Listen; there's a hell of a good universe next door: let's go.

--e. e. cummings


Gail Dines on her new book 'Pornland'

I want to highlight the fact that many anti-pornography, anti-commodification activists like Dines are continually being threatened by the pornographers and the pro-porn crowd. I think it's rather poignant that us feminists who question this misogynist industry get death threats.

In fact, Gudrun Schyman of the Fi (Feminist Initiative) party in Sweden received death threats because of her many feminist positions against the sex industry.

Even feminists on YouTube like myself are constantly bombarded with what my friend and fellow feminist calls 'shut up' tactics. If these pro-pornography people have an argument then it's quite difficult to hear it amidst their hatred for feminists.

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The shaping of things

In her new book, Wheelock professor Gail Dines warns that the prevalence of porn is twisting our attitudes about sex

The author of ‘‘Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality’’ is sounding the alarm about ‘‘gonzo’’ pornography.

CHESTNUT HILL-- With just a few clicks of her desktop computer’s keyboard in her home office here, Gail Dines travels to a place she wishes did not exist: a pornographic website.

The images seem designed to maximize the women’s humiliation, a point that is not lost on Dines. “If you really watch it carefully, you can see that they’re in pain, exhausted, demoralized,’’ she says, looking somberly at the screen.
For three decades, Dines has been watching the pornography industry very carefully. What she has seen has ignited such a fury and sense of mission that she has made pornography a focus of her research, writing, teaching, and activism. As she has emerged as a leading anti-porn advocate, Dines has also become a target of venomous attacks:

Her critics will not be pleased to learn that Dines is escalating her campaign with a new book titled “Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality’’ (Beacon Press). In particular, she is sounding the alarm about the ubiquity of “gonzo’’ porn, an extreme form of pornography that specializes in the degradation of women and that is available 24/7 on the Internet.

“It’s hard-core, cruel, and brutal. So you’re bringing up a generation of boys who are more cruel, bored, and desensitized.’’

“Pornography is the major form of sex ed today for boys,’’ Dines says. “It’s going to have dire consequences for the boys, for the girls, and for the culture.’’

Among other things, she says, “Pornography is a backlash against women’s advancement.’’

Having viewed countless images as part of her research, Dines says there should be legislation that would define pornography as a violation of women’s civil rights and would entitle women to sue the industry for harm done to them.

Arguments like this have earned her — along with threats, hate mail, and vitriolic broadsides from the pornography industry — the inevitable accusation that she favors censorship (Dines says she does not) and that she is an anti-sex prude. At that, she just rolls her eyes.

“I know I’m putting myself out there,’’ she says. “But this is going to take a national movement. If you’re going to be an activist, you have to be an optimist. When the public has had enough, things do change.’’

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The real face of violence against women in Afghanistan

What is the best exit strategy for Afghanistan? The author of this piece is highly skeptical that military might is going to change things for women under Shari'a Law. I have to agree.

The best policy for ANY society is education. Oh, and mandatory women's studies for ALL students so the revolutionary notion that women are people is a permanent meme.

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A Visual Introduction To An Afghan Woman's Mutilation

A Visual Introduction To An Afghan Woman's MutilationTime's new cover of Aisha, an 18-year-old Afghan woman whose Taliban husband cut off her nose and ears because she ran away from his family's and his abuse, is horrifying, necessary — and a little misleading.

A Visual Introduction To An Afghan Woman's Mutilation

It's not the photo. That does appear to be the outcome of some serious thought by Time editor Richard Stengel, who writes,

First, I wanted to make sure of Aisha's safety and that she understood what it would mean to be on the cover. She knows that she will become a symbol of the price Afghan women have had to pay for the repressive ideology of the Taliban. We also confirmed that she is in a secret location in Kabul protected by armed guards and sponsored by the NGO Women for Afghan Women. Aisha will head to the U.S. for reconstructive surgery sponsored by the Grossman Burn Foundation, a humanitarian organization in California. We are supporting that effort.

In fact, Aisha's abuse and mutilation took place last year, with U.S. troops' presence in the country and alongside Afghan women's significant progress on certain fronts. Women For Women in Afghanistan has some more details on her tragic background:

She was sold at the age of 10 by her father to a married man, a Talib. He kept her in the stable with the animals until she was 12 (when she got her first menstrual period). At the age of 12 he married her. From the day that she arrived in his house, she was beaten regularly by this man and his family. Sometimes she was beaten so badly that she couldn't get up for days. Six months ago before she came to us, she was beaten so badly by her husband that she thought that she was going to die. She ran away and went to the neighbor's house. The neighbor took to her to the police.

Such stories are obscene, not at all uncommon, and need to be told. But there is an elision here between these women's oppression and what the U.S. military presence can and should do about it, which in turn simplifies the complexities of the debate and turns it into, "Well, do you want to help Aisha or not?"

There are, however, conflicting signals about how seriously committed U.S. officials are, in the context of an exist plan, to pushing back at the resurgence of the Taliban as it affects women in the country.

