Sex Positive Male Threatens Feminist Who Disagrees With Him

For the past few months, myself and a group of feminists have been deconstructing the harms of the sex industry. We've talked about everything from the current Craigslist decision to the legalization ideology.

As many of you feminists know out there in the blogosphere, talking to most of these misnamed 'sex positives' is a bit like talking to someone who has such a complex problem with dialogue and who also will employ the dirtiest tactics EVAH in order to shut you up.

Well, today we've made another milestone in our feminist herstory. A loudmouth older male who has been going around using those very underhanded tactics has finally decided that threatening a feminist friend of mine with death is the next logical step to stalking her, us, and continually harassing the *$&@ out of us.

Now, I hope, in the cockles of my heart that my feminist friend goes forth into law enforcement off of YouTube AND also notifies YouTube of this death threat.

Just so everyone knows this man calls himself iamcuriousblue. He has several online accounts, including twitter. He also has several sock accounts and he posts ALL over sites that take his precious male privilege to buy women away. He also can be seen all over blogs and websites that are 'sex positive' (whatever the fuck that means).

Please be on the lookout for him. I fully expect that he's going to warn everyone about me now. Yes, me, the feminist who is making his online life miserable.

Please let me know in the comments if you've been harassed by this anti-feminist prick.

Here's the text of his death threat:

Go die
You utterly vicious piece of shit. There's no more point in being dragged down into your black hole of hatred in the "conversation" we're having. But I do want make sure you know exactly what I think of, in a personal message and in your face as possible.

You have to be one of the most contemptible excuses for a human being I've ever encountered. Your "politics", such as they are, are a very thin cover for the fact that you are simply an extremely hateful and ignorant person who simply uses differences in political ideology as an excuse to verbally assault people. You drag down any conversation you take part in.

But I guess on some level you must know this. Hell, just look at your videos. You don't even bother with an argument; you just repeat other people's words in a sneering tone.

I can't spit in your face over the internet, but believe me, its there in spirit.

Have a nice death, asshole.

Anywhere you see this guy, just be aware. He's not fond of women who won't concede to give him a blowjob for money.

I will publish more information on this man as I get it. We all need to be aware as feminists of men who are misogynists and who behave atrociously towards feminists.


whaquofeng said...

Well..well..another asshole exposed.

And people wonder why the Pro-side is getting blocked.
Could it be for this kind of filty underhand tactics ?
No, off course not !!
They are all ADULT people, who are willing to "discuss" anything.
As we can see clearly here.
If they can't win, they resort into this creepy shit.
They are ONLY protecting their sex-business, and it has NOTHING to do with feminism, or protecting women.
Quite the opposite: it's about making money, and and in the meantime harassing people who don't share their views, and now this piece of shit goes to an even lower level.
They make me puke.
I hope the one who got this, nails him to the YouTube wall.
Karma is a bitch.

Laurelin said...

Welcome to pornland. The pornsick male's response to a female critic is to wish her dead and spit in her face.

And of course, there is no face-spitting on women in porn. Nup. Nada. nonewhatsoever.

Talk about proving the fucking point.

Laurelin said...

And, uh, this guy is accusing *you* of verbal abuse?! Whiskey tango foxtrot?

Face-spitting is assault in the UK.

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