Amaretto Diaries: Round Four of False Flagging, Variablast, Mental Illness Survivorship, Elmo's Typical Anti-Feminist Rhetoric

*Ding Ding!!!!*

Welcome to Round FOUR of the false flaggers: Binh, Rosskay, Summersonset, and Madshangi and I'm a little suspicious of MarceltheMaoist since he went back into my blog archive to one of the posts that was false flagged. He had previously commented on this video post, is friends with Binh (Binh has Marcel featured on his channel page) and then eliminated the comments he made.

It was a bit strange he went back into the archived video a day ago.

Now, I fully expect them to falsely flag this video, and they're making themselves out to be the harassed ones and the bullied ones and yet, well, they spend HOURS on my blog, as does Summersonset and TheMadShangi. I mean, they've spent HOURS UPON HOURS here and they're here CONSTANTLY. 

The FIVE videos they've falsely flagged will be reuploaded as a torrent and I've compiled the videos all into one video. When I've uploaded them, I'll give you all the link and you can download them and see for yourself just how butthurt these folks can get.


Download ALL IN ONE BASKET.mp4 for free on uploading.com

Any and all mirrors, especially of the last video of the bunch is appreciated. You will probably have to cut the last video into two parts or maybe 3. The point is: We HAVE to let them know that this shit is NOT tolerated. They are continually harassing me and many other YouTubers. It's just got to stop.

Anywho, the process of using torrents as a way to replace Gootube and other vid hosting sites was brought up by a member of the athiest community on YouTube. I will get his name and post it soon. I want to give him credit for an idea that seems great, especially when you can use RSS and just get a feed of the vids. That's AWESOME.

And guess what? People can remain butthurt! I can say whatever the fuck I want and too bad. I can be myself without this pressure on me that I have to watch every little word I say. It coming atcha now!

I mean, even an intellectual argument scares these folks. My pwnage olympic video (first round) was a feminist WIN and well, Binh got his tiny testicles in a knot and flagged the fuck out of it on my channel and even those who mirrored it. I got emails from many people telling me 'this is the FIRST time I ever got flagged'. AND, some of the channels were specifically devoted to mirroring falsely flagged vids. That's how fucking LOW they'll go.

Amaretto Diary 3 by ~SaelPalani on deviantART

Notice how Elenkhos took a strike and how Rosskay reacted? Also, she called NuclearNight a 'FAT ASS.' Yeah, she's soooo bullied and she doesn't dish it out. More to come! No, I won't put this to rest until my videos stop being falsely flagged by the people who are the ones actually doing the stalking and harassing!

Here are ALL the documents related to FeminisTube. I know many people may still have questions and the only reason I'm posting them is because I'm tired of being harassed and stalked. I removed them from a once safe community and since then all they've done is harass me, my friends, and they are constantly at every space on the internet that has anything to do with me. I'm tired of it.

Enjoy the vid. It may not be up for long!


xoxcuddlecorexox said...

well variablast has a gf (youtube username bonnyjolie7) and I think if he was in trouble she'd get him help. also about the people false flagging u: that's like really, really scary and pathetic.

nuclearnight said...

He is bipolar.

He uploaded a video about me that got flagged down that was INSANE. He was saying that I begged him to have sex with me (celibate) and went into detail about how I should kill myself. DISTURBING.

Elmo is an asshole, yes I have a mental illness, you're just an asshole. Good for you. I'm crazy and you're an asshole. Which is worse?

sheanight said...

"Mayhem", that really says it all. Sorry, this sad onslaught is continuing.
I will try and do a mirror later, bout time I figured that out.
Oh, and please keep us updated on how to get your full length vids in the future, I'd hate to miss out.
...and lastly I'm glad you said something about what Variablast with compassion. I appreciate the humanity of that, you're awesome D. :)

sardonicskeptic5 said...

Hey, can you send me a link t that deviantart post?

hallcyon said...

