Doncha Know, I'm a Racist Now!

For The Fat, Ugly, Boring, Stalker aka Mustex

I've got a new super troll stalker and this little boy's name is Mustex! Doesn't his screenname remind you of insect repellent? He's the latest addition to the proporners who won't leave Terri, Ooj, myself, and anyone else he decides to troll alone.

Now I know some of my hometown friends follow this blog. You wanna know what this idiot said to me? He told me to quit faking my New York accent. LMFAO! I don't think this kid travels much. I think it's a simple well-worn path from his computer to his refrigerator and back again.

He's a typical loud mouth little prick who thinks he's worldly yet doesn't know that people can have such things as accents and that they can live in many different parts of the world and retain their accents of their home towns.

I mean, I'm surprised nobody told him my screenname that most people know me by is Diana Boston. Gee, I wonder where the 'Boston' comes from? Only a 23 year old who eats hotdogs by the dozen and probably has never seen beyond the borders of his own town couldn't figure that out.

Anywho, here's a Wikipedia article you dumbass on the Bostonian accent and if you actually read it, you can see that the New York accent and the Bostonian one have similarities that little townies like you don't seem to comprehend.

Oh and just so you know, I've lived in Eastern Canada, Western Canada and Australia. So if you find that while intensely stalking me and listening to every word I say, that you hear a word pronounced a little different, you'll know it's because I've actually seen the world while you eat and sit in front of your webcam and make foolish videos.

Thanks for the lulzcow!

Oh and here's one of my favourite comediennes

Maybe I should post in Mandarin? Ya know, to show my racism against Chinese people? I'm a beginning to intermediate Mandarin speaker, reader and writer. Go put that in your translators assholes.

Wait, I'll answer ScentedNectar's fugly face in Mandarin:

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