Yet Another Hate Video

This was in my YouTube inbox this morning, sent to me by Pixiebiz, the founder of an exclusive feminist group on YouTube called FeministTVCollective.

Myself, Nuke, Antiquelens and Jedi and others ,who are associated with me, were excluded from this group. It was set up while I still had Feministube. Feministube was an INCLUSIVE group.

I really don't care to be in a group that is exclusive and whose members make videos like the one I linked and the one I'm posting (in it's ENTIRETY).

The simple tactic of starting their group was to eliminate feminists they didn't like. And as you can see in these videos, it's a really brutal attempt to classify me as damaged, as lacking, as not being a feminist according to THEIR cliquey standards.

Now, the tactic is to get all my friends to push me out in the cold while Pixie and Divinity psychoanaylze me, call me a damaged animal and engage in the tactics you'll find in this video here, which I received this morning, along with nuclearnight and Antiquelens.

This video here comes on the heels of Divinity's hate video. The tactics are so obvious and again, speak more about the person saying them, than they do about me.

I encourage all people, if you really want to know about me, to drop the harassment, drop the psychoanalysing and the shady tactics.

I would like Pixie to name ALL the feminist channels I've attacked. Seriously. She lists NOT ONE channel.

I would like Pixie to look at her own cliquey tactics. She accuses me of not making feminist videos. What is this video pixie?

I would like Pixie and Divinity to stop thinking they are the judge and jury as to WHO is a feminist and who is not. Honestly, I AM a feminist and I don't have to prove that to anyone but myself.

Now, I'm going back to productive things, like making feminist videos like I've done for the last 2+ years. I'm going back to the inclusive feminist board I made to work with feminists and I would appreciate it if you stop sending your hatred into my inbox. I have no interest in speaking with those who stoop so low.

Also, thank you to my new subs. I appreciate it. I look forward to working with you.


Sacred Place said...

I don't know who Pixie is but there are no facts cited here. No examples given. And declining people from a social media group based on who they are friends with without any proof their actions will be interruptive to the goal but b/c of who they're "friends," with? Seems a little high school to me. A group of people voted on this....and that means what? A group of people vote on many things, that doesn't make any one "right." The blind mouse follows another over the cliff all the time. Anyone who is cognizant of history knows this. Honestly, I wouldn't want to be in a group who dictated who I can be friends with, love, vote for, live with, seems a little controlling. And for goodness sakes, it's an igroup, when they organize and show up for a stand off, important to the feminist movement then people can sweat them.

The only thing I liked here was the fact she sent this to your inbox and then invited you to Skpe, privately. That at least seems like a genuine attempt to resolve. Not the "You're an animal....you wanted love....think you found that love...if all these people left you...you would be desperate....you're the type that would stab another feminist in the back to be on top....you're a good person....we need you...." CLOAKED mess by Divinity.

bumblebee said...

I love how they try to psychoanalyze you like that. Exclusive? I've only just started getting to know you and I have only experienced kindness from you. Having studied psychology in the academic environment, and on my own, I could pick apart their characters (based on their actions) if I were of that ABUSIVE disposition, but I refrain. That isn't something that appeals to me.

Alli said...

As a member of the feminist tv collective, there was never a "group consensus" to exclude you, nuke or antiquelens. I know plenty of us never agreed to this or knew that she was excluding you all. This drama has got to end! Seriously.

Diana Boston said...

Thank you for letting me know that there wasn't a group consensus. I had a feeling it was more drama and lies that she was telling. She did this simply to attack me and single me out from my friends and other feminists.

This is the kind of shady shit people do when they are trying to silence and BULLY a voice in the community.

I bet those involved are still on their manipulative kick. 'Diana posted my private video to manipulate!'

No, I posted it because it shows her for what she is and when someone speaks the way she did in that video, it says something about her, not me.

sardonicskeptic5 said...

Have you tried listening to this on pot!? It's HILARIOUS!

Diana Boston said...

Naw, but I've listened to it while drinking. Prolly not the same thing tho eh?

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