Bullies Usually Lie So Often That They Finally Get Caught

Divinity33372 is a bully along with her little flock of devoted bullies.

Div has finally told so many lies that it's time to release MORE of the truth so I can show her for the liar that she is. People are working on the videos as I write this. They will be out asap. In the meantime:

I made this video to show people that Divinity is indeed a bully and she's MY bully, along with her group of devoted bullies who have nothing better to do than come after me.

Divinity33372 is a doc gatherer and set up an imposter account in order to get docs. She managed to get a name before myself and FistfulofDicks exposed her imposter account where Divinity33372 claimed to be an abused young girl in order to cuddle up to feminists on YouTube to get docs.

After she was caught and I uploaded a few videos outlining my research and conclusive evidence that TheTempleDancer account DID indeed belong to Divinity. In response Divinity false flagged an evidentiary video with her bully pals. She tried telling youtube that I doc dropped her, which is false. I simply recorded a google search done on her username that ANYONE could do and can STILL do.

So when youtube didn't agree with her doc dropping bullshit claim, she and her bully pack all false flagged the video exposing the evidence that she was indeed the owner of the imposter account, for HATE SPEECH. And in a very swift move, Youtube took the video down.

But Divinity wasn't done yet. Five hours after she false flagged the video exposing her imposter account she used to doc gather, she and her buddy Binh, along with her troll army, false flagged a video that I made exposing another one of my misogynist bullies: Binhthanhvo.

Binhthanhvo entered a feminist group on YouTube several months ago to harass another woman, along with his partner Rosskay. When Binh and Ross wouldn't leave this other woman alone, I kicked Binh out, and Ross left of her own accord and then proceeded to try and get me to do her bashing for her. When I wouldn't bash another woman, Binh and Ross made THREE videos, one calling me a misogynist, and the other two making up a bunch of drama and lies about the entire situation.

When I responded to the distortions of these two people, Binh and his group of trolls, along with Rosskay, false flagged ALL my videos which exposed them for the liars and harassers they are.

Binh eventually false flagged THREE of my channels and then I stopped making videos on YouTube and went over to bliptv, where Binh and his trolls ALSO false flagged at least 18 videos off that site. So they followed me all over the net false flagging anything they could.

Binhthanhvo was caught false flagging and it also was discovered that he didn't just false flag over 30 of my videos but that he also false flagged several other youtuber's channels down.

Here is the video exposing him (I did not make this video):

Binh and Divinity became buddies after that because hey, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, even though Binh and his partner Rosskay are liars and harassers of others, nevermind the fact that Binh is a misogynist.

Another alliance was made (Binh, Rosskay and Divinity and her trolls) and in my current video, where I show Divinity's blogtv Session, Binhthanhvo is there, cheering the bullying right along.

The thing is, Binh and Ross claim I bullied them but that's not true. THEY came after me because I wouldn't gang up with them to trash another person. See, I guess when Pyrrho states you have to fight ALL bullies, well, this is true.

Here is a blog post done today, by my friend on YouTube, who has followed this from the beginning. Her blog post is a response to Divinity33372 latest video where she plays the innocent little girl who knows nothing about the internet but DOES know enough about it to use dating sites! So now, Divinity33372 claims I stalk her and am obsessed with her. A little projection there doncha think?

I have more to say on this but the bottom line is, Divinity33372 IS a bully and she has a herd of other trollish bullies that haven't left me be for about 8 months.

Oh and I know they're all reading this blog post as Divinity33372 the bully and her bully friends like to comb through my blog and make videos about it. In fact, they found a 2 year old blog of mine that they combed through in order to make youtube videos about it and bully me some more.

Oh and let's not forget the post about me having to be careful of alcohol whereby Div turns that into an excuse to bully me about.

Like I said, there's much more but this is going to stop NOW. Divinity33372 has finally lied herself into a corner and I'm standing UP to my bully.

This has gone on long enough and it's about time she back off, along with all her other bullies.

MORE truth is about to be revealed about Divinity33372. You would've thought she'd leave me alone after I exposed her bullying but nope, she's just going to get on camera and lie through her teeth and act like the innocent little girl who knows nothing about the bloody internet.


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