If I Had a Million Dollars, I'd Buy You a Quaker Parrot

Ok Miss Owl, feast your eyes on some baby bird love. THIS is how I want to raise our Quaker. I want to get one or two when they're that young so they bond properly with us.

See how the owner is rubbing the beak? That's part of the bonding. Think of this way, you never bite the hands that feed you! Also, they can smell her. See, dear, my fans call me a harpy but little do they know how much of a compliment that is!

Listen to the little one twittering away!

Ok, time for some cuddling from the Quakers! This is just mild cuddling. It gets much much worse when you're in love!

Have you realized how much I love Quaker Parrots yet? Oh but we're not done here Missy! Let's have a bath first and then some SUPER SNUGGLING!

I bet you noticed in that video the little snug that hopped up for a kiss. Oh there's NOTHING like a Quaker kiss and snug! But, those birds are pretty smart. They may be smaller than an Amazon parrot but they pack a wollop in the talking and playing department. Take a look at Tron!

All this Quaker foreplay has made me tired! I think I'll take a nap in your hands. Now that is trust.

There you have it my dear, and ladies, gentlemen, and the like! This was a close encounter of the bird kind! Everyone say 'Diana adores birds!'. If it's one thing that can make my disability pain in my body go away, it's the natural world! Just being in the presence of nature's magnificent creatures, great and small, makes all the pain go away and makes me feel balanced, grounded, and joyful.

These are sides of me that I haven't really shared very much at all. There's been so much drama and such that I have forgotten what makes me joyful. Since I stood up for myself I'm feeling much much better.

I'm about to explain some serious issues so if you don't want to continue reading then by all means close this tab and exit my blog.

Ridding Myself of the Drama: The Hurt and the Seriousness Of This:

My other half, you know the girlfriend I DO have, was worried I was slipping into a depression over the abuse I've been taking from Divinity and her friends. Admittedly, it was getting to me and I was hurting over it. The one that loves you the most sees things sometimes that you don't see. Since I have been clinically depressed in the past I developed strategies to be self-aware. I could usually tell if I was starting to get depressed. However, this is one of those times I didn't quite see it happening enough, or in time, to stop it. My writing this in my blog is my way of healing. I also realized that I had some pretty heavy albatrosses around my neck that I absolutely didn't see at all, until recently.

You see, my girlfriend was the director of a battered woman's shelter and she knows all about abuse. I honestly never thought that Divinity was abusing me in the way an intimate partner might. When my other half explained to me the tactics of this I was pretty stunned. She explained the blogtv sessions where Divinity says she's going to propose to me as a very serious lack of boundaries and an assumption on Divinity's part that I am in a relationship with her. I also remember that when Divinity called the 'cyber' police on me she actually told the operator that she did know me. That's another tactic of this kind of interpersonal abuse.

Do you all know that Divinity and her friends are at my girlfriend's blog commenting to her that she needs to stay the fuck away from me because Divinity is my girlfriend? This is true. If I feel the need I will post the comments those folks are leaving for her but they are all being saved. So this leads me to the understanding that Divinity has gone around to others and stated she has an interpersonal relationship with me. If that's not a serious problem then I don't know what is. My girlfriend explained that this tactic is how Divinity justifies her abuse of me.

Well Divinity, if you're reading this, which I know you do come to my blog at least once every 48 hours, then listen up. I want you to leave me alone. You are a sick individual to claim that I like your abuse and to tell others, including my girlfriend, that we have an interpersonal relationship. You do NOT know me in any way. You are unstable and need to stay clear away from me. You need to back off and stop obsessing over me.

And for Divinity's friends: if you think that it's totally normal behaviour for a woman to behave in this way then you have to ask yourself how you're aiding this problem. I know you hear these kinds of things from her. Let me tell you, they're not healthy at all. The best thing you can do for your friend is to help her back off and not to allow her to perpetuate this any longer. All in all, your friend needs serious help.