So you know I am anti flagging on youtube and have been false flagged on other websites too.
Sincerely curious of how you 'know' who does the flagging which to me is censorship and a conviction of another of a thought crime. As with DMCAs its very difficult to 'know' who is doing regardless of the name stated in the complaint. So curious about this, it is a serious matter.

As for Varia I've been in touch with him, he seems as though he is alright.

Not sure what vids were removed but if need assistance on getting a video reinstated I offer my assistance.

Sacred Place said...

Hi Di...not sure if you're getting my comments on your blog. If you are send me an email and tell me you are. Anyway, I'm not a psychology health professional so this was something to consider. I went to art school and interacted with alot of political activists who did performances as their statement. So I read him sort of like that. But I don't know, psychological analysis is not something I'm trained in, in the least beyond my own research and interviews on PSTD and some other conditions that come into play. But, okay....something to think on. As far as the flagging, I'm not sure why this is going on so long, now spilling over to blip. Maybe you need a bigger, better forum. Torrents this guy said?

trepidation said...

I think it's ridiculous that people aren't assuming binh and ross are behind the flagging. Why is it that all this shit started happening after you made videos defending yourself? YOU did not start these bashing videos - THEY did. HMMMMMM - videos on ross and binh get flagged. Why is that?
Yeah and All these assholes who think that they are above saying the wrong thing are hypocrites. I've said mean shit too. I do NOT try to act like an innocent - but elmoisevil, binh and ross all act like they are angels and never say abusive shit - but there's the proof, you got it right there. They are no better than anyone. Fuck them for their shitty judgements. (CC here, btw).

Zaimoren said...

Ah someone had flagged that SardonicSkeptic mirror I had up and it was removed by youtube. I didn't even think about who might have done it, I wish I had proof ya know. Cowardly lil fucks. I'm in contact with youtube because I'd like the video put back up and the strike removed. Maybe I'll mirror my mirror. :P Anyway, I can't believe their still on about this. That's taking butthurt to a new level.

Diana Boston said...

Let me respond to everyone:
Cuddlecore: could you contact her and show her my vid or just let her know just how many ppl are concerned for him?
Nuke: Ya, I figured bipolar and def a psych break. I didn't see the vid about you. Thank Goddess. I'm sorry for saying this but I could NOT have sex with a guy who had a tattoo of a guy pissing at his sideburns. I just couldn't.
And my new name for elmo is: elmoishypocritical. Nuff said.
Sheanight: I know girl. I know. If you DO mirror one of the videos I would mirror the last video. You'll have to cut it out or if you want I'll just render that one video so it can be splashed all over YouTube. I mean, when people see the last video and see it was flagged, they're gonna go berserk.
Deryk, of course I can send it to you.
Hallcyon: Good to know you don't do that but you see, for my own protection I am allowed to do what I'm doing. And what I'm doing is not a crime. Anyone can do it. It's not some l33t skillz or anything, just so you know. I'm just bloody tired of having my shit flagged. I hope someone helps Varia. Seriously.
Sacred: Yep, I'm getting all your comments and I appreciate your support. I may go the torrent route.
Trep: I know eh. It's just every damn day either myself or one of my friends that mirrored something to do with them gets falsely flagged. People have to do something about it. The whole community should.
Zai: I had a wonderful convo with my co-coworker from Iran. We talked about the green movement and how people were being killed for wearing the armbands and headbands. I'm sorry that you were also a censorship casualty, as my dear Napalm likes to say. I've lost count of how many people took strikes when they mirrored one out of the 4 videos. Butthurt needs to be changed to ripped arse. LOLZ

bonerkilling said...

All of this shit is crazy. Seriously...
Oh and i shall find you and add you on DeviantArt


Diana Boston said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Owl Eyes said...

boner killing is me, ash, not shangi. the owl eyes should have came up, but my URL Is bonerkilling at blogspot.

Diana Boston said...

Oy! I need glasses to read zeee ip's better. I always get you both confused because I see he jumps from my blog to yours and from yours to mine. He's a real stalker!

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