Nails: The Nine Inch Kind

Want to know the secret to having elegant fingernails? Here's the pro tips.


  • moisturize your hands and nails
  • clean under the nails regularly
  • invest in a base and topcoat
  • put at least 2 coats of colour on your nails
  • keep them filed at the proper length
  • clip your nails with a clipper
  • put only one coat of colour on them
  • use substandard nail products

Here are some really good companies that make excellent nailcare products:
  • Sally Hansen: Shea Butter Rapid Finish (in video); Pro Kwik Off Nail Polish Remover (in video)
  • OPI: Professional Top and Base Coats, along with rich colour palettes; high quality
  • REVLON: 1/4 jaw Cuticle Nipper (in video); Cuticle & Nail Cleaner Tool (in video)
  • Witchcraft: Professional Base Coat (in video); Sweet Almond Oil for Cuticle (in video)
  • LaCross: Nail Buffer Pro (in video); Nail Files and Tools
If you have any other questions then please leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

A sampling of my nail colours. I have appx. 150 colours.

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nefaeria said...

Wow, those are some claws you got there! ;) I still keep my short and my idea of 'gussying' em up is buffing them. I do like to paint my toenails though...my favourite colour is called 'Purple Opus' {it's a fuchsia}.

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