Another teen arrested in Pitt Meadows Gang-Rape Investigation; Pictures of rape posted online

This is a disgusting story. What's disgusting is that young girls at the party started a Facebook group called Reasonable Doubt in order to stand up for the boys who were arrested for rape.

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Second arrest made in teen gang rape

Mounties have arrested a second person in connection with the shocking alleged gang rape of a teenage girl in Pitt Meadows last weekend.

The suspect, an 18-year-old male, was taken into custody on Thursday night. Police say they will be recommending a charge of sexual assault.

Mounties say five to seven male witnesses were present during the assault, which occured last Friday night or early Saturday at a teen rave party.

Investigators say the victim, who cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was likely under the influence of a "date rape" drug before the attack.

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Charges are also being considered against a 16-year-old suspected of taking the photos and uploading them to Facebook. He was arrested and released earlier this week.

The victim's father spoke to CTV News on Thursday, pleading to put an end to the spread of the photos. "The rape continues with all the photos and comments," he said. "It makes me sick."

"I have never ever seen anything like it," Cpl. Jennifer Hyland told a Thursday morning press conference. "When we have the physical and medical evidence about the injuries this girl's suffered…it's disgusting to read what these youth are posting and even more disgusting that the photos are being shared and put onto more sites. I've never seen anything like it."

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