What Sex Pozzes Do To Radical Feminists When They Get Angry?


Yes, this is the crowd (I will make future posts on the 'Crowd') on YouTube I've been dealing with for the last 6 or so months. They complain about censorship but they love to censor others. They've now convinced themselves that an old post on one of my old blogs, which details an extremely bad day at work, is racist. So now they're giving instructional videos on how to false flag the blog.

You will see me speaking and then the YouTube user known as TheLaughingOut, aka MatSteele or SeriouslyMatSteele, showing people he false flagged the blog post and a little how-to.

Here is the blog post about my 8-day stretch at work which resulted in a very cranky post about customers that drove me batty.

He says he's exposing racism but at the same time defends TRULY racist pornography. He's one of those guys who values freedom so much that porn titles such as


make him happy as a pig in shit. Gotta love that racist porn Mat.

He's also affiliated with Divinity33372, who is the sex pozz who cavorts with some of the most die-hard censors on YouTube. Her main affiliation is with the user Binhthanhvo, who was caught false flagging many people on YouTube simply because he didn't like them. He personally took down 3 of my channels.

Binhthanhvo is a misogynist who tried infiltrating a feminist space I created on YouTube and when infiltrated, started harassing another feminist in the group. I kicked him from the group and immediately he began trolling and making videos about it. When I responded to his false claims, he false flagged my videos, along with his other troll friends, and got my channels taken down.

Binhthanvo also stalks radical feminists with his stalker account called ChairmanNuke. It's named after a radical/Marxist feminist on YouTube. Using his ChairmanNuke account, Binhthanhvo harasses and stalks feminists. This is one of Divinity33372's good buddies. In fact, one of my friends, who is a radical feminist, was stalked so badly by some of Div's male friends that she had to leave YouTube. This video, made by Binh's ChairmanNuke account was quickly used by Divinity33372 to spew her misogyny on the comment section. Here, take a look at the video:

So much for sex pozz freedom. I find it hilarious that they whine about things like Craigslist being a violation of freedom of speech and yet, as soon as it comes to other people having it, they're the first one's to try and take it away from people.

Basically, because I'm a radical feminist, and don't agree with their positions, they've not left me alone for 6 months or so.

Divinity33372 is the main impetus behind this campaign of censorship and harassment. When she first arrived on YouTube, she saw me as a very vocal, prominent feminist. I find that many sex pozzes crave to be Queen Bee and when they aren't, they go to any length to achieve it, even if it means using ANY underhanded tactics.

About, a month ago she took down all her harassment videos because, get this: She called the police on me because I did a google search on her username to PROVE beyond ANY reasonable doubt that she owned the imposter channel that was garnering private information from radical feminists on YouTube. She was so angry she'd been exposed that she actually called the cops. And of course, by doing that, the stupid idiot realized that she better get rid of ALL the videos she made harassing me and other feminists. Not to worry though, I have got her videos and I will be posting them here as a way to warn ALL feminists to steer clear of her.

Divinity33372 made several videos which called me a wounded animal, in need of therapy etc. She personally would NOT leave me, nor other feminists alone. The final straw was her creation of a YouTube account in order to garner personal and private information on radical feminists. Divinity33372 targeted my friend FistfulofDicks (who is a transperson (I mention this for a reason)), and made an entire persona up of a young, troubled girl in order to get personal information from FistfulofDicks.

Not only that but Divinity33372 maintains a very close-knit group of sex pozzes which she orders around to up/downrate videos she doesn't like. She will tell them to comment or direct them to videos in order to troll feminists, and generally just never leaves feminists alone.

Divinity33372 also affiliates with YouTube's Men's Rights Activists. People like JohntheOther who has to be one of the most misogynist men on YouTube whose harassed myself and many other feminists personally on YouTube.

Here's one of JohntheOther's videos:

If you notice, Divinity33372, after befriending this misogynist, is still swallowing his crap. You'll see her all over the comment section trying to persuade him to be a nice misogynist! In this next video, you'll hear her talk about radical feminism. She has no understanding of radical feminism so she reads from Wikipedia. She also brings up transphobia and yet has the dishonest nerve to use an imposter account to get the personal information of a transperson who is a radical feminist. Go Figure. Way to misrepresent the radical feminist position Div.

Oh and here comes the comments Div makes to men on YouTube. Shame has no place in Div's world. Using men on YouTube and making imposter accounts to garner personal information from a transperson who is a radical feminist is A-OK. No shame.




