500, The Magickal Number. I Answer Some of Your Questions

Yes, I know I look geeky in this video. This is another side of me. I'm a gem! LOL

If you feel your question wasn't really answered then ask a more specific question related to the ones you've asked.

I really enjoyed doing this and I wish more of you to participate. Hell people, this is your chance to get to know me a bit better, or do you like me to remain an enigma? *giggle*

This is 'Diana the nerd'.


oojamama said...

awesome vid. real interesting.

MarT said...

You didn't watch my Iceland bullshit video?? The welfare system there is VERY generous. That's not why anyone there was doing it but there was only a certain number that would... so they imported in from Russia...a devastated area.

DesertLaser said...

Thanks for answering my question.

fulekkei said...

i didnt forget i asked a question ;) thanks for answering

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