Socialist Lame Is NOT a Humanist

Socialist Lame aka SocialistReign of YouLube thinks it's totally OK to go after a feminist (nuclearnight) and joke about her being raped. She calls Nuke a victim and made 2 insulting, childish and downright assholish videos to nuclear night and yet she calls herself a...


a Humanist!

Now, I'm the goddamned Pope if that's the case.

Here's my response to Socialist Lame:

Maybe you'll grow up someday eh Ms. Lame? If your purpose is to make fun and laugh at rape victims and screech at them because they don't desire interaction with you then it makes you a complete an utter twat *said with ilikenumans accent*.

Now go fuck yourself.

I suggest all feminists and humanists ignore this hypocritical drama parasite. You sure as hell all know how to do that. Just be careful though. If you DO block this piece of trash she just might turn into a 6 year old again and have a temper tantrum on your arse.


nuclearnight said...

Wait she's upset that I blocked her after leaving abusive comment after comment telling me that I'm not a rape survivor, I'm a victim. Because I have different politics? Okay...

She's an f-tard fersure.

Diana Boston said...

Yep. She made vicious videos afterward toward you. I wouldn't waste your time watching them. It's just more victim blaming. Instead I would encourage everyone who think blaming people who are brutally raped to BLOCK HER ASS until she learns how to be an adult. Who wants to be re-victimized over something so horrendous as rape?

I wonder if she goes up to child rape victims and makes fun of them? She's a loser. She wanted some views so she hung off your coattails and bashed you just like the rest of the assholes that do that to you.

Owl Eyes said...

Man, some people sicken me beyond words.

nuclearnight said...

Another loser so upset that they don't have the "right" to leave abuse all over my channel and now feel the need to make a video about how "nuclearnight blocked me". These people man, they really think they're entitled to abuse me.

Diana Boston said...

I hope people block the fuck out of her and unsub. And FYI, I tried befriending her but she just loves division and drama. When I blocked her she touted herself like some big shot and left some stupid note on her page to me because I wouldn't let her spout off on one of my vids.

I didn't get past one sentence of it because it was all hatred.

She needs to be brought down a few notches.

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