Next up: Divinity33372 and iamcuriousblue, who is an older man who dropped the full name and college of a young radical feminist (young enough to be his daughter) on a pornography site run by Violet Blue. I'm telling you, these sexpozzes just won't stop harassing people.

I'm here to expose them. Currently, I'm working on a project with other radical feminists in the blogosphere to create a repository of information on the harassment, stalking and illegality of the actions of sex pozzes on the internet. I'm hopefully going to get much support from many who have just had enough with their harassment.

As of this post I have begun a legal case against a sex pozz. I am not at liberty to discuss it but let's just say the harassment went overboard with this woman. Six months of these people and it's still not over. We ignore them, they continue.

I've personally, had enough.


Another teen arrested in Pitt Meadows Gang-Rape Investigation; Pictures of rape posted online

This is a disgusting story. What's disgusting is that young girls at the party started a Facebook group called Reasonable Doubt in order to stand up for the boys who were arrested for rape.

Amplify’d from www.ctvbc.ctv.ca

Second arrest made in teen gang rape

Mounties have arrested a second person in connection with the shocking alleged gang rape of a teenage girl in Pitt Meadows last weekend.

The suspect, an 18-year-old male, was taken into custody on Thursday night. Police say they will be recommending a charge of sexual assault.

Mounties say five to seven male witnesses were present during the assault, which occured last Friday night or early Saturday at a teen rave party.

Investigators say the victim, who cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was likely under the influence of a "date rape" drug before the attack.

Slideshow image

Charges are also being considered against a 16-year-old suspected of taking the photos and uploading them to Facebook. He was arrested and released earlier this week.

The victim's father spoke to CTV News on Thursday, pleading to put an end to the spread of the photos. "The rape continues with all the photos and comments," he said. "It makes me sick."

"I have never ever seen anything like it," Cpl. Jennifer Hyland told a Thursday morning press conference. "When we have the physical and medical evidence about the injuries this girl's suffered…it's disgusting to read what these youth are posting and even more disgusting that the photos are being shared and put onto more sites. I've never seen anything like it."

Read more at www.ctvbc.ctv.ca


Doncha Know, I'm a Racist Now!

For The Fat, Ugly, Boring, Stalker aka Mustex

I've got a new super troll stalker and this little boy's name is Mustex! Doesn't his screenname remind you of insect repellent? He's the latest addition to the proporners who won't leave Terri, Ooj, myself, and anyone else he decides to troll alone.

Now I know some of my hometown friends follow this blog. You wanna know what this idiot said to me? He told me to quit faking my New York accent. LMFAO! I don't think this kid travels much. I think it's a simple well-worn path from his computer to his refrigerator and back again.

He's a typical loud mouth little prick who thinks he's worldly yet doesn't know that people can have such things as accents and that they can live in many different parts of the world and retain their accents of their home towns.

I mean, I'm surprised nobody told him my screenname that most people know me by is Diana Boston. Gee, I wonder where the 'Boston' comes from? Only a 23 year old who eats hotdogs by the dozen and probably has never seen beyond the borders of his own town couldn't figure that out.

Anywho, here's a Wikipedia article you dumbass on the Bostonian accent and if you actually read it, you can see that the New York accent and the Bostonian one have similarities that little townies like you don't seem to comprehend.

Oh and just so you know, I've lived in Eastern Canada, Western Canada and Australia. So if you find that while intensely stalking me and listening to every word I say, that you hear a word pronounced a little different, you'll know it's because I've actually seen the world while you eat and sit in front of your webcam and make foolish videos.

Thanks for the lulzcow!

Oh and here's one of my favourite comediennes

Maybe I should post in Mandarin? Ya know, to show my racism against Chinese people? I'm a beginning to intermediate Mandarin speaker, reader and writer. Go put that in your translators assholes.

Wait, I'll answer ScentedNectar's fugly face in Mandarin:


Sex Positive Male Threatens Feminist Who Disagrees With Him

For the past few months, myself and a group of feminists have been deconstructing the harms of the sex industry. We've talked about everything from the current Craigslist decision to the legalization ideology.

As many of you feminists know out there in the blogosphere, talking to most of these misnamed 'sex positives' is a bit like talking to someone who has such a complex problem with dialogue and who also will employ the dirtiest tactics EVAH in order to shut you up.

Well, today we've made another milestone in our feminist herstory. A loudmouth older male who has been going around using those very underhanded tactics has finally decided that threatening a feminist friend of mine with death is the next logical step to stalking her, us, and continually harassing the *$&@ out of us.