As The Nation's Greg Mitchell notes, the story leaves out many other things that might happen if we leave Afghanistan, as well as other "on the ground" realities. And he points to Nicholas Kristof — no slouch on the issue of women's rights — arguing in today's Times that framing our presence in Afghanistan as an either-or between military engagement or abandoning the human rights of the vulnerable is a false premise:

Aid groups show that it is quite possible to run schools so long as there is respectful consultation with tribal elders and buy-in from them... [Greg] Mortenson lamented to me that for the cost of just 246 soldiers posted for one year, America could pay for a higher education plan for all Afghanistan. That would help build an Afghan economy, civil society and future — all for one-quarter of 1 percent of our military spending in Afghanistan this year.

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Former Porn actress Neesa on Std's and Men with Porn addictions

Neesa is such a wealth of information about the illusions and the harms of pornography. From making porn to consuming it, Neesa is an expert.

Neesa is also working with the Pink Cross Foundation, an organization run by Shelley Lubben, that tells the horrible truths about porn.

Visit Pink Cross Website: http://www.thepinkcross.org/

I'm not your Enemy: Nubian takes on the dishonesty of sex positives, pro-prostitution, pro-porn

Excellent video by NubianTribesman on YouTube about the reactionary and dishonest tactics of the Pro-sex industry people on YouTube.

Former Porn Actress Neesa Talks about CALOSHA, STD's and how porn isn't fun

Ok pro-pornography camp. Are you going to tear this woman down like you're torn me down as a former prostitute? Hey SocialistReign aka ReignbowBite! Are you going to call her a 'butt hurt ex-porn star' and tell us all she's lying?

Ok, so most of you don't know the people I'm talking about so I'm going to break it down. Neesa is an ex-porn actress for Max Hardcore, who raped her and got slapped with violations of obscenity laws (nope, they couldn't get him for rape) and landed his sick ass in jail. SocialistReign aka Reignbowbite is a YouTube user who lacks any capacity to use the matter that's between her ears. She takes a hardline pro-porn stance. She tells people that sex workers and/or porn performers who leave the business and expose the reality of the horrors of that industry are just 'butt hurt'. It's funny how this woman has had no personal experience being a sex worker and yet passes judgment on former workers and does what's called 'slut shaming.'

Reignbow is part of the YouTube Pro-Industry camp. To get a feel for their tactics when feminists discuss pornography and prostitution please see this blog post from my blog 'Feminist Outlaws'. http://tinyurl.com/2uqwwwo

Summing up, Neesa has come forward in this particular video to tell us about the rampant std's in the porn industry, the lack of a clean working environment and her involvement with Shelley Lubben's Pink Cross Foundation. http://www.thepinkcross.org/

Porn Harms.


Transwomen and Michigan Womyn's Festival policy of Women Born Women ONLY

I admit I am very unsure how I feel about transfolk entering a space specifically set aside for women born women only. One of the arguments I hear from some of my radical feminist friends is that transwomen do not have the experience of being BORN a woman and living as a female from birth. It is this lack of knowledge, and lack of growing up under the patriarchal prescription for women born women, that generate the large gap.

Also, I've had very bad experiences with some transwomen who have stated they are more 'woman' than me. Did THAT ever raise my brows. I've also seen transwomen who get the surgery, live as a man most of the time, gleaning the patriarchal benefits, and then switching to a woman when it suits them. Certainly, we women do not have that luxury.

Inga, you must realize that those of us who have had a cunt since birth have a very different socialization process than someone who doesn't.

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Genderlicious: "I believe that I can support you, but also support people who hate you"—On the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival is next week. Having not grown up in North America and having taken a fairly circuitious route to feminism, the first time I ever heard of Michfest was about seven years ago in the Inga Muscio book Cunt, where Muscio talks about what a transformative experience it was to be completely surrounded by only women for a week. Then, a few years later, while I was attending a writing retreat for women of colour at the Leaven Centre in Michigan, one of the women began to talk about Michfest, and their womyn-born-womyn policy (WBW), i.e. the fact that only cisgendered women could attend Michfest. I was stunned.

Other people writing for Bitch in the past have articulated what is wrong with a WBM policy. Dani Eurynome says in this article: 

While I have heard many of my “sisters” talk about supporting the institutions and changing from within, as a political person, I know that is a bunch of crap. It is up to me, a person who is not being discriminated against, to put up a huge fuss and boycott. Anyone who currently identifies and lives as a woman [should be included]—no inspections, oaths, or harassment.“Safe space” means naiveté at best or falsehood at worst. If women actually believe that they cannot be harmed by other women, then they are naive. A penis is not inherently dangerous—a brain is.

I completely disagree with WBW policies. For one, they uphold the extremely transphobic belief that trans women are not "real women" - I mean, it doesn't get much more transphobic than that.

Take it from me: make friends and allies based on politics and ideas, not whether or not someone has the same identity as you. Because I'd rather be on a team with Tim Wise than Condoleeza Rice.  

Life as any kind of radical is hard. Don't make it harder by barking up all the wrong trees, and ignoring the trees that want to enter into a symbiotically nurturing alliance with you.

