Menareangrynow Needs Facts On Haiti Earthquake

This video is a perfect example of wearing blinders so that MRA's can continue ringing the 'misandry' bell.

Reuters reported fairly early on that men were forcefully taking food from women in the food lines.

So SOME food distribution agencies, started having women-only sites. The fact is that women in Haiti are the primary caregivers of the family. They are responsible for feeding the family. So it's LOGICAL to give them a better chance of getting the food aid.

However, this MRA wants to paint these women as greedy bitches who STOLE from men. Do we see the complete lack of perspective here? MRA's go on and on about traditional roles for families and in Haiti, those roles exists and are pretty rigid.

Hell, I've BEEN to Haiti and the women are responsible for gathering food and cooking it for the family! What I observed was women with 50 pounds of foods in baskets on their heads. Not much has changed.

Menareangrynow seems to think that if some agencies give the food to women only that men are screaming in the street starving. This is the problem that feminist Michael Kimmel call the 'Zero Sum Game' that men seem to play when women are given help in ANYTHING.

The 'Zero Sum' attitude is this: If women are getting ahead in X then men are falling behind in X. Kimmel shows how illogical that is.

Applying this to the Haitian women having some food distribution sites exclusively for them means that it's probably MORE likely that MORE people will get fed since this is the role Haitian women play in their society.

It appears MRA's need to stop using the 'Zero Sum' game and closely examining the contextual information instead of using the shortcut diatribe: misandry.

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