Inspired by FistfulofDicks YouTube Video 'Stigma'

If you haven't already tuned in, there's a YouTube breakdown on the sex industry. There are the sex-positive pro-industry people on one side and the radical, socialist and marxist feminists on the other deconstructing the industry.

It's gotten incredibly heated. In fact, I made an entire blog post on the subject including a compilation video of the video responses typical of the sex-positive 'camp'. (the term 'camp' was coined by a chair-throwing sex-positive which you'll see in my video.)

Many feminists have gotten to the point of dropping the whole topic, or, well, not talking about it as much because the sex-positive 'camp' isn't really interested in dialogue. See above video.

One feminist, FistfulofDicks, made several good videos about the feminist position on the sex industry and of course it was met with the same derision from the sex-positive camp. It got to the point where FoD took down all her videos and just gave up. So we all rallied round her and said 'No! You're vital to this community! Don't give up!' so she came back, today actually.

Here's the video she came back with:

The reference to the 'n-word' in FoD's video comes from another YouTube user named Variablast who is trying to get people to call each other N*%^#)s in the hope that he can change the definition of the word from 'black person' to 'human.' Yes, this is effing stupid but here's one of his videos where he slams people for going against his little experiment.

This guy is a tool, yes, but let's get back to stigma. Many sex positive people on YouTube blame feminists who deconstruct the sex industry for the stigma that goes along with being a sex worker and/or the stigma that surrounds the industry. They also claim that legalizing or decriminalizing prostitution will end the stigma. It's the same thinking that inspired that white dude up there to go on a campaign to redefine the word n^@*#r to mean human. This is a ridiculous claim and I'll tell you why.

The power holder in the sex industry belongs to the buyer. The reason there is stigma is due to power differentials, as FoD explained. Now, in prostitution or pornography, the demand is coming from males and more specifically, if we look at prostitution, the buyer has the power because he is the one that has, within his power, the power to feed, house, and otherwise provide basic needs in the form of money.

The reality is the prostitute is the one that is needy and trying to survive and oftentimes she is NOT given her payment. The denial of payment is another reason that the buyer has the power. You can't undo a sex act but you can sure as hell take back your money or whatever resource a prostitute is needing. Talk about a power differential.

In the Western world, the sex industry is overwhelmingly catering to male demand and this is because the society is patriarchal. It's male focused, male run, and male dominated.

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Octavia said...

Can someone please explain to me why nobody takes Variblast to task? All these very smart, interesting people either like him or dance around it. I think what he's doing is not only egocentric, retarded, and attention whoring, I think it's fucking racist. Just because he says he's not being racist does not mean it's not fucking racist! He's a friggin Jim Jones type and he has all these very young dumb people following his "nigger campaign" just to fuel his deluded ego. The videos with his girlfriend are cringe worthy. She's going to look back at this time in her life and think " what the hell was I doing" run girl! RUN!! Also, I think he gets away with a lot of his shit because of his white privilege. Because he's a white man, because he SAYS he's not racist everyone just automatically believes it to be true. So many assholes, so little time right?

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