Read more at bitchmagazine.org

National Geographic Documentary on Prostitution and Stigma

I was very disappointed in National Geographic's 'Taboo' series on prostitution. It claims to expose the reasons for the taboo/stigma against prostitutes and prostitution but fails to talk about this in any depth. However, the show did a great job of describing prostitution in 1st world and 3rd world nations.

The show also talked about the problems with human trafficking and the harms of prostitutes.


VIDEO: study on porn reveals high levels of violence against women

This video talks about the results of a 2006 study by Wosnitzer et al. The researchers found an increasing trend of portrayals of violence against women in popular mainstream heterosexual pornography. This is the first video out of possibly 1 or 2 more on this study. It's important to note this trend of combining sexual images with violence and the impact it has on our culture.

Stay tuned. More to come.


Men's Rights Activists love men who murder women so they can admire patriarchy

Paul Elam, a highly outspoken MRA who also happens to be a raving misogynist has published a small 'essay' on how women love the kind of guy that would murder them. He bases his theory on a completely biological deterministic ideology.

Paul Elam has an account on YouTube and you'll find more of the same vile hatred of women there as well.

Why don't feminists all stop by his channel page and maybe throw around such words as socialization. Maybe he's never heard of the nature/nurture debate? Better yet, why not just visit his page and say vagina. That'll really piss him off.

Overall, I think Paul just climbed out of his primordial rock he's been hiding under for the past ten thousand years.

Link to Paul's YouTube channel page:


Video I did for Paul after he went after me personally:


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Van der Sloot analysis: Blaming the victims?

Blaming the victim is generally considered bad form.  Turning murdered Peruvian student Stephany Flores into exhibit A in an argument with feminists is unsettling at the least.  But that's the basic premise in a recent online posting on MensNewsDaily. 
Peruvian officials have security camera video of Flores following van der Sloot into his room.  They have forensic evidence.  They even have a confession in which van der Sloot reportedly says he killed Flores after she found Holloway related material on his laptop.  Van der Sloot is trying to have that confession thrown out claiming coercion and improper legal representation.  The judge in the case has rejected those claims.
But an article "Patriarchy for Dummies" on the website MensNewsDaily goes a whole lot further...blaming, if not the victims, than certainly human nature and the inherent relationship between men and women.
The article asks what do high profile murder suspects like Scott Peterson and Joran van der Sloot have in common.  According to the author " It is really simple. Men are wired to do whatever it takes to be selected by women for mating. Women are wired to select men that are dominant and aggressive, e.g. patriarchal.
It isn’t any different with Joran van der Sloot. After skating on the Holloway murder, van der Sloot became a sexual celebrity. Everywhere he went, young women in their sexual prime threw themselves at him like he was Mick Jagger.
Something about the missing body of a young girl and his fingerprints all over the case acted like Spanish Fly on these women.
The article goes on to assess Stephany Flores body language as she follows van der Sloot into his hotel room. "Note the two steps behind and head bowed like a Geisha body language. It is the age old false female submission to male authority, killer authority, in order to have access and eventual control of that power. It is the same type of power that has been making women wet and tingly since the prehistoric plains of the African savanna."
Leaving aside potential explanations ranging from she's simply tired to speculation she had been drugged,  Paul 
Elam in his MensNewsDaily article attributes it to a primeval attraction and turns the Flores case into one more skirmish with feminism.

His conclusion:  "Let‘s be real here, all feminism has done is give women a new place to kick back and take it easy while men ante up the blood, sweat and tears. And it leaves their supposedly lamented patriarchy safe and completely intact, ready to do their bidding in any way they want.
Read more at www.cbs42.com

The Divine Smackdown: Our lovely feminist group takes down yet another silly pro-prostitution anti-feminist.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that the woman that has caused the most division, aka Divisionity, in the feminist community on YouTube has made a video whereby she tries to slap my intelligence by showing two definitions of human trafficking. What she fails to understand is human trafficking is human trafficking to meet a demand. It's common for her to find the least little semantic thing to try and make this claim that I'm not paying attention while she cites a definition from a Cornell site.

So let's look at the definition of trafficking shall we:

Trafficking from WIKIPEDIA: Human trafficking is the illegal trade in human beings for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor: a modern-day form of slavery. It is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, tied with the illegal arms industry as the second largest, after the drug-trade.

So based on that definition what variation of that would be more 'severe'?

Yes, she claims that HER definition is the ONLY correct one but we see where this is going right? It's just a lame attempt on her part to try and point her finger at me and say 'see this obscure definition? This definition means there's a difference!'

Guess what? Human trafficking IS human trafficking.

She also claims that the pro-porn, pro-sex industry people have been so kind and nice and that we feminists have been so cruel since the beginning of this debate. Really?

Here's a video where I compiled the AVERAGE kind of response that feminists got when speaking openly in general about pornography and prostitution.

You know what the above video reminds me of? A bunch of little children who are desperate. The scary part about these pro-porn/pro-prostitution people is their shady tactics. I've been stalked to Twitter and had messages sent TO me that are ABOUT me, just to harass me. I've had these people make video after video of character assassination all because they can't handle feminists who break their bubbles. In fact, I was reading today that one of the most vocal feminists in Sweden who worked in the Parliament got death threats on herself and her young children for being a part of rolling out the Swedish Model for prostitution. As feminists, we're used to this kind of thing by these pro-prostitution campers but it doesn't make it any less uncomfortable.

