What Sex Pozzes Do To Radical Feminists When They Get Angry?


Yes, this is the crowd (I will make future posts on the 'Crowd') on YouTube I've been dealing with for the last 6 or so months. They complain about censorship but they love to censor others. They've now convinced themselves that an old post on one of my old blogs, which details an extremely bad day at work, is racist. So now they're giving instructional videos on how to false flag the blog.

You will see me speaking and then the YouTube user known as TheLaughingOut, aka MatSteele or SeriouslyMatSteele, showing people he false flagged the blog post and a little how-to.

Here is the blog post about my 8-day stretch at work which resulted in a very cranky post about customers that drove me batty.

He says he's exposing racism but at the same time defends TRULY racist pornography. He's one of those guys who values freedom so much that porn titles such as


make him happy as a pig in shit. Gotta love that racist porn Mat.

He's also affiliated with Divinity33372, who is the sex pozz who cavorts with some of the most die-hard censors on YouTube. Her main affiliation is with the user Binhthanhvo, who was caught false flagging many people on YouTube simply because he didn't like them. He personally took down 3 of my channels.

Binhthanhvo is a misogynist who tried infiltrating a feminist space I created on YouTube and when infiltrated, started harassing another feminist in the group. I kicked him from the group and immediately he began trolling and making videos about it. When I responded to his false claims, he false flagged my videos, along with his other troll friends, and got my channels taken down.

Binhthanvo also stalks radical feminists with his stalker account called ChairmanNuke. It's named after a radical/Marxist feminist on YouTube. Using his ChairmanNuke account, Binhthanhvo harasses and stalks feminists. This is one of Divinity33372's good buddies. In fact, one of my friends, who is a radical feminist, was stalked so badly by some of Div's male friends that she had to leave YouTube. This video, made by Binh's ChairmanNuke account was quickly used by Divinity33372 to spew her misogyny on the comment section. Here, take a look at the video:

So much for sex pozz freedom. I find it hilarious that they whine about things like Craigslist being a violation of freedom of speech and yet, as soon as it comes to other people having it, they're the first one's to try and take it away from people.

Basically, because I'm a radical feminist, and don't agree with their positions, they've not left me alone for 6 months or so.

Divinity33372 is the main impetus behind this campaign of censorship and harassment. When she first arrived on YouTube, she saw me as a very vocal, prominent feminist. I find that many sex pozzes crave to be Queen Bee and when they aren't, they go to any length to achieve it, even if it means using ANY underhanded tactics.

About, a month ago she took down all her harassment videos because, get this: She called the police on me because I did a google search on her username to PROVE beyond ANY reasonable doubt that she owned the imposter channel that was garnering private information from radical feminists on YouTube. She was so angry she'd been exposed that she actually called the cops. And of course, by doing that, the stupid idiot realized that she better get rid of ALL the videos she made harassing me and other feminists. Not to worry though, I have got her videos and I will be posting them here as a way to warn ALL feminists to steer clear of her.

Divinity33372 made several videos which called me a wounded animal, in need of therapy etc. She personally would NOT leave me, nor other feminists alone. The final straw was her creation of a YouTube account in order to garner personal and private information on radical feminists. Divinity33372 targeted my friend FistfulofDicks (who is a transperson (I mention this for a reason)), and made an entire persona up of a young, troubled girl in order to get personal information from FistfulofDicks.

Not only that but Divinity33372 maintains a very close-knit group of sex pozzes which she orders around to up/downrate videos she doesn't like. She will tell them to comment or direct them to videos in order to troll feminists, and generally just never leaves feminists alone.

Divinity33372 also affiliates with YouTube's Men's Rights Activists. People like JohntheOther who has to be one of the most misogynist men on YouTube whose harassed myself and many other feminists personally on YouTube.

Here's one of JohntheOther's videos:

If you notice, Divinity33372, after befriending this misogynist, is still swallowing his crap. You'll see her all over the comment section trying to persuade him to be a nice misogynist! In this next video, you'll hear her talk about radical feminism. She has no understanding of radical feminism so she reads from Wikipedia. She also brings up transphobia and yet has the dishonest nerve to use an imposter account to get the personal information of a transperson who is a radical feminist. Go Figure. Way to misrepresent the radical feminist position Div.

Oh and here comes the comments Div makes to men on YouTube. Shame has no place in Div's world. Using men on YouTube and making imposter accounts to garner personal information from a transperson who is a radical feminist is A-OK. No shame.




Next up: Divinity33372 and iamcuriousblue, who is an older man who dropped the full name and college of a young radical feminist (young enough to be his daughter) on a pornography site run by Violet Blue. I'm telling you, these sexpozzes just won't stop harassing people.

I'm here to expose them. Currently, I'm working on a project with other radical feminists in the blogosphere to create a repository of information on the harassment, stalking and illegality of the actions of sex pozzes on the internet. I'm hopefully going to get much support from many who have just had enough with their harassment.

As of this post I have begun a legal case against a sex pozz. I am not at liberty to discuss it but let's just say the harassment went overboard with this woman. Six months of these people and it's still not over. We ignore them, they continue.

I've personally, had enough.

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bolshevikchick said...

Yeah they complain about censorship a lot in abstract terms - Radical feminist views are routinely censored. You know why? Our views aren't profitable. They don't make people money and they don't make rich assholes richer, therefore they aren't marketable.

There's more money to be made in patriarchy than in any kind of revolutionary stance.

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