TheTempleDancer IS Divinity33372: Hopefully Explained in a Way Everyone Can Understand

Here is what Divinity did to create her troll account called TheTempleDancer. She created this troll account to snuggle up to us feminists, especially FistfulofDicks. Divinity used her TempleDancer troll account to PM Fistful and ask lots of questions about him to try and get as much information she could. Here are the PM's that Divinity/TempleDancer sent to Fistful as well as screenshots showing the photos in Divinity's photobucket.

Here's what Divinity did:

She took a picture (the blue Hindu Goddess picture) and made that her avatar on her TempleDancer troll account. The NAME of the troll account comes from ANOTHER picture from another of Divinity's photoalbums which she titled 'TempleDancer.'

Why would ANYONE think this is ANYONE ELSE but Divinity?

The reason I used technical language probably threw a lot of people off and I realize that but in this particular case it forms the undeniable truth that beyond ANY reasonable doubt that the troll account BELONGED to Divinity33372.

Divinity closed her troll account shortly after FistfulofDicks exposed her. Then Divinity went to her photo albums and DELETED all the pictures and then uploaded a bunch of pictures of me and called them all TempleDancer.

This is incredibly simple. None of her faithful herd owned that account. They're just all running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to do damage control. One of her herd actually posted ON Divinity's troll account (TheTempleDancer) 'I don't know why people are getting so mad at a sock account.' . That shows us that at least a few people KNOW the troll account was INDEED Divinity's. Divinity wanted information from myself and FFOD as seen in the PM's from the link above. That's NOT a sock account. It's a manipulative troll account meant to dig for information from people.

Here's Fistful's Video Exposing Divinity's Troll Account:

BobChaos also made a comment on Fistful's video stating:

Well, perhaps she (Divinity) saw the person (TheTempleDancer troll account) commenting, likd the pic, and then downloaded it into her photobucket as "TempleDancer"...you know, because that was the name of the person she got it from?

Its a nice pic, I got one myself for my collection of goddess imagery.

Problem with that Bob is twofold. First, if Divinity saw TheTempleDancer's avatar and liked it sooo much enough to grab it and stick it on her photobucket, it would be avatar size. It's not. WHY? Because the image on Divinity's photobucket is FULL SIZE, meaning THAT is the origin of the file. The one used on TheTempleDancer account is really Divinity's picture from her album, shrunk to fit the avatar regulations. So no Bob, Divinity didn't LIKE TheTempleDancer avatar and take it to put in her own photobucket.

Second, the filename of the avatar picture was NOT 'TempleDancer.' It was named 'Durga5.' The name TempleDancer came from Divinity's OTHER photo in another one of her photobucket albums. I made a video PROVING this.

The WIKI connection:

When I found out that Divinity named the blue picture 'Durga5' I did a search for it and found it NOWHERE except in Divinity's photobucket account. Then I just searched for 'Durga' and read on Wiki that Durga was a mother Goddess of Hindu Buddhism. Durga is NOT a dancer. In Wiki there is just ONE sentence that says that Hindu's have a holiday where they honour her by dancing.

NEITHER photo from Divinity's album's is located on Wiki. I simply wanted to find out the meaning of the image.

This is critical because if there is NO mention of Durga being a TempleDancer, then the only way someone would call her that is if they knew people danced to her which Divinity has stated that she's into 1) dancing and 2) Buddhism. It was Divinity who called one of her photobucket pictures 'TempleDancer' but it was NOT the blue photo like Bob tried lying that it was. It was a separate photo in a totally different album of Divinity's photobucket.

SO, it was DIVINITY that combined her 'Durga' image and the name of her other image 'TempleDancer' and MADE that troll account.

There is NO OTHER REASONABLE explanation.

I waited to release this video because I wanted to see what Divinity's HERD would say and I was right. They tried to say the blue image WASN'T 'TempleDancer' so how could it be Divinity? They were correct that the image name was indeed 'Durga' but where did they get that from unless Divinity told them that was the name of it? So Divinity's herd took the route I KNEW they would take and it's the reason why in my 2nd video I PURPOSELY left out that fact. I wanted to see them make that argument before I put the final nail in the coffin by letting everyone know that Divinity USED the 'Durga' photo and combined it with the name of her 'TempleDancer' photo to make her TROLL account.

People say to me 'You can't PROVE anything. You can only go by probability.' I've just demonstrated that the probability is 99.9999∞% that Divinity IS the troll account 'TheTempleDancer.'

Divinity is a dancer. Everyone knows that. She's a Buddhist. Everyone knows that. Durga is a Buddhist/Hindu Mother Goddess. Everyone knows that.

Divinity33372 IS the troll TheTempleDancer. Everybody should know that by now and if you don't, you're just as bad a troll and deserve just as much pity.

Other facts:
Divinity closed her 'TheTempleDancer' troll account yesterday when the information broke.
Divinity erased her photos in her photobucket album and replaced them with nasty pics of me.
Divinity is a liar.
Divinity has been exposed.

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