If you look through Divinity's videos you'll find this one, a classic character assassination towards me. Here is just ONE of many videos attacking me by strawmanning my positions, using emotional topics magically woven in there to cause people to get upset, AND the ever popular psychoanalysis that she is known for when she engages feminists.

Did you enjoy that? THAT is why I don't take her seriously, nor does any other feminist. I could go into the reasons why she did this but lets just say it was about jealousy and control.

Feminists, steer clear of her. I'm not the first feminist to be psychobabbled by her and I won't be the last. You just wait people. She's gonna make more videos about me. She can't help herself. I suppose I am that much of a threat.


Feminists RULE. The video here (made by my sister Iremythpurr) is a response to a pro-prostitution anti-fem (we just call her Divisionity) who tries making the argument that there's two different types of human trafficking: Human Trafficking and SEVERE Human Trafficking. (umm, lolwut?).

Also, Divisionity, in true emotional style, makes the plea that feminists must decide what's more important, taking money from a child who is sodomized OR a high class escort. If you don't know what the hell that has to do with anything then you're not alone. Divisionity is quite well known for throwing ALL of left field into her supposed arguments to shame feminists.

Remember, prostitution should be decriminalized so that no taxes are paid, well, except by the taxpayers who will fork over their sweet money so the police can protect prostitutes. Medical care? Naw. Prostitutes don't need to pay taxes for medical care. That would be the responsible thing to do.

For more videos, please sub to my YouTube Channel


No Means Yes in a court of law - Forcibly stripped & filmed without consent.

From the comment section on Jezebel:

"I posted this link in my Gmail status and my fiance replied "It's just so weird (of society) that this is the only type of crime that is reacted to in this way. Nobody ever says about a murder victim 'Well maybe he shouldn't have been in that part of town at that time of day.' Or even if they do, the murderer still goes to jail."

I was like YES! YOU GET IT!" ~ Posted by Robotosaur

That sums up how I feel about it.

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Jury Decides Consent Is Not Required For Girls Gone Wild

Jury Decides Consent Is Not Required For Girls Gone Wild / lawsuitsA jury ruled yesterday against a woman who claimed her reputation was damaged after she was featured on a "Girls Gone Wild" video. What makes this case remarkable is that she didn't expose her own breasts - she was assaulted.

Jury Decides Consent Is Not Required For Girls Gone Wild / lawsuits
STLToday reports that the woman, identified only as Jane Doe, was dancing in at the former Rum Jungle bar in 2004 when someone reached up and pulled her tank top down, exposing her breasts to the "Girls Gone Wild" camera.

The woman sued Girls Gone Wild for $5 million in damages. After deliberating for just 90 minutes on Thursday, the St. Louis jury came back with a verdict in favor of the smut peddlers. Patrick O'Brien, the jury foreman, explained later to reporters that they figured if she was willing to dance in front of the photographer, she was probably cool with having her breasts on film. They said she gave implicit consent by being at the bar, and by participating in the filming - though she never signed a consent form, and she can be heard on camera saying "no, no" when asked to show her breasts.

I am stunned that this company can get away with this," said Jane Doe after the ruling. "Justice has not been served. I just don't understand. I gave no consent."

So let this be a lesson to us all. "Consent" is a flexible thing - at least in the eyes of the St. Louis courts. No means yes, and assault means it's okay to roll the cameras. If there were ever a time to get righteously angry, it's now.

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Sex Work and Crab Fishing Are The Same Says Pro-Sex Industry Guy: LULZ

Hilarious, yes, but some sex positive, pro-sex industry dude actually compared sex work and crab fishing. So let's entertain him shall we? Leave a comment and either compare or contrast Sex Work ie) prostitution, porn performing, stripping etc. to Crab Fishing. Try to do it without laughing yourself senseless.

Here's my entry:
Crab Fisherpeople have what's called life insurance and property insurance so if they are injured or die their families get hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Inspired by FistfulofDicks YouTube Video 'Stigma'

If you haven't already tuned in, there's a YouTube breakdown on the sex industry. There are the sex-positive pro-industry people on one side and the radical, socialist and marxist feminists on the other deconstructing the industry.

It's gotten incredibly heated. In fact, I made an entire blog post on the subject including a compilation video of the video responses typical of the sex-positive 'camp'. (the term 'camp' was coined by a chair-throwing sex-positive which you'll see in my video.)

Many feminists have gotten to the point of dropping the whole topic, or, well, not talking about it as much because the sex-positive 'camp' isn't really interested in dialogue. See above video.

One feminist, FistfulofDicks, made several good videos about the feminist position on the sex industry and of course it was met with the same derision from the sex-positive camp. It got to the point where FoD took down all her videos and just gave up. So we all rallied round her and said 'No! You're vital to this community! Don't give up!' so she came back, today actually.

