In The Middle of the Night: Response To Neph and Basic Idea of What's Going on Here

I've got that Billy Joel song now swarming in my head. LOL. I'm thinking about a video by Nephysuk I saw today that massively misrepresented the radical feminist position on pornography and prostitution but at the same time had some good points.

Neph makes a great point about emotions because I do agree with her that in a passionate subject there are emotions and they're not necessarily detrimental in all cases. However, she states we 'live our gender' and that's an idea that most feminists find unpalatable. She says feminists see things in the world that 'aren't quite right.' The idea of strict gender roles has plagued our patriarchal society and has resulted in violence on a grand scale against people who do not 'fit' in these rigid roles.

'They have a clash of ideas' she says in regards to the feminists and the pro-sex industry folks. Absolutely. She uses the term sex positive and calls the radical feminist position by omission 'not sex-positive', which is a misnomer I'd like to see corrected. We consider ourselves feminists. Most of us are radical leaning and marxist/socialist feminists. We're not anti-sex positive.

She then gives great advice by saying we should never aim our ideas at single people. Fair and balanced. She's hit on one of the primary problems that has plagued our community from the beginning. Radical feminists have made many videos that do not address any pro-prostitution person. In fact, that was a strategy I started employing a while ago because I was tired of this entire thing. The problem is the pro-porn folks think that every video we make is somehow about them personally.

Case in point: a video I made about Social Construction just the other day. It wasn't addressed to anyone, yet FeministWhore was quick to send me a video response that was disconnected and didn't really relate to what I was saying. Plus, I had already stated publicly that I wanted NO communication with these people. So I obviously ignored the video response because I didn't want any more back and forth.

Another example is a video about stripping and strip clubs made by Terri aka iremythpurr. Immediately, this video was taken as a personal attack by Divinity. She then responded to Terri by chastising her and making a video response that didn't handle the issue but just trashed on the fact that Terri made that video and accused her of the usual party line that the 10 radical feminists on YouTube are trying to silence them. Way to blow this out of proportion. Little did they realize that Terri is a resident of the state of Oregon, which has more strip clubs per area than any other state. Terri made a video about it because it's all around her in her daily life.

Neph condemns the false flagging and purposeful attempt to take down my SaelPalani channel. The thought of women LITERALLY silencing other women is indeed absurd. I would NEVER do that to ANY pro-porn activist who is sharing their views. What needs to be understood here is that Divinity and Binhthanhvo, a notorious false flagger and channel killer, are good buddies. If you look at the video in my last post and view it in full screen, you'll see Binh trashing me right along with Divinity on her 4-part blogtv session called 'DB is Beautiful' whereby she proceeds to slander and bully me for 40 minutes. Oh, and I DO have proof that Divinity falsely flagged my video exposing her imposter account.

And that's another thing. Making an imposter account, acting like a radical feminist in order to get personal information is something Divinity did, without a shadow of a doubt. FistfulofDicks revealed his first name to Divinity's imposter account whilst the rest of us who were friends with Fistful had NO IDEA what his first name was.

I also have MORE evidence to add to the already proven case I've made regarding the fact that Divinity owned that imposter account. The first name given on that account was 'Laura'. I don't know if people realize this but Laura Agustin is a very well known pro-prostitution activist who keeps a blog that is regularly visited by Divinity and her friends.

Neph responded to a ridiculous comment by iamcuriousblue who said

Ditto to what Bob said about there being a considerable about of bad blood, and it predates what's been going down between Diana and Divinity. Her "Feminist Outlaws" group seems to be used as a place to coordinate attacks on people, such as the shitstorm that came down on Krissy's Objectification video a few weeks ago. There's also Diana's alliance with PornHarms, which is in the business of flagging "pro-porn" pages down. This crap has to stop before we can even agree to disagree.

We all know this is false. First, Divinity made the first personal attacks in videos about me, calling me an anti-feminist, telling people I am a wounded animal, and giving me her personal psychological diagnosis, complete with made-up stories about my high school life and parents.

My private feminist group does not coordinate attacks. We DO ask each other how to frame certain points and we DO discuss our personal struggles but the audacity in his comment shows his immaturity. Secondly, while I subscribe to PornHarms on YouTube and some of my videos on the porn industry have been favourited and featured by the channel, it BY NO MEANS, suggests that I, nor PornHarms, is a false flagger. That's just more deflection away from the ACTUAL issue. So now you can't subscribe to a channel you happen to agree with without being called a false flagger? I certainly beg your pardon but these baseless accusations, coming from a pro-porn supporter, are yet another reason why there is NO reasonable dialogue to be found with them on YouTube.

At least when I make an accusation, I actually SHOW my evidence that supports it.

DonF72 says

Block and forget? that sounds like avoidance rather than addressing the issues they have with each other. The best way to resolve a situation is to agree to disagree and keep the FRICKING EMOTIONS out of it.

Why not block and forget? That's what I've been doing because I see no reason to waste my time, as Neph says, on this stuff. I'd rather be working on feminist videos and discussing issues with my friends, not constantly defending myself against personal attacks and drama.

Neph also seems to think that Divinity has the most to lose and is a target of bad behaviour because she supports the sex industry. Neph relates a story about phone sex operators and the tight security involved in their job at a call centre. These women don't have anything to fear from feminists. Quite rightly, as Neph says, it's men that stigmatize sex workers, abuse them and sometimes kill them. Neph says Divinity is much more at risk than I. How can that be? I've been threatened with violence right out of Divinity's mouth. I've been mercilessly attacked on YouTube, false flagged, bullied, and constantly inundated with misogynist comments from males who love the fact they can buy a woman for sex but who condemn me for being critical of the industry. Also, I WAS a sex worker. There are several factors that put ALL women at risk. To state with conviction that I am somehow at less risk is insulting to me.

The final point I want to bring up, and it's an important one, is that Neph seems to think the radical feminist position is to ban pornography. Neph, I highly suggest that you make attempts to dialogue with us and watch our videos. There is not ONE radical feminist that I know on YouTube who wants to ban porn or prostitution. While it is true that we feel there should be no inherent clause in society that says a certain amount of women should be available to be purchased for sex, we aren't out to ban it. Pornography, we claim, is violence against women and that capitalizing on the suffering of women in that business is something we'd like to see change; NOT by banning it, but by making it such that women don't have to consider ever entering that business in the first place. By having a social system in our society that values women for other reasons besides her ability to please men. By making it such that the vast majority of sex workers, who enter the business by LACK of choice, are given social services to have MORE choice.

I sincerely hope that when you read this Neph, that you come away with a better understanding of what the feminist position is on YouTube regarding the sex industry. I also hope that this childish behaviour between the groups will cease and desist. Like you say in your video Neph, there should be no reason why I should ever need to have another YouTube account due to censoring. I am content to talk about my feminist politics and ideas without directly addressing anyone on the opposite side of this debacle. It's not a dialogue. It's not a debate. It's a debacle and I, for one, am tired of it.

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