These are the Videos That Caused Me So Much Fucking Problems

From now on I will make all my videos on another site and post them here if those who are butthurt can't take it.

All 'appropriate' content aka content that puritanical arseholes can approve of, will go on my temporary YouTube account. The rest will be posted here on this blog.

When my official YouTube account ever gets up again, it will be linked.

Thank you and G'day


aerialchris420 said...

Diana Boston - I sent you the free zone account information. Again. I posted a video response from my main account ( aerialchris420 ). Any thing the Ac420 channel can do to assist you in this time of need. Just ask. Again I am sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but I have been taking care of some personal problems in my life as well. I was wondering if you would like to do a video collab with me and some friends to expose these dicks on a group level. Please let me know on you tube.

Your friend and Proud supporter


Sael said...

Thank you Chris for your offer. I think you PMed me on thedominatrix1969 channel and that channel has also been suspended, so, if you could PM me the offer on my SaelPalani channel on YT, that would be great.

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