Amaretto Diaries: Feminist Emergencies and Those I Once Admired

Being a feminist is something I have learned over the last 25 or so years. It's a noun, a verb, an adjective.

Feminism is for life. It's not something you can just wash off, like a removable tattoo. Once you start down that rabbit hole, and you're committed to understanding, that's it.

I've admired so many people in my life that have turned out to be shit upon closer examination, and although I wish no ill will towards any feminist that's ever been in my circle on the tubez, I will say that I'm having one of those 'wakeup' moments in my feminist life.

I'm realizing that our once unified front can be, and was, decimated by more than Binh and Ross. More than summersonset and her persistent flagging on YouTube, on BlipTV and on TinyPic. And more than one feminist has, whether knowingly or not, drawn a line in the once perfect beach sand.

You'll usually get two responses from me about a single event. The first one is my emotional gut reaction. The second is my deeper emotional and cognitive process. Neither should be given preference over the other, since they are both equally valid.

As each day passes, I can see the pixels tightening, showing me the crystal clear image I've secretly known was there all along.

First, your group started out by exclusion; a conscious effort to avoid any and all feminists who weren't in line with your 'standards'. Today, I saw it become what any box would become: a jail. You've confined the space so much that you lash out at feminists who you consider not befitting your boxes. I wish you no ill will but I must say my mind since I cannot be a vocal feminist on your space, nor can Nuke, or Jedi, nor Antique, nor many others who you've excluded, without getting verbally rude warnings that I am 'not welcome to expose people who are most assuredly anti-feminist.'

I'm on my way now, working to build an INCLUSIVE space.

It's up to each individual feminist to decide where they will go. I've made my decision though and whether you chose to follow me or not is up to you.

It was once a beautiful feminist landscape, and now it's a prison, with a rule book and a long stick to hit those who are 'too this' or 'too that.'

Feminism is about freedom and choice and not confining spaces and boxes.

I choose no boxes, to fill in no lines and to radically change. Not just to change myself but to make a space where all can be free to grow, organically.


nuclearnight said...


Boo fucking hoo, so I did a serious response to her bullshit about how powerful the vaginal muscles are, as if that has anything to do with pornography.

I'm really sick of people making it out like I'M the one going after people here, I'm not.

Oh and the whole pixiebiz thing, so Rick has been slandering me and my friends for the past few days and I go over to her channel where he's accusing jedimasterbooboo (who has been harassed and gaslighted by keytoothed) of being a stalker and then goes on to insult you because you aren't mentally healthy like he is?

This is feminism?

Diana Boston said...

Naw, it's not feminism. It's just fucking not. That's why I left YouTube and why I'm still making videos exposing this shit.

Because it's ANTI-FEMINIST. All of this division and underhanded shite.

I can't wait to start the grand feminist bb, cuz I'm sick of this. Every day it's a new division, a new underhanded tactic.

I speak my mind on it and hope that it will stop but I ain't holding my breath.

We need INCLUSIVITY. Not ELITIST bullshit.


The Femme Outlaw! YEAH BABY!

hallcyon said...

I try telling people about Nuclearnight, that you may disagree with a clip from a video you have seen, but that's no reason to ad hom her, same with TJ, etc. People are so into the image making and labeling of another and so biased to their prejudiced imagery that they fail to listen or see another, let alone learn anything.

I like this, "Feminism is for life. It's not something you can just wash off, like a removable tattoo. Once you start down that rabbit hole, and you're committed to understanding, that's it." Regardless the only label I will take is a human being, you probably understand why.

That's a great film.

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