Vadim Has Principles

I agree with mostly everything in this video that Vadim made about the calculated dishonesty of Divinity (sex positive dishonest fucktard who bashes feminists) and her band of trolls.

The only thing I don't agree with is that Divinity is somehow an inspiring person. She lies and plays games and is dishonest as fuck. There's no way someone like that could ever be inspiring.

I know Vadim supports prostitution and pornography but one of these days I hope he realizes that this group of people who purport to be sex worker's rights advocates, are nothing more than liars and people who have ZERO principles.

Maybe I'll convince Fistful to file a subpoena to YouTube to find out the owner of that account, even though we all know it's Divinity.

Keep crapping on the floor folks, doing your victory dance, being callous idiots and disrespecting everyone and anyone who may support your cause.

After a certain amount of time I'm going to make the mother of all statements to let everyone know what you people are. It will be my maestrastroke.

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