THIS is Cyberbullying Divinity et al.


For all of my feminist friends on YouTube, we've known how those who disagree with us immediately use what FistfulofDicks calls the 'shut up' tactic. The 'shut up' tactic in most cases involves beating on the keyboard and typing in the word 'Bully' on several comment sections. It reminds me of media psyops when all the anti-feminist, sex-positive circle jerk this mantra.

In this post I want to point out to the long list of sex positive anti-feminists what REAL cyberbullying is since they don't seem to have a good handle on it.

An 11 year old girl named Jessi was recently attacked by 4chan trolls. According to Gawker:

Someone prank called her. According to Encyclopedia Dramatica, pranksters spammed her Facebook and MySpace accounts, had pizzas delivered to her house and were considering sending call girls off Craigslist to the address. (Encyclopedia Dramatica currently has a three part section on "How to troll" Jessi: 1) "There are pics of her holding her boobs" 2) "Tell her to kill herself" 3) "Tell her dad that we are going to beat her up.") Slaughter's information and videos also shot through tumblr, aided by the blogging platform's reblogging system.
All this over an 11 year old girl who is trying to find an identity and growing up online. That's the kicker: Growing up online.

Maybe in a further post I will deconstruct this new way of growing up and what it means for young people and our society in general but I think just exposing it for what it clearly is: cyberbullying, will have to do for now.

Here are some YouTube comments left about Jessi:


no one scared of ur dad honey and u shouldnt wear a bra and TRYed But failed because u have no boobs skank

she needs to pull up her shirt slut..

Everyone stop feeling sorry for this bitch, watch the videos she made before.
We had to teach her a lesson before she became a camwhore, and did more stupid shit.

glock that bitch up

camwhore that got pwnd?

In these comments it's clear they think of this 11 year old as a whore. They also objectify Jessi by talking about her developing breasts. It's as if this young girl is supposed to conform to some male idea about WHEN it's ok to experiment with makeup. In other words, when it's ok to start transitioning into a woman. This is social preening. This is society forcing Jessi to learn the rules of how to be feminine and what it will cost if she doesn't modify herself and her behaviour.

For those sex positive anti-feminists who call social constructionists cult members, I can think of no better way to give you the middle finger than to SHOW you how this works. There's no nature involved here. This is social grooming 101.

Finally, here are the results of cyberbullying on Jessi and her family:


Octavia said...

Wow, that video of the girl and dad was intense. That poor little girl. The internet is vicious. There are a lot of losers with nothing better to do then to make a little girls life miserable. They wanted to "teach her a lesson" and be the fucking moral police of the internet. What sucks is I bet they just loved this video. They got what they wanted. It would of been even better if she became "an hero" for them. God there is so much fucking bullshit out there!! I read something on someones youtube comments section in regard to nuke( it might of been on that fucktard Vogters lame ass vid) anyway someone was like " i'm surprised 4chan lets her be on the internet." UM EXCUSE ME!? Let's her? What the fuck are they? The internet mulas? I believe the person who wrote that comment was a "sex positive" feminist. Those same people would turn on her if she said anything about equal pay, egalitarian relationships etc.

Octavia said...

ok, now I can see why people trolled this girl. She's like a characture. Keep kids off the net please!

Anonymous said...

@ Octavia. I'm not so sure that sex positive feminists believe in egalitarian relationships. At least not the ones I've met on the internet.

What the fuck does sex positive even mean? Gah.

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