Slowly Tying the Final Knot, I Mean, Nail in the Coffin, Umm, Yeah.

I could've titled this 'The Final Nail in the Coffin' but that would be offensive to those pro-porn/pro-prostitution industry folks who create so many lies they can't keep up with them all. So instead, in order to be nice, taking from the King of Nice (Oojamaflipper) I will be a 'nice, all-around, sweetie of blog world.

When you've got people who go OUT of their way to get your attention on YouTube, you know you're doing something right. In my latest video, I talk about what it means to be an adult. I mean, these folks are all about 'adult' entertainment right? However, they skip the part of being a consenting adult. I don't consent to their non-stop stalking and comments to me but no matter because pro-porn/pro-prostitution folks and their supporters lack what is known as an adult boundary.

I explained it in my video. People who work in the sex industry time and time again, have their boundaries constantly broken down. In a documentary I watched about pornography I saw women who refused at first to do certain things but were eventually coerced to do it. It was a time to brag about it too. Guess what? I only wanted to do women and up to 4 guys and on my first shoot I did 10 guys! Wow! Now THAT certainly warrants the name 'adult' industry *ahem* minus the adult boundaries.

I know my stalkers and vicious enemies read every word on this blog. They then take it back to YouTube and expound on it as if they have a right to do so. Ya know, it's freedom and all. Adults HAVE to be able to harass other adults or it's just not worth being on YouTube. Fuck presenting your ideas. You have to be a class A idiot stalker troll to be counted on YouTube these days. Those pros are certainly living up to their name!

I'm guessing that each of them has at least 10 sock accounts. Maybe more or less, but on average at least 10. They use these accounts to uprate comments and downrate those pesky feminist videos where we state our opinion. We don't even have to mention the slobs and they march right over to do their childish duty.

They're trying to run me off YouTube. That's the goal.

My friend sent me an article on the behaviour of most people on YouTube. As I was reading it I was like 'OMG! That's them!' They add nothing to the discourse except temper tantrums and nasty comments! Yes! These are the ones with the IQ's of doorknobs! They don't feel smart unless they're stalking. Stalking takes smarts right?

Another friend of mine reposted an interview re: trafficking. And then the pro crowd, like termites, came swarming to that video and laid their spew all over it.

My favourite comment of all time is the notion that those women in the sex industry that were raped or otherwise abused were just 'butt-hurt sex workers who didn't belong in that job.'

I think that sums up these morons quite aptly.

Now, if you're here you little assholes, remember. You can take all this back to YouTube and you can even pull an iamfuriouspoo and blame Terri and I for things that happened before we were even born.

Oh and one more thing. I did my first report to YouTube on one of you today. Congratulations for winning the prize of the most idiots gathered in one place at one time on YouTube, apparently not into anything but being little pigs wallowing in your own shit.


Lechuza said...

Most idiots in a single gathering... LOL damn you got that right! That is all they are a group of dumb asses that huddle together thinking there is strength is in numbers. Well, it's time to circle the wagons feminist! I got your back, I am paying a visit to the You Tubes got Idiots group and leave a few comments of my own, followed by Air who is just about as fed up with trolls as I am.

Lechuza said...

Oh my Goddess I got a reply. This last video Air and I left comments on, this woman actually thinks she is funny. It's all for laughs, why even young girls and women need to laugh. Ugh, she welcomes a video about her.. she really wants one, thinks it would be fucking great. I decided not to respond, you know.. I don't think we should feed the monkeys!

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