No More Gaslighting. Just Stop.


When Divinity first came to YouTube, she got really close to me, really fast. I thought she was getting close to me to befriend me, but within a couple weeks her agenda was clear. She wanted me off of YouTube and it was evident that she was a bully. I wish I still had that private video from my Dominatrix1969 account where I begged Divinity to stop bullying me and hurting me. However, when I thought she was a good person and I was having a problem with my girlfriend and thought my girlfriend was in danger, I GAVE Divinity my girlfriend's number to call her because my girlfriend also lives in Texas. It wasn't some devious plot to get her number.

So Divinity HAS a number to contact my girlfriend and her son. That's the male that answered the phone.

I find it hilarious that people will admit to me having a girlfriend on YouTube when it suits their purpose and then gaslight me when it doesn't.

Since then,  I have proven that Ms Espejismo IS indeed my girlfriend and posted the link to her blog, which she began in 2008 (FAR before Divinity came on YouTube), and the pro-industry folks, over the last few days, have gone over there and harassed her, telling her she's not really a Native American, nor does she speak Spanish and all kinds of other crap.

So you see the lies and the gaslighting when it suits their agenda in order to detract from the fact that Divinity is a liar and a bully who will do ANYTHING to save face.

Has she admitted the FACT that she created an imposter account to suck up to radical feminists in order to get personal and private information from them? No. Has she admitted to ANY wrong doing? No. Will she ever admit that her entire purpose was to get close enough to me in order to then bully the FUCK out of me? No.

This is the TRUTH. If you people still want to gaslight and only use information when it SUITS you then go right ahead. I've been done with you people for months but yet you can't seem to be adults and leave me be.

I believe in karma. I believe in truth. I know that someday, someone else, ALONG with DreamedBlue, will have a conscience and spill more truth.

If you haven't already seen dreamedblue's admission that that imposter account was indeed Divinity's and that the pro-industry people have made many many other troll accounts in order to harass and stalk my friends and fellow feminists, then you should watch it.

I have no plans of ever engaging these folks who have done nothing but intimidate, bully, stalk and harass myself and others. I blocked them months ago and THIS is what started Divinity on her path to NOT let it lie. So she made an imposter account, pretending to be a teenage feminist girl who was having problems in life in order to garner private and personal information out of my fellow feminist, FistfulofDicks. Divinity has nothing else to do on YouTube aside from trying to take me out and bolster her reputation even when it's blatantly clear she's a liar, which was her GOAL from the beginning. Not only to take me out but to harass me my friends.

The first attack was the 'Diana Boston Does Not Speak for Feminism' video made by Divinity wherein she tells everyone I am a wounded animal, had bad parenting, and got no attention in highschool. Basically, a way to shame me. Go to my Saelpalani account right now and tell me where I ever stooped to the level of psychoanalysing Divinity. I beg of you to search for the truth.

Admittedly, I lost my temper over Divinity's impersonation account. She was also using that account to suck up to me in order to gain my trust and then my personal information from me. She used her imposter account to snuggle up to me, fistful, rememberthediamonds and Owleyes777. She PM'ed some of us and left channel comments and comments on videos for others to complete the facade.

If it's a crime to get incredibly angry at someone doing that then I'm GUILTY. I am. I lost my temper. I was totally ok to ignore Divinity and had been ignoring her for months but that wasn't good enough for her. Hence, the imposter account to instigate.

What kind of shit do you think she would've pulled with that private information had myself and fistful exposed her? Immediately after we exposed her, she closed the account, but not before leaving silly cryptic messages to rememberthediamonds.

I admit to my anger. Like my friend Shevo said in her video, if I had allowed myself to calm down, I would've only made one video. Instead, I made three. Not 10, not 8, but three.

I also never intended to doc drop. No way. I was simply pointing out the evidence that Divinity was the creator and owner of that imposter account.

Admittedly, when a couple of my friends disagreed and thought I had given out Divinity's city. I didn't see that as doc dropping. In my mind, it was the same thing as saying 'I'm from Vancouver.' Also, it wasn't some malicious act and most people didn't even notice it in the video until Divinity and her herd found that one little thing to divert the facts put the blame on me. It was on the screen for maybe 10 seconds while I was focused on another part of the screen.

Divinity and Binh then proceeded to try taking down my SaelPalani account by falsely flagging two videos on it. One was a response to Binh's ridiculous 'Myth of False Flagging' video and the other was the video in question.

Instead of immediately flagging me on my AuntieDiana channel when I reploaded the flagged vid, Divinity did nothing, except make videos to persuade everyone she was the real victim in all this.

Also, the video she made where she threatens me with family violence was made PRIOR to the video where she accused me of doc dropping her. She put her threats up and then removed them quickly because she knew if more people saw that video, they'd know she was just playing people. However, I managed to get a copy of that vid where we see the real Divinity. Not the calm Divinity that plays people and still won't admit to her wrongdoing irregardless of the fact that one of her own friends (dreamedblue) told the truth about her tactics and her bullshit.

Here is the video where Divinity threatens me with family violence and then calls the cyberpolice on me for 'going crazy'. I did not have that video in question where she claims I doc dropped her up. I hadn't even MADE it yet.