Here's the video she came back with:

The reference to the 'n-word' in FoD's video comes from another YouTube user named Variablast who is trying to get people to call each other N*%^#)s in the hope that he can change the definition of the word from 'black person' to 'human.' Yes, this is effing stupid but here's one of his videos where he slams people for going against his little experiment.

This guy is a tool, yes, but let's get back to stigma. Many sex positive people on YouTube blame feminists who deconstruct the sex industry for the stigma that goes along with being a sex worker and/or the stigma that surrounds the industry. They also claim that legalizing or decriminalizing prostitution will end the stigma. It's the same thinking that inspired that white dude up there to go on a campaign to redefine the word n^@*#r to mean human. This is a ridiculous claim and I'll tell you why.

The power holder in the sex industry belongs to the buyer. The reason there is stigma is due to power differentials, as FoD explained. Now, in prostitution or pornography, the demand is coming from males and more specifically, if we look at prostitution, the buyer has the power because he is the one that has, within his power, the power to feed, house, and otherwise provide basic needs in the form of money.

The reality is the prostitute is the one that is needy and trying to survive and oftentimes she is NOT given her payment. The denial of payment is another reason that the buyer has the power. You can't undo a sex act but you can sure as hell take back your money or whatever resource a prostitute is needing. Talk about a power differential.

In the Western world, the sex industry is overwhelmingly catering to male demand and this is because the society is patriarchal. It's male focused, male run, and male dominated.

Man who built the Boeing 747 is honoured

The story of the birth of the Boeing 747 aircraft is amazing. If you get a chance watch some of the videos on YouTube.

aeronautical engineer Joe Sutter, credited with leading the development of the iconic 747 jetliner, won the inaugural Flightglobal Lifetime Achievement Award

"Joe Sutter helped shrink our planet for tens of millions of ordinary travelers," said Murdo Morrison, editor of Flight International. "More than 40 years on, the Boeing 747 remains a unique and radical design – unmistakable and beautiful, but most importantly, a highly efficient people and cargo mover."

Since the revolutionary 747 entered service in 1970, more than 1,400 of the big jetliners have been delivered. Many of them still crisscross oceans, transporting millions every year. The 747-8, the latest version of the jumbo jet, is now in flight testing.

'Father of Boeing 747' Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Read more at www.aviationnewsreleases.com


BP photoshopping more images.

Caught Adobe-handed! This is propaganda of the third kind.

Amplify’d from www.good.is

BP Caught Photoshopping Its Press Images

BP has misled us before. Now they've been caught Photoshopping photos that they're providing to the public as veridical documents. Last night, Americablog noticed that the photo below (full version here), provided on BP's website, contained some pretty amateurish Photoshopping.

In this detail you can see that someone did a sloppy cut-and-paste job around the head of the fellow in the middle. Americablog points out a few other obvious Photoshop flaws that surround three particular screens at that command center.

Once the story broke (it was picked up by Rachel Maddow's blog and then The Washington Post) BP took down the altered picture and Scott Dean, a spokesman for the company, explained it thusly: "In this case [our post-production team] copied and pasted three ROV screen images in the original photo over three screens that were not running video feeds at the time." They then released this "unretouched" version.

Americablog reader found another case of BP Photoshopping screens in a press image.Read more at www.good.is

Women's Pubic Hair Study is Bollocks

The conclusions drawn by this study are riddled with third variable problems. Of course if you shave your pubic hair the chances of you looking at your vagina are pretty high. DERP.

Amplify’d from www.bakadesuyo.com
sexual function?
Do women who remove their pubic hair have better sexual function?

MethodsA total of 2,451 women ages 18 to 68 years completed a cross-sectional Internet-based survey.

ConclusionFindings suggest that pubic hair styles are diverse and that it is more common than not for women to have at least some pubic hair on their genitals. In addition, total pubic hair removal was associated with younger age, being partnered (rather than single or married), having looked closely at one's own genitals in the previous month, cunnilingus in the past month, and more positive genital self-image and sexual function.

ResultsWomen reported a diverse range of pubic hair-grooming practices. Women's total removal of their pubic hair was associated with younger age, sexual orientation, sexual relationship status, having received cunnilingus in the past 4 weeks, and higher scores on the FGSIS and FSFI (with the exception of the orgasm subscale).

Read more at www.bakadesuyo.com


Vaginal Gel reduces HIV infection rate

All this because men don't want to wear condoms. One commenter on the article pointed out, the author states that women are subject to the decision of whether a man will use a condom. (See text under the picture).

A vaginal microbicide can cut HIV infection rates by 39 percent in women, researchers announced Monday. And female study participants who inserted the gel as directed reduced their chances of contracting HIV by more than half (54 percent). The news is a stunning, positive development, especially for women at risk for sexual transmission, in a field that has been plagued by two decades of failed and aborted trials.
hiv cell that might be blocked in half of women using a vaginal microbicide gel
A reliable HIV-prevention method for women has thus far proved hard to come by, leaving many millions of at-risk women subject to their partner's decision about condoms.
"This antiretroviral microbicide could potentially fill an important HIV prevention gap, especially for women unable to successful negotiate mutual monogamy or condom use."
The findings are "the first clinical evidence that a microbicide gel can help to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV infection" and are "a great boost to the microbicide field," he noted.

