They say prostitutes can't go to the police when they're victims of crime. Yeah right.

Currently, within a small segment of YouTube, Radical and/or Marxist feminists and Pro-sex industry people are bumping heads over what to do regarding prostitution. The pro people say that decriminalization is the only reasonable answer while the feminist position sees prostitution as a capitalist extension of violence against women and would much rather see the demand lessened.

The pro side argues that prostitutes need decriminalization in order to be able to go to the police to report crimes against them. This article quite clearly shows that prostitutes who have been violated can clearly go to law enforcement without worrying about whether they'll be charged.

I don't see how decriminalization is going to make any difference when it comes to reporting crimes. However, decriminalization will definitely mean that prostitution is seen as a job like any other and may even have a career booth at your local middle and high schools. How many parents do you think will approve of their daughters or sons coming home from school one day and saying, 'guess what Ma, I think I wan't to be a prostitute. It seems like a lot of fun.'

Also, the pro side argues that social stigma will disappear once prostitution is decriminalized. Well, it's been legalized in certain areas of Nevada and there's still as much stigma as there ever was.

Do you think Todd Mills would care whether or not prostitution was decriminalized?

Amplify’d from www.southwestiowanews.com

Suspect’s city shocked at rape inquiry

To his neighbors in Shelby, Todd A. Mills is a loving father of five who works a steady job, belongs to the First Presbyterian Church and serves on the volunteer fire department.
He is quick to wave and keeps the lawn neatly trimmed in front of his white ranch-style home on the northwest edge of town. He often does yard work while wearing a bandanna on his head.

The same kind of bandanna that victims told police their attacker wore during a series of rapes of at least three – and possibly as many as seven – women, some of who say they were prostitutes.
Mills, 45, who told police he frequented Omaha prostitutes, was arrested Aug. 10. He is being held in lieu of $2 million bail.

In Douglas County, Mills faces two counts of first-degree sexual assault, two counts of use of a weapon to commit a felony, one count of kidnapping connected with the Aug. 2 attack and one count of false imprisonment tied to an assault that took place two years ago.

In Iowa, Mills is charged with first-degree sexual assault and kidnapping in a May 14 attack. In that case, authorities say, a 33-year-old woman was grabbed near 29th Street and Park Avenue in Omaha, then taken to rural Council Bluffs and sexually assaulted.
Authorities have not released Mills’ photograph, saying they continue to use it in photo lineups as they try to learn whether there are others who never reported assaults.
The most recent reported attack occurred Aug. 2. A 31-year-old woman, seven months pregnant, said she was abducted from 24th and Spencer Streets about 5 a.m.
He told police he regularly had sex with prostitutes in Omaha and twice drove prostitutes from north Omaha to River Road, near Interstate 29 north of Council Bluffs.

Mills said that he had been rough with some of the women and that there were at least four times he had sex with prostitutes but refused to pay, according to the affidavit.Read more at www.southwestiowanews.com

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marriedfem said...

I wonder when men are going to start complaining that prostitution is a greater crime than rape...who knows they might even slip up and say that rape wouldn't happen if there weren't prostitutes...wouldn't that be embarrassing for them???

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