The Pink Floyd Tells Iran's Ayatollah's to Leave Them Green Rev Kids Alone

A Canadian band consisting of two Iranian brothers called Blurred Vision got permission from Roger Waters of Pink Floyd to release their version of 'Another Brick In The Wall' as support for the Green Revolution in Iran. The line 'Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!' is now 'Hey Ayatollah! Leave Those Kids Alone.' Check out the music video. Click the link.

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Iranians Protest Ayatollahs With Pink Floyd

Canada-based Iranian rock band Blurred Vision has updated the famous
Pink Floyd protest anthem "Another Brick in the Wall" to target the
theocratic government of Iran. Their otherwise faithful cover changes
the song's famous chant to "Hey Ayatollah, leave those kids alone." With
the help of Iranian filmmaker Babak Payami, Blurred Vision also
produced a music video to channel the song's anti-authoritarian anger
against the oppressive Iranian regime. The video, interspliced with
footage from the recent "green movement" protests, shows an Iranian
woman fleeing security forces and a robed, bearded ayatollah.

a central London café, the brothers explained how their song has
captured the imaginations of young Iranians in a country where rock
music is banned. "We've been getting messages from so many Iranians
saying they are using the song as a way to voice their protests," said
Sohl who, at 35, is the older of the two brothers.
Sepp, 28,
added: "A message came through to us last week and when Sohl translated
it he had tears running down his cheeks. It was from a fan in Iran and
he just kept saying over and over again: 'Keep our voice alive. If you
don't then no one will hear us.'"
The young musicians say
they sought—and received—the approval of Pink Floyd's Roger
Waters to cover the song. "From here on in, that version of the song is
yours," he told them.Read more at www.theatlanticwire.com

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