Admiration Hate

And if you notice this video not available because of butthurt false flaggers, then you can download it here

Elmo, your time's gonna come.

Fucking bullshit games, the whole lot of you. Yeah, I love how SocDemFTW has so much empathy but sits back and lets Socialist Lame viciously attack the same person he made a video to (Nuke) in tears because Nuke, like many rape victims (including myself and Jedi)are considered 'damaged goods' and are constantly being harassed. And then he makes this rude fucking demoralizing video about me. You people are fucking in need of a serious reality check. Oh, and did I forget to say 'peace'. Yeah, right. You wouldn't know peace if it walked up and bit you in the arse. You're all hypocrites.

Do you people ever stop for one second and think about what you're doing? Apparently not.

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Sacred Place said...

Right on sis, shake up the world now. ;) Love you....

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