Bedtime Diaries May 10, 2010

There's some really crucial aspects of me that most people don't understand. I hope this video can clear up some of them.

I don't know why some folks think they can be cruel and mean to me without me saying a peep. Do I look like a carpet to you?

But there's a softer side of me, which I spoke about with Nuke and Womanwheart last night. It prompted me to do this video. It feels good to be understood and lately, all I've been is misunderstood.

My adult perspective is as such when it comes to all the stupid drama: In 5 years where will you be? Stuck on the stupid drama? Or will you have moved on with your life? It seems important now but in the grand scheme of things, it's not even remotely important.

What's done is done. There's no going back, but there is moving forward and that's what I'm doing.


Charles said...

Hi D. I liked this vid and I wanted to tell you that, I for one would love to be part of your personal life. The moment I found out that you are a lover of fountains,and that you use them to relax, I was hooked.


Sacred Place said...

Oh you made it!!!! (Video.) Siiigh Di, I'm jealous...I cannot have a single drink for 5 more months. =( Anyway, I'm really proud of the bulletin board you made too!! Love the features and the layout and there is a continuity that allows the interactions to be more immediate even intimate (which is way more powerful). People will be confronted with the humanity of those they interact with because of the lack of limitation.....all kinds of nuance shows up. It's great!!! Anyway, everyone misunderstands one another because people rarely look beyond their already made up mind. And it's too bad, because people are way more extraordinary than most ever see, for seeing their view in those people.
I mean we're all a little piece of brilliance and chaos, this is the human condition. *Anyway, lovin' it.* =)

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