But this use of tenofovir has yet to be approved by any regulatory bodies and thus, it cannot be sold or marketed.
Although the transmission rate was much improved over previous vaginal microbicide gel studies, 39 percent is hardly a perfect solution—it is not wildly higher than the researchers' pre-study goal of a 33 percent efficacy cut off.
If the gel does get approval from South African regulatory bodies, it might make it into clinics cheaply, as the Contraceptive Research and Development program and tenofovir maker Gilead Sciences agreed that the South African government could make the product without paying royalties.Read more at www.scientificamerican.com

The Price of Shame: on rethinking a harsh anti-porn stance at Hugo Schwyzer

Some women love their porn and think anti-porn proponents are shaming them. After all, what's wrong with porn?

The Client List Movie

Media says to Mom's 'when the chips are down just become a prostitute' *feminist snarl*

Sarah Palin Tweeting Her Muslim Hatred

Will this woman eat a freaking pretzel without water fer chrissakes?

Amplify’d from blogs.alternet.org

Sunday afternoon, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin decided she would finally weigh in on the whole “building-a-mosque-near-Ground-Zero” debate. The result, as one might expect, could best be described as a diarrhea bomb of offensive remarks.

Sarah Palin Launches Offensive Twitter Attack on Muslims, Makes Up Word

The fun begins with Palin calling on “peaceful” Muslims (because the ones who want the mosque are surely the most violent individuals on the face of the planet, right?) to “refudiate” the construction of their holy building (via TPM):

Ground Zero Mosque supporters: doesn’t it stab you in the heart, as it does ours throughout the heartland? Peaceful Muslims, pls refudiate

Refudiate, in case you were wondering, is not a word. She then nixed the first tweet in exchange for this one:

Peaceful New Yorkers, pls refute the Ground Zero mosque plan if you believe catastrophic pain caused @ Twin Towers site is too raw, too real.

Again, there’s no room in Palin’s mind to be both a supporter of religious freedom and “peaceful.” Sorry Muslims! Then there’s yet another tweet, this one calling on Muslims to reject the mosque “in the interest of healing:”

Peace-seeking Muslims pls understand. Ground Zero mosque is UNNECESSARY provocation; it stabs hearts. Pls reject it in interest of healing

Oh, and she offered this excuse for the grammar:

“Refudiate,” “misunderestimate,” “wee-wee’d up.” English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it!

Read more at blogs.alternet.org

FEMINIST OUTLAW: First Installment of SERIES: We Don't Need Feminism Anymore? (WDNFA)

Gibson's misogyny takes backseat to his racism

First Installment of SERIES: We Don't Need Feminism Anymore? (WDNFA)

Gibson's Misogyny Drowned Out by Mass Media

It's funny how people assign primacy to things.

On YouTube, this particular 2 minute phonecall from Mel Gibson to Oksana Gregorieva is consistently titled with the words: racist, racism, but no sexism?  No misogyny?

There's even a video trying to appease the masses by reminding all of us that the reason Mel gets angry (battering not mentioned, abuse not mentioned) is because he is spiritually hurting. Cry me a fucking river.

Better yet, why don't we look at other women in Mel's life who've had a similar experience of him. Violet Kowal, one of Mel's ex-girlfriends, told the Australian press that he was violent and abusive. The funny thing is that the article was keen on focusing on Gibson's racist language. Kowal also explained that Gibson would scream racist obscenities at her. She said she got very close to calling the police. Well, we know why so many women don't call the police but that's another blog post. The point is, this guy has a fucking track record of violence against women but again, the racist angle is getting much more media attention.

It seems trying to find Mel's misogyny in today's media is like wearing red tinted glasses to look at red text. Why isn't his misogyny given primacy?

I propose that the reason has to do with *ho hum* the invisibility of male privilege. It's a bigger crime to be a racist than it is to be a misogynist because well, hey, it's just hatred of women right? No big deal eh? Especially since women lurve being called bitches and getting breast implants.

What. The. Fuck.

In the phonecalls that were recorded and published there was one racist comment. One. Let's not forget that the comment was a rape threat. Am I the only one who heard that comment as more of a misogynistic comment and less about race? Prior to that comment he was belittling her for her appearance and how she dresses. He was calling her a slut.

Whatever you think about racism you should also think about sexism. Neither one should be given primacy over the other. Again, it's up to the feminists to point this out and refuse to be silent about it. Be prepared though; there's an entire media mouth that will shout you down.

hint: We still need feminism


Menareangrynow Needs Facts On Haiti Earthquake

This video is a perfect example of wearing blinders so that MRA's can continue ringing the 'misandry' bell.

Reuters reported fairly early on that men were forcefully taking food from women in the food lines.

So SOME food distribution agencies, started having women-only sites. The fact is that women in Haiti are the primary caregivers of the family. They are responsible for feeding the family. So it's LOGICAL to give them a better chance of getting the food aid.

However, this MRA wants to paint these women as greedy bitches who STOLE from men. Do we see the complete lack of perspective here? MRA's go on and on about traditional roles for families and in Haiti, those roles exists and are pretty rigid.

