The Divine Smackdown: Our lovely feminist group takes down yet another silly pro-prostitution anti-feminist.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that the woman that has caused the most division, aka Divisionity, in the feminist community on YouTube has made a video whereby she tries to slap my intelligence by showing two definitions of human trafficking. What she fails to understand is human trafficking is human trafficking to meet a demand. It's common for her to find the least little semantic thing to try and make this claim that I'm not paying attention while she cites a definition from a Cornell site.

So let's look at the definition of trafficking shall we:

Trafficking from WIKIPEDIA: Human trafficking is the illegal trade in human beings for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor: a modern-day form of slavery. It is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, tied with the illegal arms industry as the second largest, after the drug-trade.

So based on that definition what variation of that would be more 'severe'?

Yes, she claims that HER definition is the ONLY correct one but we see where this is going right? It's just a lame attempt on her part to try and point her finger at me and say 'see this obscure definition? This definition means there's a difference!'

Guess what? Human trafficking IS human trafficking.

She also claims that the pro-porn, pro-sex industry people have been so kind and nice and that we feminists have been so cruel since the beginning of this debate. Really?

Here's a video where I compiled the AVERAGE kind of response that feminists got when speaking openly in general about pornography and prostitution.

You know what the above video reminds me of? A bunch of little children who are desperate. The scary part about these pro-porn/pro-prostitution people is their shady tactics. I've been stalked to Twitter and had messages sent TO me that are ABOUT me, just to harass me. I've had these people make video after video of character assassination all because they can't handle feminists who break their bubbles. In fact, I was reading today that one of the most vocal feminists in Sweden who worked in the Parliament got death threats on herself and her young children for being a part of rolling out the Swedish Model for prostitution. As feminists, we're used to this kind of thing by these pro-prostitution campers but it doesn't make it any less uncomfortable.

If you look through Divinity's videos you'll find this one, a classic character assassination towards me. Here is just ONE of many videos attacking me by strawmanning my positions, using emotional topics magically woven in there to cause people to get upset, AND the ever popular psychoanalysis that she is known for when she engages feminists.

Did you enjoy that? THAT is why I don't take her seriously, nor does any other feminist. I could go into the reasons why she did this but lets just say it was about jealousy and control.

Feminists, steer clear of her. I'm not the first feminist to be psychobabbled by her and I won't be the last. You just wait people. She's gonna make more videos about me. She can't help herself. I suppose I am that much of a threat.


Feminists RULE. The video here (made by my sister Iremythpurr) is a response to a pro-prostitution anti-fem (we just call her Divisionity) who tries making the argument that there's two different types of human trafficking: Human Trafficking and SEVERE Human Trafficking. (umm, lolwut?).

Also, Divisionity, in true emotional style, makes the plea that feminists must decide what's more important, taking money from a child who is sodomized OR a high class escort. If you don't know what the hell that has to do with anything then you're not alone. Divisionity is quite well known for throwing ALL of left field into her supposed arguments to shame feminists.

Remember, prostitution should be decriminalized so that no taxes are paid, well, except by the taxpayers who will fork over their sweet money so the police can protect prostitutes. Medical care? Naw. Prostitutes don't need to pay taxes for medical care. That would be the responsible thing to do.

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Mat Steele said...

Oh, I'm sorry. You're lying.

Queen Titan said...

^^ Mat Steele is a male who doesn't realize his use of porn and his interest in purchasing a prostitute increases the demand and hence, human trafficking.

I'm used to these comments by many males in regards to prostitution and porn. They are easily dismantled.

atheismo said...

Was the Swedish MP that got death threats Nyamko Sabuni?

Owl Eyes said...

Divinity is so mean and condescending in her comments and videos. They're just bully tactics - not real arguments.

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