Ditto to what Bob said about there being a considerable about of bad blood, and it predates what's been going down between Diana and Divinity. Her "Feminist Outlaws" group seems to be used as a place to coordinate attacks on people, such as the shitstorm that came down on Krissy's Objectification video a few weeks ago. There's also Diana's alliance with PornHarms, which is in the business of flagging "pro-porn" pages down. This crap has to stop before we can even agree to disagree.

We all know this is false. First, Divinity made the first personal attacks in videos about me, calling me an anti-feminist, telling people I am a wounded animal, and giving me her personal psychological diagnosis, complete with made-up stories about my high school life and parents.

My private feminist group does not coordinate attacks. We DO ask each other how to frame certain points and we DO discuss our personal struggles but the audacity in his comment shows his immaturity. Secondly, while I subscribe to PornHarms on YouTube and some of my videos on the porn industry have been favourited and featured by the channel, it BY NO MEANS, suggests that I, nor PornHarms, is a false flagger. That's just more deflection away from the ACTUAL issue. So now you can't subscribe to a channel you happen to agree with without being called a false flagger? I certainly beg your pardon but these baseless accusations, coming from a pro-porn supporter, are yet another reason why there is NO reasonable dialogue to be found with them on YouTube.

At least when I make an accusation, I actually SHOW my evidence that supports it.

DonF72 says

Block and forget? that sounds like avoidance rather than addressing the issues they have with each other. The best way to resolve a situation is to agree to disagree and keep the FRICKING EMOTIONS out of it.

Why not block and forget? That's what I've been doing because I see no reason to waste my time, as Neph says, on this stuff. I'd rather be working on feminist videos and discussing issues with my friends, not constantly defending myself against personal attacks and drama.

Neph also seems to think that Divinity has the most to lose and is a target of bad behaviour because she supports the sex industry. Neph relates a story about phone sex operators and the tight security involved in their job at a call centre. These women don't have anything to fear from feminists. Quite rightly, as Neph says, it's men that stigmatize sex workers, abuse them and sometimes kill them. Neph says Divinity is much more at risk than I. How can that be? I've been threatened with violence right out of Divinity's mouth. I've been mercilessly attacked on YouTube, false flagged, bullied, and constantly inundated with misogynist comments from males who love the fact they can buy a woman for sex but who condemn me for being critical of the industry. Also, I WAS a sex worker. There are several factors that put ALL women at risk. To state with conviction that I am somehow at less risk is insulting to me.

The final point I want to bring up, and it's an important one, is that Neph seems to think the radical feminist position is to ban pornography. Neph, I highly suggest that you make attempts to dialogue with us and watch our videos. There is not ONE radical feminist that I know on YouTube who wants to ban porn or prostitution. While it is true that we feel there should be no inherent clause in society that says a certain amount of women should be available to be purchased for sex, we aren't out to ban it. Pornography, we claim, is violence against women and that capitalizing on the suffering of women in that business is something we'd like to see change; NOT by banning it, but by making it such that women don't have to consider ever entering that business in the first place. By having a social system in our society that values women for other reasons besides her ability to please men. By making it such that the vast majority of sex workers, who enter the business by LACK of choice, are given social services to have MORE choice.

I sincerely hope that when you read this Neph, that you come away with a better understanding of what the feminist position is on YouTube regarding the sex industry. I also hope that this childish behaviour between the groups will cease and desist. Like you say in your video Neph, there should be no reason why I should ever need to have another YouTube account due to censoring. I am content to talk about my feminist politics and ideas without directly addressing anyone on the opposite side of this debacle. It's not a dialogue. It's not a debate. It's a debacle and I, for one, am tired of it.