The False Flaggers Have Been Back AGAIN

I'm currently searching for the bastards who did this. Again, it was the four videos that Binh, Rosskay, Summersonset, Annpetasupporter and Madshangi flagged:

1)Pwnage Olympic Video Round One (Annihilating Binh's misinformed, quote mined lunacy on Radical Feminism)

2) First Response to Rosskays Callout video to me, telling me I was 'Out of Line'

3) Second Response to Rosskays Callout video to me

4) Response to Binh's pathetic video calling me a misogynist, whereby he updates daily with whatever account he thinks I'm using on YouTube.


5) One video I made on Bliptv which was mild but truthful and I think Ross and Binh felt a little shamed by this so they flagged it too.

I think it's safe to say it's the same group of people who flagged the first round of vids, Jedi's vid, many of the mirrors and then re-false flagged them TWICE on Blip. Yep, you heard it correctly, this is the SECOND time they've flagged them on Blip.

When I know I'll let you know and I'll list people who are suspect as well.

Oh, and if anyone wants to mirror these videos on YouTube, let me know. I'll be making sure they're available to the public so the asswipes who continue to false flag won't get to hit a button and act like cowardly butt-hurt, censoring nazi's.

Luvs ya,


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