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I just watched yet ANOTHER xxxild video on me. She's not playing with a full deck that woman. Her contributions are drama videos and supporting dishonest women, men and tactics. I actually find her to be one of the biggest trolls and stalkers of mine on YouTube. I try not to feed her much. She's really demanding though.

Her latest escapade is what I like to call the pro-exploitation YouTube idea of harm reduction. We simply cannot let anyone know that Divinity was the TempleDancer and that she used that account to get private information from Fistfulofdicks.

Oh and we have an excuse though as to why it was okeedokee to garner this personal info from Fistful. Wanna know why? Because Fistful put up short clips of interviews with prostitutes. Yep. That's Fistful's big crime.

See how distorted these people think? So when I make a critique where xxxild throws chairs at the screen, Divinity punches her desk or Bawwwb slut shames then I definitely deserve to be comment stalked relentlessly and votebotted and have blog tv sessions dedicated to slamming me! That's how it all works!

Oh but let's not forget that Terri and I deserve much more than they've already done because before we were born there were feminists who opposed the INDUSTRY *gasp*! So all those feminists who had a conscience and did something about those non-happy hookers is directly related to the birth of Terri and I. See, iamfuriouspoo with his master knowledge of astrology can trace my birthdate and Terri's and show, through some great astrological thinking, that Terri and I were to blame for those pesky feminists who DARED challenge the sex industry before we were born! I know it takes a lot of intelligence to make these kinds of connections but gawddamn! iamfuriouspoo is an academic giant when it comes to those star charts.

I think I may have to interview a sex trafficker in an upcoming video. Maybe we can ask him (oh D'OH! There  I go being a misandric feminozzle!) what he thinks about not being able to traffick his 12 year old girls on Craigslist anymore.

You know, I feel for those traffickers. They took a serious hit to their freedom of speech. And I mean, we ALL know that even people who sell kids for sex for profit need their freedom to do it! Shame on Craigslist for being the evil antis! I mean, this is the Land of the Free! I mean, I know as a dual citizen that whenever I'm talking to some Canadians that don't like the USA, I just tell them about all the great opportunities in America. Anyone who wants to be a trafficker can be one. America is beeeeeooootiful for being so equal opportunity. I mean, not so much for the kids, but hell, they'll get over it right? They're just too spoiled is all. Every kid in America should be put on Craigslist and trafficked.

Now I know you anti's get all 'human rights' on us True Sex Positive Pioneers but hell, we hold up the ENTIRE economy of the United States! Without us, you wouldn't be able to publish your little scholarly peer-reviewed papers and do your protests and shit, but most people would be out of a job if it wasn't for trafficking! Seeeriously, what do you think would happen if we did this human rights thing and stopped selling kids and women against their will? It would be a big ole mess. This whole country would turn inside out and we might actually have healthy, well-adjusted kids.

Those antis are always ruining America. Some days I wish they'd actually come see what we do, you know like each of us exploiters could pair up, each of us with an anti, and show them it ain't so bad. I mean, it's JUST sex. You can't tell me that those women and kids don't like it!

Give those poor traffickers a break will ya?

Craigslist was a good set up. I mean, how else are you antis and PO-lice gonna find us now? We were ALL on there. Now we don't have a place to exercise our rights. We're gonna have to either give up on this business or find another place where it only costs $10 measly dollars an ad! Sheee-it, I guess it's back doing one of those responsible jobs. I mean, some of us just can't make money putting ads in other outfits when they charge per line and you have to pay weekly! What a darn shame.

To be continued...

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birdman said...

Nice. do they really think that being banned from craigs is going to sink them!!

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