I Had A Dream...No, I REALLY Did!

My Grandparents were having this huge party and all their neighbours decided they would all have parties too.

Now in my Grandparents backyard is a staircase, a rather high one, that starts at the ground and goes all the way up.

Now imagine it to be made out of glass and surrounding the backyards it was a harbour with lights everywhere.

The staircases glowed with tiny lights. There were different coloured lights every where you went. It was like an amazing glass city on the harbourfront.

It came time to eat and all these people from all cultures sat down at this huge table and we had food from all cultures being passed around.

You know who was there? Divinity!

She kept her distance though because she'd been graciously invited and this was the party of the year to be invited to. So she sat away from me but I kept an eye on her.

We feasted on food from around the world. All the people who were friends with my grandparents were happy to see me. I can even tell you what I was weraring. I had these pasted suit pants, like punjabi dancing pants that were crinkly and would bow out at the hips. I also had a simple cotton shirt on and wore a scarf, a light coloured one, around my head like a head band.

After dinner we went down the glass stairs into the yards of other neighbours and some of them weren't as nice as my grandparents but I was cordial anyway until I ran into a couple women who were meanspirited and cruel.

The harbour boat was in dock but I didn't realize that it actually went on harbour tours that lasted over an hour.

To get on board this boat you had to get in a plexiglass tunnel, sit on these wooden or plastic sliders and take a journey through the plexi tunnels to get on board. The boat also had a way for people to sit around the perimeter of the boat simply by stopping on the rollers and sliding onto this tough canvas material that you could sit on the water. It was like sitting in a canvas innertube with the top cut off. I managed to get out of the tunnel and sit at the back of the boat on this canvassy material. I could feel the coldness of the water as I sat there, legs out in front of me. I liked it though b/c it was a warm summer night.

So the boat starts up and I can see that in front of me the other passengers who slid through the whole tunnel were sitting at glass tables. Practically the whole boat was see-through with this plexiglass.

We started moving and we passed a sign that said Harbour Tours. 1.5 hours. So I got really anxious because I didn't want to be on the boat for that long, fearing I'd miss something at my grandparent's party.

Then I woke up.

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