Why Divinity Bullies Me

This video is one of FOUR blogtv sessions that Divinity recorded with her audience which included several people leaving comments and asking questions of her. Binhthanvo is part of her audience as well as xxxild and many others. Divinity has erased ALL her blogtv recorded episodes because ALL of them include talking about me. She erased them today when she realized they were discovered. I got a PM from someone in her 'camp' letting me know about them because I think this person realized that Divinity is really a bully who won't leave me alone. I swore to protect my source so don't even ask.

The name of this four part series is 'DB is Beautiful.' I will post the remaining three parts.

Please make sure you read the comments that are scrolling up. At one point someone asks Divinity why she bullies me. She answers that I like it. I don't fucking like it and I'm standing up to you.

This woman has done nothing but harass me, stalk me and continually forces her way into EVERYTHING I do and she is constantly talking about me EVERYW. All of them follow me on Twitter, comment stalk me on YouTube and come to my blog. Guess what? All your ip's are logged.

Remember this is only one of FOUR videos that I recorded. If you want to view it on blip and make it full screen I think you can double click the vid. Otherwise go .

REUPLOADED VIDEO Aug 13th. if still not playing, let me know. For better viewing please use full screen option. Then tell me if Binh and Divinity aren't sucking each others assholes.


Anonymous said...

She bullies you because she's drastically insecure for a woman of her age.

Zai said...

You'd think she would have taken this down sooner. I mean if I were trying to get people to think I was this poor harassed person, I wouldn't leave up my videos where I mock harassing others.

Lechuza said...

Binhthanvo commented to me to he still thinks I am you even though I have emails from him in my YT account. I seriously think she is either in love with you or wants to reign as Queen. I am off to watch these videos, I guess I missed out on some Bull Shit while I was out trying to save the universe.

Lechuza said...

besame el culo puta! As Your Girlfriend I am about to kick that Latina bitches ass! going to propose to you? Oh hell It's on now.. She better back of quickly, and shut the hell up.

Anonymous said...

I think she a very drunk and totally incoherent video attacking my blog. I must admit it was so hateful, I could not watch it.
She seems to attack any exited or prostituted woman who dares to speak out against the sex trade.
She appears extremely damaged to me - but whilst she she spreads so much hate-speech that is not important.
What makes so angry is that although she little or no sense - so many choose to believe and ignore the violence and degradation that is the sex trade.

Octavia said...

She really is a piece of shit.

Auntie Diana said...

Rebecca, did she come over to your blog and harass you? I did link your blog in one of my videos and made an express notice to NOT harass you. Guess she couldn't resist.

Lechuza said...

I had a stupid ass message today from a whole herd of people who think Divinity walks on water on my blog.I was accused of being a fake, not Latina. Never worked as a Domestic Violence worker. They crossed the line in the sand when they tried to inform me that Diana was talking badly about me while I was on the coast. I have decided just to laugh at these people.. If I don't I will loose my temper and cause of sorts of problems on YT.
I now don't care, in fact have never cared what they say about me, I do however take offense to ANYONE speaking ill mannered of Diana. I will take this to a more personal if it continues and the lies involve my relationship with Diana... And this will not end well.
So if any of you worthless people come here to read comments, Take note. I am done!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I will not let up on some of these people, not until they change their tactics and leave vulnerable people ALONE. Keep telling the truth about what happens to women in prostitution please. It scares them.

Divinity is a former sex worker, lets be clear. She now works as a manager of a strip club which in my eyes is tantamount to being a low class pimp. She couldn't beat them, so she joined them, literally.

Now she's making her money off of exploiting other women. The idea that she tries to pass herself off as a feminist when she makes her living off of sexually exploiting other women is LAUGHABLE.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if she wrote to me or not, for a few weeks ago I was getting a lot of hate-mail from women who said they were escorts and or owned brothels, as well as plenty of hate-mail from men mostly johns or wanta-be johns.
These comments were so constant that I got into the habit of deleting them rather than noting their ID.

The attacks from women were mainly questioning if was so bad the violence, how come I was not dead, and encouragement for me to commit suicide.
They try to "educate" that I wrong to say indoors prostitution is mainly about violence and degradation for the vast majority of prostitutes who have to endure that world. This is coz I was just very unlucky, and I cannot see the wider picture of safe and empowering it could of been.
What makes me made is when women brothel write or speak to me to say I should work for them, for they would treat me with "respect" and it would great conditions. It really my dream to go back into the sex trade.

All these attacks have been really bad since January 2008, when my Dad died - and they saw my grief as an opening to get me to shut up.
It just makes fight harder, coz I will let such cruelty drain me down.

Divinity made a video partly about me. It was mainly her whipping herself - and saying how exited women like me are encouraging women to hate whores.
I did not watch much, for it made no sense and was full of hate. It made too angry to watch.

I know I should of told someone, but I so exhausted by all their hate.

Summerwen said...
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Anonymous said...

What a piece of shit.
It shows exactly why and how she bullies people.
And that has the nerve to call herself a feminist ?
She needs a shrink, and most of her coonies too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god. I haven't seen that video by divinity and she's made private all videos that have her face in them. Ugh, such an obvious ploy for sympathy from a complete bully.

This kind of stuff is NOT okay. Its just not.

Sacred Place said...

This is babble, but I view everything she chooses to talk about at this point like this. I dunno. Di, I think you should begin ignoring her. The more I see the more I think this is someone who simply likes public attention using what's at hand for it. I'm wondering how the sex-positives in her camp feel about all of this. There are some really smart and mature women linked to her; sure all of this, isn't sitting too well. Anyway you have my support, but I feel like I'm enduring her any time I have to watch the circus act. This is like a teenager who is trying to hold unto popularity or something. Everything is a performance. Even her carefully planned bits about subbie and dominant men. (Siiiiiigh.) I know this video is about you and it hurts, so I don't want to be insensitive. But if I never watch another comment or whatever by this woman, it'll be too soon. I hope her attacks and those following suit stop soon, so you can fly free.

ajaxar said...

yea i know how you feel, i been bullied by this 2 motherf*ckers and today i gona tell the world about their goddamn secret! they are very racist and they f*ck all religions! now i want the world to f*ck them back! watch this video


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