And let me also say this for the record: Divinity, if you do not leave me alone *I* will file a harassment charge against you in the state of Texas and considering you know I have connections there it's best for you to stay clear of me. I do not know you, nor do you know me. You're harassing me and I've told you several times to stop. A clear boundary needs to be drawn immediately. If you persist you will be charged. Only now do I realize just how dangerous this situation is. You are NOT my girlfriend nor were you my girlfriend. You are not privy to ANY aspect of my personal life. You know nothing about me aside from my presence on YouTube.

If this continues my girlfriend and I will press charges. Leave us both alone.

I am officially alerting my friends to watch out for me and if ANYTHING comes to your attention please gather it and notify me ASAP.


Lechuza said...

Sing it sister! Yes, it was my professional opinion that there has been verbal abuse including but not limited to emotional abuse, I only had to watch one video of Divinity's and not all the way through. You screaming on YT for people to "LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE' was like being on a call in a domestic violence situation. Especially the part of you liking it. This is the best thing for you to do.. not WALK but RUN as far away as you can from this type of personality. You can never win in situations such as this... I admire that you did see the all the examples that I spoke of, luckily it worked with you before your depression got the best of you. It takes a STRONG woman to find freedom, it takes a stronger woman to say I won't let you do this to me.
I do hope that some where there is a message for other women who are in the same state of mind you were in.
I am proud of you!

Diana Boston said...

It was a picture looking for the right frame. I couldn't really figure out why she was doing this to me. I admit, when I watched the first of her four part blogtv sessions I thought it was odd that she would speak of me as if we had some kind of relationship or that she desired that. If I'm not mistaken someone actually called her DB.

That's a total sickness. I really thought a lot about what we talked about last night and when you put this in perspective for me I was shocked because while it's accurate, it shows me just how scary it is.

I mean, this woman saw fit to phone the police on ME. If you listen to the call it becomes even more seriously twisted. The person who is going to get hurt and the person who was getting hurt is ME. Not her.

Oh I ran away from her a long time ago but she still sees fit to make accounts that stalk and imposter in order to get personal information. I am so glad FFOD caught her so early. It's no telling what kind of damage she would've done.

Did you watch all the videos on the Quakers? Aren't they adorable?

Oh, I have a really sad story about my mouse. I won't say it here but it's pretty tragic.

Oh, I'm sorry I didn't answer the phone tonight. I went and slept more. It's finally cooled off here so I'm feeling the sleepiness. The heat wave took so much out of me that the release into cool autumn temperatures has made me ultra sleepy.

Got all my errands done today. Got a huge box of fresh local blueberries and white nectarines. YUM!

Lechuza said...

I loved the videos of the little baby birds. In fact I have an email into them and awaiting a reply. I thought you might like some thing to play with while you are here. I am so proud of you for making a stand and not allowing this BS to take you over. I know what you have been through before just as I have. Some times it just takes someone who loves you to bring things to light. ( as you have done many many times for me)
I am happy you slept, it's been over 100 here for fucking days! But nice and cold inside my house. I do miss talking to you and hopefully we can find time again to talk. I so enjoy the crazy times and certainly the things we come up with to talk about... And all the laughter!
Diana.. I have always admired you for your strength and intelligence, mostly the geek in you. I am honored to be considered your friend with benefits.. *wink* don't ever let anyone bring you down, you are a beautiful person with so much to offer the world.


Diana Boston said...


No way will I let these juvenile tactics get me down. They can go fuck themselves. Feminists don't argue over a man. Talk about disrespectful. I loved what we talked about tonight btw.

Seems the younger generation has no respect for us 2nd wavers eh? While they're off gossiping about men, we were the one's battling those pro-life fucktards out in front of clinics. While they're gossiping, we're trying to pass on our knowledge of what it means to age as a woman in a patriarchal culture. We've been all these places these younger women haven't been and you'd think they'd respect their feminist elders.

Again, I have to say, they aren't feminist while they're off gossiping and making up stories. Meh. I'm done with them. There's no making amends with liars because they'll just lie right to your face again.

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