Hell, I've BEEN to Haiti and the women are responsible for gathering food and cooking it for the family! What I observed was women with 50 pounds of foods in baskets on their heads. Not much has changed.

Menareangrynow seems to think that if some agencies give the food to women only that men are screaming in the street starving. This is the problem that feminist Michael Kimmel call the 'Zero Sum Game' that men seem to play when women are given help in ANYTHING.

The 'Zero Sum' attitude is this: If women are getting ahead in X then men are falling behind in X. Kimmel shows how illogical that is.

Applying this to the Haitian women having some food distribution sites exclusively for them means that it's probably MORE likely that MORE people will get fed since this is the role Haitian women play in their society.

It appears MRA's need to stop using the 'Zero Sum' game and closely examining the contextual information instead of using the shortcut diatribe: misandry.


THIS is Cyberbullying Divinity et al.


For all of my feminist friends on YouTube, we've known how those who disagree with us immediately use what FistfulofDicks calls the 'shut up' tactic. The 'shut up' tactic in most cases involves beating on the keyboard and typing in the word 'Bully' on several comment sections. It reminds me of media psyops when all the anti-feminist, sex-positive circle jerk this mantra.

In this post I want to point out to the long list of sex positive anti-feminists what REAL cyberbullying is since they don't seem to have a good handle on it.

An 11 year old girl named Jessi was recently attacked by 4chan trolls. According to Gawker:

Someone prank called her. According to Encyclopedia Dramatica, pranksters spammed her Facebook and MySpace accounts, had pizzas delivered to her house and were considering sending call girls off Craigslist to the address. (Encyclopedia Dramatica currently has a three part section on "How to troll" Jessi: 1) "There are pics of her holding her boobs" 2) "Tell her to kill herself" 3) "Tell her dad that we are going to beat her up.") Slaughter's information and videos also shot through tumblr, aided by the blogging platform's reblogging system.
All this over an 11 year old girl who is trying to find an identity and growing up online. That's the kicker: Growing up online.

Maybe in a further post I will deconstruct this new way of growing up and what it means for young people and our society in general but I think just exposing it for what it clearly is: cyberbullying, will have to do for now.

Here are some YouTube comments left about Jessi:


no one scared of ur dad honey and u shouldnt wear a bra and TRYed But failed because u have no boobs skank

she needs to pull up her shirt slut..

Everyone stop feeling sorry for this bitch, watch the videos she made before.
We had to teach her a lesson before she became a camwhore, and did more stupid shit.

glock that bitch up

camwhore that got pwnd?

In these comments it's clear they think of this 11 year old as a whore. They also objectify Jessi by talking about her developing breasts. It's as if this young girl is supposed to conform to some male idea about WHEN it's ok to experiment with makeup. In other words, when it's ok to start transitioning into a woman. This is social preening. This is society forcing Jessi to learn the rules of how to be feminine and what it will cost if she doesn't modify herself and her behaviour.

For those sex positive anti-feminists who call social constructionists cult members, I can think of no better way to give you the middle finger than to SHOW you how this works. There's no nature involved here. This is social grooming 101.

Finally, here are the results of cyberbullying on Jessi and her family:


I Had A Dream...No, I REALLY Did!

My Grandparents were having this huge party and all their neighbours decided they would all have parties too.

Now in my Grandparents backyard is a staircase, a rather high one, that starts at the ground and goes all the way up.

Now imagine it to be made out of glass and surrounding the backyards it was a harbour with lights everywhere.

The staircases glowed with tiny lights. There were different coloured lights every where you went. It was like an amazing glass city on the harbourfront.

It came time to eat and all these people from all cultures sat down at this huge table and we had food from all cultures being passed around.

You know who was there? Divinity!

She kept her distance though because she'd been graciously invited and this was the party of the year to be invited to. So she sat away from me but I kept an eye on her.

We feasted on food from around the world. All the people who were friends with my grandparents were happy to see me. I can even tell you what I was weraring. I had these pasted suit pants, like punjabi dancing pants that were crinkly and would bow out at the hips. I also had a simple cotton shirt on and wore a scarf, a light coloured one, around my head like a head band.

After dinner we went down the glass stairs into the yards of other neighbours and some of them weren't as nice as my grandparents but I was cordial anyway until I ran into a couple women who were meanspirited and cruel.

The harbour boat was in dock but I didn't realize that it actually went on harbour tours that lasted over an hour.

To get on board this boat you had to get in a plexiglass tunnel, sit on these wooden or plastic sliders and take a journey through the plexi tunnels to get on board. The boat also had a way for people to sit around the perimeter of the boat simply by stopping on the rollers and sliding onto this tough canvas material that you could sit on the water. It was like sitting in a canvas innertube with the top cut off. I managed to get out of the tunnel and sit at the back of the boat on this canvassy material. I could feel the coldness of the water as I sat there, legs out in front of me. I liked it though b/c it was a warm summer night.

So the boat starts up and I can see that in front of me the other passengers who slid through the whole tunnel were sitting at glass tables. Practically the whole boat was see-through with this plexiglass.

