Bring On The Noise

Just got home from work. I had a raving lunatic of a customer tonight. She tried stealing from the store and so I called security to stand at both exits. Legally we cannot search someone who is still in the store, even if we know they have stolen. We have to wait for them to exit the store in order for the search to take place.

So she pocketed some high end makeup. I called security. They took their positions and when she walked out, they asked to to empty her pockets. They asked me what I saw her steal and I told them 'eyeshadow.' She emptied her pockets, swearing at everyone, and there was nothing in them. What she had done was put the merchandise down her pants and since both guards were male they were unable to strip search her.

She threw a bottle at them and ran out.

An hour later she came back with something she did buy and started screaming at me that she wanted my full name so she could sue me. I fucking laughed my ass off. We get these kinds of people pretty regularly and they never are allowed to take names. So she returned her one item, made a scene and left.

The law is a tricky thing. There's the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. I once read a great book by Alan Dershowitz on the trial of OJ Simpson and the reasons why he was acquitted. It was a fantastic book about the way the law actually works.

In the case of OJ, it was the fact that there was sufficient doubt. Although we know that the blood evidence alone is a conviction, the defense was able to raise just enough doubt about the gloves and the timeline. The defense also pulled the highly charged emotional plea which involved Mark Furhman's racism.

The problem here is that the truth can be covered up with appeals to emotion and other such nonsense.

Currently, I am dealing with this. The truth is being ridden with emotional appeals and the facts are getting lost. People are trying to find things to add into the mix so the cognitive dissonance resolves for them.

In fact, there's an assertion that I am somehow pals with Shangi. This is deliberate subterfuge to distract from the ACTUAL information presented. Also, there's the missing comments I supposedly erased. Where is that evidence? Where is the evidence that, on this video I made laughing at the drama master JonDorn, I spoke to Shangi in such a way that makes me his pal?

So if I make ANY comment to this person I suddenly become his friend? Of course not. That's ludicrous.

When someone is lying they try to push things from the past into it to give it more emotional appeal. It doesn't matter that there was no issues with it then. Also, people will immediately condemn instead of asking me what's going on. I find that to be very amazing. It goes to show me that people are more concerned with asserting their own goals in another situation instead of actually looking at the present situation and the facts involved. This is akin to bringing Mark Furhman into the OJ Simpson trial about a movie script that has nothing to do with the actual case. It's a lie, a distraction.

The one thing that's good about this situation is that I now know who my friends are. This is the one positive thing to come from this.

Honestly, I'm too tired to deal with this nonsense. I have other friends who actually ASK me what's going on and not make assumptions. I've been completely honest. I have nothing to hide.

If people want to believe the lies and the subterfuge then so be it. I'm cleaning myself of this shitfest and moving on. I am confident that if ALL the documents are posted by those that lie and manipulate for their own personal issues, it will show the reality.

Some want to play cognitive dissonance and love the drama for the drama's sake. Well, enjoy because I DO stand behind my principles. I only ask, like Diwataman says, that you present things to back up the twisted shit that's being said. It's easy to character assassinate someone and make stupid voices on videos as if I was saying something in a certain way. That's the cowardly way, the manipulative way. Putting the facts out there for the people to decide for themselves is the hardest road and the high road. The truth is out there. Be willing to find it.

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