Now, I hope, in the cockles of my heart that my feminist friend goes forth into law enforcement off of YouTube AND also notifies YouTube of this death threat.

Just so everyone knows this man calls himself iamcuriousblue. He has several online accounts, including twitter. He also has several sock accounts and he posts ALL over sites that take his precious male privilege to buy women away. He also can be seen all over blogs and websites that are 'sex positive' (whatever the fuck that means).

Please be on the lookout for him. I fully expect that he's going to warn everyone about me now. Yes, me, the feminist who is making his online life miserable.

Please let me know in the comments if you've been harassed by this anti-feminist prick.

Here's the text of his death threat:

Go die
You utterly vicious piece of shit. There's no more point in being dragged down into your black hole of hatred in the "conversation" we're having. But I do want make sure you know exactly what I think of, in a personal message and in your face as possible.

You have to be one of the most contemptible excuses for a human being I've ever encountered. Your "politics", such as they are, are a very thin cover for the fact that you are simply an extremely hateful and ignorant person who simply uses differences in political ideology as an excuse to verbally assault people. You drag down any conversation you take part in.

But I guess on some level you must know this. Hell, just look at your videos. You don't even bother with an argument; you just repeat other people's words in a sneering tone.

I can't spit in your face over the internet, but believe me, its there in spirit.

Have a nice death, asshole.

Anywhere you see this guy, just be aware. He's not fond of women who won't concede to give him a blowjob for money.

I will publish more information on this man as I get it. We all need to be aware as feminists of men who are misogynists and who behave atrociously towards feminists.

Vadim Has Principles

I agree with mostly everything in this video that Vadim made about the calculated dishonesty of Divinity (sex positive dishonest fucktard who bashes feminists) and her band of trolls.

The only thing I don't agree with is that Divinity is somehow an inspiring person. She lies and plays games and is dishonest as fuck. There's no way someone like that could ever be inspiring.

I know Vadim supports prostitution and pornography but one of these days I hope he realizes that this group of people who purport to be sex worker's rights advocates, are nothing more than liars and people who have ZERO principles.

Maybe I'll convince Fistful to file a subpoena to YouTube to find out the owner of that account, even though we all know it's Divinity.

Keep crapping on the floor folks, doing your victory dance, being callous idiots and disrespecting everyone and anyone who may support your cause.

After a certain amount of time I'm going to make the mother of all statements to let everyone know what you people are. It will be my maestrastroke.


I Love My Blog

This is like my haven. It's where I can express myself fully.

I just watched yet ANOTHER xxxild video on me. She's not playing with a full deck that woman. Her contributions are drama videos and supporting dishonest women, men and tactics. I actually find her to be one of the biggest trolls and stalkers of mine on YouTube. I try not to feed her much. She's really demanding though.

Her latest escapade is what I like to call the pro-exploitation YouTube idea of harm reduction. We simply cannot let anyone know that Divinity was the TempleDancer and that she used that account to get private information from Fistfulofdicks.

Oh and we have an excuse though as to why it was okeedokee to garner this personal info from Fistful. Wanna know why? Because Fistful put up short clips of interviews with prostitutes. Yep. That's Fistful's big crime.

See how distorted these people think? So when I make a critique where xxxild throws chairs at the screen, Divinity punches her desk or Bawwwb slut shames then I definitely deserve to be comment stalked relentlessly and votebotted and have blog tv sessions dedicated to slamming me! That's how it all works!

Oh but let's not forget that Terri and I deserve much more than they've already done because before we were born there were feminists who opposed the INDUSTRY *gasp*! So all those feminists who had a conscience and did something about those non-happy hookers is directly related to the birth of Terri and I. See, iamfuriouspoo with his master knowledge of astrology can trace my birthdate and Terri's and show, through some great astrological thinking, that Terri and I were to blame for those pesky feminists who DARED challenge the sex industry before we were born! I know it takes a lot of intelligence to make these kinds of connections but gawddamn! iamfuriouspoo is an academic giant when it comes to those star charts.

I think I may have to interview a sex trafficker in an upcoming video. Maybe we can ask him (oh D'OH! There  I go being a misandric feminozzle!) what he thinks about not being able to traffick his 12 year old girls on Craigslist anymore.