We started moving and we passed a sign that said Harbour Tours. 1.5 hours. So I got really anxious because I didn't want to be on the boat for that long, fearing I'd miss something at my grandparent's party.

Then I woke up.


The Amazing Assho..(I Mean 'Atheist') On Teens Against Porn

I was sent a link to a video by a pretentious Atheist on YouTube. This atheist, aka The Amazing Atheist (TAA), made a 40 minute tirade against an online teenage website called Teenagers Against Pornography (TAP), dedicated to helping young people with porn addictions. It should be noted that the average age of first viewing porn- ography is 11 years old.

WikiAnswers supports this claim as do many other researchers. In fact, many young males responded with their assessment of porn and the age at which they first started watching it:

Well, I started at eleven or twelve I think, it's not bad to start so early, I think I was just curious, but I didn't do anything in reality, so that's my answer :).

Yeah, I agree, as long as you don't do anything in reality, and you aren't like, yeah. then it's not so bad :).

Phew, I'm glad that's the case, because i started when I was eleven and I thought I would end up in jail or something... imagination...

TAA, whether purposely being sarcastic or deadly serious, is reinforcing the idea that addiction to pornography isn't a problem and instead simply thumbs his nose up at the site because of its' Christian view. He then proceeds to mock the site's '100 reasons not to watch porn'.

TAP's Mission Statement is as follows:

We are teenagers and young adults who struggle or have struggled with a pornography addiction. We've been through the ups and downs of attempting to quit and relapsing.
Their Mission Statement also states:

If you are a teen and you don't want to be given spiritual advice... just say so! Feel free to put a note in your signature on the forums that says you are not a Christian. We will respect your beliefs.

We're not trying to have porn censored. We are not trying to exert our opinions concerning the harmfulness of pornography onto the law books. We are here to help teens who have already decided that porn is bad for them, but feel that they cannot stop viewing it.
Within the first 5 minutes of the video, TAA makes his first logical fallacy. He says that porn is produced by huge corporations like everything else, so why take issue with pornography when people already are slaves to the corporation. No need to be informed right TAA?

As of this post, this video was watched 14,500 times and given 4,850 positive ratings, 86 negative ratings.

I couldn't get through the first 10 minutes of it but I'll give anyone who can a free cookie.Photobucket



Sex Positive Feminists and The Uproar PART I

Hi Everyone, Good Friends, Trolls and Stalkers,


I've recently made a series of videos expressing my opinions on the industry of sex and pornography. I've done a rather decent amount of research and continue to research this subject.

It's important to note that I am a former sex worker who was once considered a 'sex-positive', which, to me, meant that I supported all forms of sex work and wanted it to be legitimate or decriminalized.

I have come to the idea that while harm reduction strategies are valid, what is more important is to address the sociological, psychological, political, and economic aspects of the industry of sex within a feminist/human rights perspective.

This means I no longer view the industry of sex as something to be given legitimacy as the ultimate solution but I'm willing to put a few Bandaids on it while the system as a whole changes to accommodate the ideas of radial/socialist and marxist feminists.

I have also discovered that there are sex-positive people, mainly on YouTube,  who aren't willing to dialogue the issues and are processing criticism of the industry itself as a personal affront to their self and self worth.

Instead of joining feminists who question the industry, sex positive women break the issue into two 'camps' as you'll see in one of the videos presented here.

Here are some videos that pertain to my ever expanding views on the subject:

In the next 2 videos, Shelley Lubben of the Pink Cross Foundation interviews a porn actress who has recently left the porn industry:

There are many other interviews of ex-porn performers on YouTube, similar to the one you just heard.

The reaction to these ex-porn industry women by sex positives is nothing short of derogatory.  Either they rate the video down or make a video response that disregards the interviewer.

Shelley Lubben, of the Pink Cross Foundation, is one of the leaders at the forefront, helping women and men get out of the porn industry. Shelley herself was a stripper, escort, prostitute and porn star for 8 years.

Because Shelley is Christian, sex positive women use this to try and discredit her, imply that she's lying about the statistics and information she presents to government officials, and refocus the very real trauma of women. I often wonder if sex positive women would engage in the same unctuous tactics if Shelley was Jewish or Buddhist.

Here is a video that tries to cleverly switch the focus directly onto what other Christian groups engage in. This is known as appealing to pity.


The response by the sex positive group on YouTube has been incredibly hostile without any in-depth examinations of their position. I've understood these basic principles coming from the sex positive camp:
  • the oldest profession that hasn't changed so why change anything
  • legalization or decriminalization will erase the stigma of the industry and its workers and make it safer for the workers
  • women and men should have the freedom to make choices about their own bodies
  • radical feminists are slut shaming current or former sex workers and therefore contributing to the stigma that society places on these workers

When confronted with well researched videos we get responses such as this montage from various sex positive people:

One of my sisters made a brilliant video which explains the sex positive position in terms of what feminism they subscribe to, if any, and why it's so important to deconstruct the industry from the radical feminist perspective.

Stay tuned for upcoming part II. I am releasing this now rather than later so that my audience can engage in the comment section.