Amaretto Diaries May 12, 2010

Don't wanna be an alcoholic. Gotta exercise self-control.


Anonymous said...

I hate your comment section here. Seriously. Make it so we can comment, and just remove the ones you don't like. That's my vote. Anyway, now I have to watch this whole video again, because the whole screen refreshed. I wasn't done with the video. Anyway, Elmo's GNR video made me laugh so hard, faved it. And then I remembered that he's the only person on you tube who has NAMED me as a flagger. HUH?? LOL WHAT THE FU**?? Why?

Anonymous said...

And yeah...Shangi, I mean.
antiquelens:"stop kicking old ladies in the head, shangi!!"

Shangi:"Oh yeah, well why don't you tell your friends to not do that then, and you do that!"

antiquelens: "WTF are you talking about!!!"

Me: omg, stop talking to him. He's impossible.

oojamama said...

hey dare. ; )
hope ur well. live long and prosper. fight the good fight. keep ur dignity. dont let the bastards grind you down. dont give in to hate. peace in the middle east. hearts etc.

this whole 'debate me!!!!' thing.. i mean, for a start nukes is in stickam every week, he knows where to find her.. he knows shes down for debates... why dont he just go do it instead of firin up the waahmbulance?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore You, Woman!!! Keep serving it up as only you can, the haters can only keep up their bullshit for so long!
Oh, and congrats on a socially productive day at work. I wonder what old bitch lady thought of you being in there with the inspector dude so long? There might be some advantage in this...;).

Sacred Place said...

Ooooo, you partially have a degree in criminology? Oh my goodness, the questions for you are building!!! Hahaha. Anyway, I can't keep track of all the different people chasing you down. Do these people work or have projects or real lives to attend to? 24 hours is not enough to accomplish everything and still attend to your friends and family! Who has time to stalk....?! Also, I know how you feel, but we're here. You-are-not-alone. Seriously. Gonna dip into the board to see you all for a sec. * Last thing--yes be careful with the alcohol it can creep up, easy...

Anonymous said...

Are you going to post anything in the "Letters To My Father" section

Diana Boston said...

Hi Adam,
If I do post anything about that it will have to be private or I can just share it with my friends like you :-) The reason I'm not posting anything in there at present is I'm getting massive hate videos and comments directed towards me and also themadshangi has already revved himself up for tearing me apart if I do say anything. ANd of course you are aware of Divinity's video psychoanalysing my family which she knows NOTHING about. So there you have it. Until people grow up and stop this nonsense I won't share it with anyone but those I truly feel won't ever hurt me with it. Love you. Thanks for being able to stand firmly and proudly next to a strong woman.

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