You know, I feel for those traffickers. They took a serious hit to their freedom of speech. And I mean, we ALL know that even people who sell kids for sex for profit need their freedom to do it! Shame on Craigslist for being the evil antis! I mean, this is the Land of the Free! I mean, I know as a dual citizen that whenever I'm talking to some Canadians that don't like the USA, I just tell them about all the great opportunities in America. Anyone who wants to be a trafficker can be one. America is beeeeeooootiful for being so equal opportunity. I mean, not so much for the kids, but hell, they'll get over it right? They're just too spoiled is all. Every kid in America should be put on Craigslist and trafficked.

Now I know you anti's get all 'human rights' on us True Sex Positive Pioneers but hell, we hold up the ENTIRE economy of the United States! Without us, you wouldn't be able to publish your little scholarly peer-reviewed papers and do your protests and shit, but most people would be out of a job if it wasn't for trafficking! Seeeriously, what do you think would happen if we did this human rights thing and stopped selling kids and women against their will? It would be a big ole mess. This whole country would turn inside out and we might actually have healthy, well-adjusted kids.

Those antis are always ruining America. Some days I wish they'd actually come see what we do, you know like each of us exploiters could pair up, each of us with an anti, and show them it ain't so bad. I mean, it's JUST sex. You can't tell me that those women and kids don't like it!

Give those poor traffickers a break will ya?

Craigslist was a good set up. I mean, how else are you antis and PO-lice gonna find us now? We were ALL on there. Now we don't have a place to exercise our rights. We're gonna have to either give up on this business or find another place where it only costs $10 measly dollars an ad! Sheee-it, I guess it's back doing one of those responsible jobs. I mean, some of us just can't make money putting ads in other outfits when they charge per line and you have to pay weekly! What a darn shame.

To be continued...


Slowly Tying the Final Knot, I Mean, Nail in the Coffin, Umm, Yeah.

I could've titled this 'The Final Nail in the Coffin' but that would be offensive to those pro-porn/pro-prostitution industry folks who create so many lies they can't keep up with them all. So instead, in order to be nice, taking from the King of Nice (Oojamaflipper) I will be a 'nice, all-around, sweetie of blog world.

When you've got people who go OUT of their way to get your attention on YouTube, you know you're doing something right. In my latest video, I talk about what it means to be an adult. I mean, these folks are all about 'adult' entertainment right? However, they skip the part of being a consenting adult. I don't consent to their non-stop stalking and comments to me but no matter because pro-porn/pro-prostitution folks and their supporters lack what is known as an adult boundary.

I explained it in my video. People who work in the sex industry time and time again, have their boundaries constantly broken down. In a documentary I watched about pornography I saw women who refused at first to do certain things but were eventually coerced to do it. It was a time to brag about it too. Guess what? I only wanted to do women and up to 4 guys and on my first shoot I did 10 guys! Wow! Now THAT certainly warrants the name 'adult' industry *ahem* minus the adult boundaries.

I know my stalkers and vicious enemies read every word on this blog. They then take it back to YouTube and expound on it as if they have a right to do so. Ya know, it's freedom and all. Adults HAVE to be able to harass other adults or it's just not worth being on YouTube. Fuck presenting your ideas. You have to be a class A idiot stalker troll to be counted on YouTube these days. Those pros are certainly living up to their name!

I'm guessing that each of them has at least 10 sock accounts. Maybe more or less, but on average at least 10. They use these accounts to uprate comments and downrate those pesky feminist videos where we state our opinion. We don't even have to mention the slobs and they march right over to do their childish duty.

They're trying to run me off YouTube. That's the goal.

My friend sent me an article on the behaviour of most people on YouTube. As I was reading it I was like 'OMG! That's them!' They add nothing to the discourse except temper tantrums and nasty comments! Yes! These are the ones with the IQ's of doorknobs! They don't feel smart unless they're stalking. Stalking takes smarts right?

Another friend of mine reposted an interview re: trafficking. And then the pro crowd, like termites, came swarming to that video and laid their spew all over it.

My favourite comment of all time is the notion that those women in the sex industry that were raped or otherwise abused were just 'butt-hurt sex workers who didn't belong in that job.'

I think that sums up these morons quite aptly.

Now, if you're here you little assholes, remember. You can take all this back to YouTube and you can even pull an iamfuriouspoo and blame Terri and I for things that happened before we were even born.

Oh and one more thing. I did my first report to YouTube on one of you today. Congratulations for winning the prize of the most idiots gathered in one place at one time on YouTube, apparently not into anything but being little pigs wallowing in your own shit.