Guess what Divinity? I have a real life too and a real mother. Notice the jealous bullshit about me belonging to Mensa. Notice the bullying over the fact that I made a very honest post on this blog about alcoholism. My mother and stepfather are alcoholics. Admittedly, I was getting incredibly stressed by her and her friends constant bullshit on You tube and things in my real life. So I made a post and was honest about my beginning use of alcohol. So Divinity came to my blog with all her pals, and used that information to bully the fuck out of me. Everything I post on this blog is subject to her and her friends scrutinty whereby they take it to shame me with it.

I am very well aware of addiction and that's why I was HONEST on my blog about what I was going through. The first step in addiction recognition is to admit you are travelling down that road and WHY. I would like all my friends to know that since I made that blog post, exploring my real feelings, I have stopped buying alcohol and have stopped drinking completely. I did NOT want to travel down that road and I knew the potential for it to become a huge problem.

There is so much more I could explain about Divinity's bullying but it's a POSITIVE thing that she called the police. I hope they do investigate. I have NOTHING to hide. I stood up to a bully and this is the consequence. Fine, I accept the consequence.


I want my two friends back. I want my friend Ash back and my friend Theresa back. Theresa, when you called me a bully THAT was what hurt me. Ash, the fact that you didn't respond to my private emails and instead made a video slapping me, that hurt me. If I ever had a disagreement with you I would privately discuss it because that's what friends do. I would never publicly humiliate you. EVER.

If both of you don't see how that's hurtful then there's nothing else for me to say. Theresa, I blocked you because you were sending me HURTFUL messages. I was already down and I felt I was being kicked further. I simply was at my wits end and could not take it anymore. You are unblocked.

Ash, you were never blocked since you never responded to my private message before you made that video,  but I see that you removed me as a friend. Is that a glitch or is that truth? I tried speaking with you to tell you what I was thinking and feeling. You ignored me.

It's not about the disagreement. It's about the way it was handled by both of you that hurt me. I even acknowledged the video you made on the subject Theresa and told you it was a good video. I accept the fact that you disagreed with me but I had my reasons to hold out for the truth. A mountain was made out of a molehill re: the video in question.

And now I come to find out Theresa that you posted someone's ip address. Do you know that an ip address is like giving someone a precise address? It's a helluva lot different than just happening to have a major city on the screen for 10 seconds.

I never intended harm in my video but when Divinity would not be honest and instead took down all her videos, removed all her incriminating photobucket pictures and titles, uploaded nasty photo-shopped pictures of me on her photobucket, and acted like it was ME that was harassing her, I knew that I had to hold my ground. Right or wrong. I did hold my ground and the TRUTH came out. That's ALL I wanted. I don't care if people mirror my video. That's not the most important thing.


Be prepared for this post to be completely mangled and distorted. I know I'm ready for it.


whaquofeng said...

Di, someone with half a braincel, has seen that this harassment started the minute you kicked their precious Bin en Ross out of Feministtube.
And it went on for months on end.
With troll accounts and nasty, vile comments, and everything they could digg up.
No wonder you got mad, everyone in his right mind would, I don't blame you.
But the truth always comes out, and it did.
Now she is playing little Mary Magdalena, but it won't work, people have seen her nasty video's, and her bullying.
Offcourse her pack of hyena's will stick around; that's what they are on YT for: for their business, not for helping women.
She took the fall for them, and they don't really care; they want to see women degrade themselves; they are some nasty pieces of shit, I would not trust them with my dog.
You go back to what you do best: making vids about the sex-industry and how it harms women.
Not for the ''semi-upper-class women'' who are sex workers, after all it's THEIR business, so they are part of it, but for all the women, who DID NOT choose to be in it, because they have no other means of existence anymore.
Those women need support, they are the ones who are raped, violently abused and sometimes even killed. ( the pro's don't seem to mind that, all the yell about is "legalise", as if that changes everything: yeah right !! keep fooling yourself ! )
For all those women who didn't ''choose'' it, for those who had to make that choice out of pure misery.
For those women Feminists stand up, and keep on "nagging" about the sex industry.
And that's a good thing: anyone who disagrees can go to hell for all I care.

Lechuza said...

Now her groupies are telling me that you ARE divinity's girlfriend, and that I better stay the fuck away from you. They also can take a long walk off a short pier as far as I am concerned.

I am sicken by the way they gather around and think of things to try and cause problems. I laugh in their faces!

Diana Boston said...

Typical tactics. Did you set your blog to not get anonymous comments? I should show you how to set up the log. These folks have no tact. They have ZERO class. Let's laugh at them shall we? Oh, I got the message about the Quaker birds. They are ADORABLE. In fact, I may write a blog post about it and include that video I was telling you about where the bird goes down the woman's cleavage and comes back up and looks out of her shirt. So freaking adorable. I think it was a quaker too.

Snuggly birds! I'm glad we got to speak for a while last night. I needed that lemme tell ya.

I'll be home tonight if you wanna call. I'm trying to get my arse in gear to go grocery shopping and to the bank to get more moolah.

Oh yeah, send me the rest of those blog messages. I got the one you just posted about but I didn't see the rest of them. Fucking tools all of them.

Yeah, Divinity dreams about me. She can keep dreaming. I wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole. Classless. I like women with class. I can't believe these folks are leaving you blog messages like that. LOL

K dear, off to get fruit and do the Italian thing.

Love you,


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