Resurrection: Diana Boston Lives On

Do you think I should be risen from the dead? Sorry for the horrible metaphor but come on, I mean, really. Watch the video and if you agree then email these folks.

Iranian Feminist who is a Judge and won the Nobel: Shirin Ebadi's Autobiography.

Dedgurlsingblu's Blog

SardonicSkeptic's Return video. Particularly notice the commentary by Elmo. I love watching people backpedal.


Dedgurlsingsblu said...

Hey Diana, thanks for all the support these last few days. I greatly appreciate it. I am happy to have inspired you, and am looking forward to seeing your "Letter's to My Father Series." I actually tried to post this earlier, but there was a problem with the interface between wordpress and blogger... I said that to say there was more, but it was cut off, and I hadn't thought to write it in word first. --Peace

I forgot to mention that this is Dedgurlsingblu, lol.

Dedgurlsingsblu said...

One more thing, I am working on my letter regarding your original youtube account. Let me know if you want some sort of form letter drawn up, and I will produce something.

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