What REALLY Happened in FeminisTube

This video was done mainly to answer questions anyone has about what Binh actually did inside FeminisTube. These are the attacks he made on me AND nuclearnight and why he was removed.

People may wonder, why now? Well, why not now? I feel people have a right to this evidence and since there are many people conjecturing and saying they KNOW what happened when they weren't even members of FeminisTube, I think it's important to just put the information out there. Information is powerful, and since I got dragged into this nonsense and my character is on constant attack from willfully ignorant people, I felt it was the right thing to do.

Many people still believe that Binh & Ross did no wrong. Many just don't like nuclearnight and think it's OK to repeatedly attack her. We see this EVERY single week on YouTube.

I didn't like seeing this asshole go after her. If he was truly a feminist he would've let the two women work it out. If Ross was a feminist with ANY backbone, she would've tried to work it out with nuclearnight instead of leave and try to get ME to attack her with her emailing campaign to me. But we all know that's not what happened. And I'm the bad person in all this? I don't think so.

Binh and Ross had it out for Nuclearnight. I was just the one who ran the group, had the authority, and made the decision. Now, as of posting this, I'm continually being stalked, harassed and false flagged, thrown off YouTube over this. These people have no scruples. They're definitely immature, and were the first ones to make call out videos after I kicked Binh out.

Three videos of nonstop character assassination by them before I even uttered a peep. And sure enough, as soon as I responded they false flagged my videos. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'll bet my family's wealth that Binh or Rosskay, along with Annpetasupporter, and Summersonset flagged those response videos and got the Diana Boston channel obliterated.

Now, for me, this is just a way to clear my name, make it transparent, and hopefully put ANY questions to rest. I stand behind my decision, 110%.

Nuclearnight has stated that she didn't call Ross an anti-feminist both IN FeminisTube and in public on several videos meant to call her and I out. If you notice Binh's comments in the video, he mentions that nuclearnight didn't respond to him or Rosskay. You have to understand that they were after her prior to YouTube. They followed her over to YouTube and continued to harass her.

Binh and Ross were never satisfied hearing any other feminist's perspective and if we disagreed with Ross at any time, she got pissy about it. Binh and Ross stalked nuke around YouTube, while they were members of FeminisTube, just baiting her, trying to get a reaction out of her on topics Nuke didn't really have an interest in. Boohoo! I mean, grow up people!

When I stepped in and banned Binh, they both came after me. To THIS day they stalk this blog, they continually get people on their 'side' who they know are anti-feminists just to continue the dramafest. I honestly don't see how people are blinded by this.

And you know, there were many people on YouTube that I truly wanted to befriend but, like clockwork, as soon as I tried befriending them, Ross and Binh stepped into the picture and would email these people the typical 'I'm being bullied' story and people fell for it.

People who I thought were decent like: SocialistReign (who I'm sure I have a lot in common with), SocialDemocracyFTW and Elmo. You guys bought their lies and got in the middle of it. It wasn't because I tried getting you in the middle of it. It was their effort. I'm sure you all got these PM's saying how terrible I was and how I was bullying Ross and on and on and on.

SocialistReign: You DID attack nuclearnight. You DID. I'm sure you were praised for it by those two. I thought you were above that. So I called you out. What you did was WRONG. Period.

SocialDemocracy: remember that vid you did to Nuke crying? Do you understand that most of the feminists you group together and hate on have all been raped and called 'damaged'. That video you made making me out to be some psycho, with the stuffed animal. Shame on you. I never treated you badly EVER.

Elmo: I once respected you immensely. You also fell for the bullshit. You never ever came to me and asked me what happened. I didn't offer it because honestly, I felt you'd realize the truth. Instead you made call out videos to Nuke, myself, Jedi and others asking to debate with you and saying you'd take us all on simultaneously. Then you attack me when I say 'Ok, here I am. Let's go.'

And you know what's ironic? You all go around touting how *I* am this big, bad bully. I've never attacked ANY of you until you threw a stone at me or at nuclearnight. EVER. And you have the nerve to call me a bully.

Answer my questions:
Did I ever go after you SocialistReign prior to you making mean comments about rape and two mean videos to nuclearnight? Nope. But you came after me didn't you. Why? Because you fell for the 'I'm so bullied' story. What stopped you from coming to me privately and asking me what happened? Again, I didn't feel the need to do ANY of that because I actually thought people were going to realize the truth. I had nothing to hide. I didn't feel the need to PM all these people trying to get them to attack someone else. But gee, I wonder who did that with you? (That was a rhetorical question)

Did I ever go after you SocialDemocracyFTW? Ever? No. But you went after me with your video. Just one of the crowd. Did you get praised for that?

Elmo: Did I ever go after you? No. You also bought the 'I'm so bullied' nonsense and then couldn't understand why a large portion of the community was angry that you KNEW who one of the false flaggers was. You dropped that you knew and then played coy about it. So again, did I make a call out video to you? Nope. Did you make mean videos to me? Yep. You want to know the truth and offer to debate me but here I am, and you've effectively backed off.

You know what they say:

The truth is out there.

Get past your pride, use the brains you have. THAT is what I expected of you. This is an effort on my part. You can either speak respectfully with me and this can end, or not. Ball: your court.

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